Date: Sunday September 16 2001, @08:10PM
Topic: Membership Issues

Well, not really, but... Longtime ICANN watchers grew to knew and love former president and CEO of ICANN Mike Roberts for his silver tongue. From "arrogant juveniles" to "wide-eyed utopians" and "bitter...rock-throwers" to (according to the 5 September Washington Internet Daily) "academic trademark liberals," his gift for dissing ICANN's critics never ceased to amaze. Guess what? He's outdone himself yet again!

In a message to the ICANN-Europe mailing list (admittedly, in response to a sarcastic message from yours truly), Roberts conjured up a very topical new way of thinking about the At Large. Weeks ago, he said, he'd pondered a volunteerist method of underwriting the costs of a hypothetical At Large Supporting Organization. But...

Today, that idea is out the window, along with a lot of other populist notions about any old terrorist around the globe getting to vote on how to run the DNS.

He then adds with that poker-faced glee for which he is so beloved: "It may be a while before the luxury of debating what constitutes consensus in a terrorist-less society returns."

[P.S. tbyfield lives in Manhattan.]

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