Cyber-Federalist Skewers ALSC Report
Date: Sunday September 16 2001, @05:58AM
Topic: Membership Issues

Cyber-Federalist No. 11 is out, and it provides the clearest explanation yet of what's wrong with the ALSC draft report: the core recommendations and the justifications offered for them. It's no particular surprise to me that the Bildt committee took the line it did, since the membership of the committee was rigged from the start to exclude one side of this debate. It's good, however, to see a short, organized, and sober description of the report's shortcomings.

The cyber-federalist was written by Hans Klein, and is a joint project of Computer Professionals for Social Responsibility (CPSR) and The Internet Democracy Project.

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Re: America is at war !!
by dtobias ( on Sunday September 16 2001, @12:10PM (#2356)
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That's really "over the top". ICANN and its supporters are not "terrorists". They're bureaucrats more interested in pleasing large institutional interests than in allowing grass roots participation from Internet users, but they're not terrorists. Please don't cheapen this term by applying it where it's not deserved.
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Re: ICANN Watch is a Fraud Against Freedom
by michael ( on Sunday September 16 2001, @01:23PM (#2358)
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Actually, in almost all cases what we do is MODERATE off-topic rants, not "censor" them. There's a very substantial difference. And we don't even do that as often as people may deserve....
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The difference between ICANN and the Taliban
by dtobias ( on Sunday September 16 2001, @05:15PM (#2361)
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Well, for one thing, the Taliban kills people and harbors terrorists who kill people... ICANN merely engages in bureaucratic bumbling, and taking and wasting the money of people who willingly participate in their processes in the hopes of profiting themselves. There isn't any direct comparison.
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