Business As Usual
Date: Saturday September 08 2001, @07:27AM
Topic: ICANN Meetings

The Register has been running an until-now amusing series of eyewitness reports from the ICANN meeting in Montevideo written by Andy Duff, who is the director of policy and marketing at In the third installment, they've turned darkly serious.

Although the most recent missive maintains the light-hearted tone of the first two, it contains very serious allegations of political manipulation of the business constituency (BC). Basically Mr. Duff says that has been trying to join the BC for six weeks, to no avail. Seems the membership committee has been on vacation. Meanwhile, the incumbents circulated a paper on "alternate roots" slamming And didn't send them a copy. At the meeting of the BC in Montevideo was ejected since the meeting at open and transparent ICANN is BC members-only and, sorry!, you're not a member. Seems like the paper will become BC policy if there are no objections by Sept. 12. (Wanna bet the membership committee's holiday runs till then?).

What's so deeply, deeply sad about all this is that it's just standard operating procedure for ICANN. So much so that no ICANN insider would lift a finger to stop it. It's just the way things work.

If you'd like to read the first two installments, you can find them here:

Mexican stand-off in Montevideo
The insider's guide to the ICANN meeting
And keep an eye on The Register's HomePage for further installments.

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Re: Business As Usual
by fnord ( on Saturday September 08 2001, @11:28AM (#2289)
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I know approximately nil about US (or any) law or legislation, but isn't this actionable in some fashion? Libel, slander, restraint of trade, monopolism, collusion, anti-trust...

Carl Bildt got one thing right:

At ICANN meetings around the globe, Bildt said, we're seeing the same people from the same countries turning up at different places. That's not quite global involvement. That's global presence, perhaps.
The powers that be gain an ever-increasing presence in our lives, and if we try to become involved we face the equivalent of teargas, pepperspray, barbed wire, and armed guards at a WTO meeting. -g
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