The Other Shoe Drops
Date: Wednesday September 05 2001, @01:42PM
Topic: Country-Code Top Level Domains (ccTLDs)

It seems that the auDA will be the first ccTLD to agree to ICANN's new ccTLD Sponsorship Agreement. There is, of course, no connection between this item and ICANN's approval of the auDA's application to take over the .au ccTLD in violation of ICANN's own rules.

Full text of a discussion item that has popped up all of a sudden, at the very last minute, on the Montevideo agenda is here.

Quid pro quo? Nah. Couldn't be.

But then again, there is this, which will make .au the very first ccTLD with a legal obligation to pay ICANN:

3. Payment Schedule. The Sponsoring Organization shall pay the fixed and variable annual contributions in one or more installments, as established for each year by ICANN. These payments shall be made in a timely manner throughout the Term of this Agreement and notwithstanding the pendency of any dispute between the Sponsoring Organization and ICANN. The Sponsoring Organization shall pay interest on payments not timely made at the rate of 1% per month or, if less, the maximum rate permitted by California law.

4. Contribution Caps. The maximum fixed annual contribution shall be US$5,000 per year until and including 30 June 2002; shall automatically increase by 15% on July 1 of each year beginning in 2002; and may be increased by a greater amount in the manner provided by Section 5.1. The sum of the fixed and variable annual fees contributions due to be paid in any year ending on any 30 June during or within one year after the Term of this Agreement by all TLD sponsors and registry operators having registry or sponsorship agreements with ICANN shall not exceed the total annual fee cap described in the following sentence. The total annual fee cap shall be US$5,500,000 for the fiscal year ending 30 June 2002; shall increase by 15% each fiscal year thereafter; and may be increased by a greater amount in the manner provided by Section 5.1.

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Re: The Other Shoe Drops
by ldg on Thursday September 06 2001, @06:24AM (#2245)
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The last I heard was that Robert Elz had NOT agreed to the "re-delegation" of .au to Auda and that he was not available for comment. His last statement was something to the effect that he did not feel Auda had yet shown it was representative of the community.

Now, tell me how ICANN can simply enter into an agreement with Auda when they don't have the release from the Admin?

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Re: The Other Shoe Drops
by fnord ( on Wednesday September 05 2001, @11:26PM (#2238)
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Please back up your statements with pointers to relevant facts. Again, that is how this internet thing works (or fails, in the present tense). I don't necessarily disagree with your sentiments, but you will probably understand when you come down that people prematurely off their meds stumbling onto the infobahn are an impediment to traffic. -g
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Re: The Other Shoe Drops
by joppenheimer on Thursday September 06 2001, @03:11AM (#2239)
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Interesting suggestion ... franchise the bypass-the-APA model ...
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Re: The Other Shoe Drops
by ldg on Thursday September 06 2001, @06:49AM (#2246)
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All we can hope for is that Elz or some entity with the $$ behind him will challenge it legally. If something is not done, the internet is gone as we know it. It's over, done, finit. The mega powers will own it, commerce and you.

Taking it further, developing countries will NEVER have the opportunity to compete in commerce because the multinationals will make sure they don't have the means via the net. They won't get addressing allocations, new ccTLDs unless ICANN controls them. Education, science, commerce - all controlled by the power cartel to keep serfdom alive and well. What's good for the corporations is good for the masses. Cows to the slaughter. Heil, ICANN.

Oh, and be careful what you say. Big Brother is watching you.
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