Names Council Selects UDRP Task Force Members
Date: Monday August 27 2001, @08:07AM
Topic: Uniform Dispute Resolution Policy (UDRP)

The Names Council, which no longer believes in creating the Working Groups specified in ICANN's By-Laws (perhaps since that would mean that just anyone could join in), now uses "Task Forces" which achieve a bottom-up effect by having their members chosen by ... the Names Council. Perhaps in (partial) response to the suggestion that stacking the deck this obviously left something to be desired, the Names Council decided that seven of the UDRP 'Task Force' members would be selected by the DNSO constituency groups, plus eight representatives of the four dispute services providers (who, one might think, have something of a financial interest in having more UDRP cases...). Of course, since the primary beneficiaries of the UDRP are over-represented in the constituencies, and the primary victims of the UDRP are individual domain name registrants who have no constituency that represents them, this too leaves something to be desired, but, hey, never mind, and look there is one one! representative of the General Assembly! Plus one each for complainants and respondents, and two independent academic experts, selected by the Names Council directly.

Anyway, the NC has now published the official list of Task Force members. In an MS Word file. (A plain text version is included below for those who prefer HTML).

Here's the full list:

Business Constituency      Sarah Deutsch (NA)
ccTLD Constituency         Neil Duncan Dundas (AF)
gTLD Constituency          Jeff Neuman (NA)
IP Constituency               J. Scott Evans (NA)
ISP Constituency             Antonio Harris (LAC)
NCDNH Constituency        Michael Froomkin (NA)
Registrar Constituency      Michael Palage (NA)
Complainant (or representative)
                                   Katrina Burchell (EU)
CPR Panelist                   M. Scott Donahey (NA)
CPR Provider                   F. Peter Phillips (NA)
eResolution Panelist         Ethan Katsh (NA)
eResolution Provider         Dr. Joelle Thibault (NA)
NAF Panelist                   Hon. James A. Carmody (NA)
NAF Provider                  Tim Cole (NA)
Respondent (or representative)
                                   John Berryhill (NA)
WIPO Panelist                 Maxim Waldbaum (NA)
WIPO Provider                 Erik Wilbers (EU)
GA Member                     Dan Steinberg (NA)

Independent ADR expert    Joon Hyung Hong (AP)

Independent academic expert   Graeme Dinwoodie (EU)
Looks as if ICANNWatch readers may be getting regular bulletins on this process, since I was selected as the representative of the non-commercial constituency, of which is a member.

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Re: Names Council Selects UDRP Task Force Members
by jberryhill on Monday August 27 2001, @12:25PM (#2036)
User #3013 Info
I would like to make it clear that I asked to be on this task force not as an endorsement of any procedural issue associated with it or with ICANN generally. However, I have defended a number of UDRP cases, and am concerned about any changes which might have a prejudicial effect on domain name registrants. It is indeed a most perplexing observation that this task force is dedicated to a potential re-negotiation of the domain name registration contract, and there is apparently only one representative position alloted to the parties who are on the thin end of that contract. Be that as it may, I did not believe that non-participation would best serve the interests of domain name registrants.
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