Early Analysis of .info WHOIS
Date: Wednesday August 08 2001, @05:34AM
Topic: New gTLDs

Anonymous writes "Analysis of a sample of 150 domain names in the .info WHOIS shows high percentages of sunrise period registrations with missing/probably-unjustified trademark information. For example, some trademarks show as "unknown". Some trademarks have an effective year of "2040". The trademark "dumping" was used to register music.info. Multiple names are registered with the same trademark number."

Three proposals are suggested to help correct this problem. Complete information on the study and proposals is available at: http://www.DomeBase.com

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Re: Early Analysis of .info WHOIS
by tlr (reversethis-{gro.tsixe-ton-seod} {ta} {relsseor}) on Wednesday August 08 2001, @09:32AM (#1710)
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Wouldn't it be plainly and simply fraud to obtain a .info domain during the current period based on falsified trademark information? IANAL.
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