Profile of Karl Auerbach in SJ Merc
Date: Tuesday July 31 2001, @09:57PM
Topic: Board of Directors

The San Jose Mercury has a profile of Karl Auerbach, who is North America's representative on the ICANN Board. The article includes a quote from ICANN CEO and Chief Declaror of Consensus M. Stuart Lynn, in which he is suprisingly rude to one of his directors (and by implication all the people who voted for him): "It seems he [Auerbach] will take exception to anything that the board pursues. It's convenient for him to cast himself as the gadfly and critic of the board.'' Note the ICANN Bunker-think: people disagree with us not because they are sincere, but for their own selfish purposes; it's "convenient" for them. Talk about engaging people on the issues!

Then again, Lynn's attitude reflects a painful reality. The article suggests, with some justice, that Auerbach has not been a very effective Board member: "But even those who support much of his agenda call him a rogue who wields little influence." The last paragraph kind of says it all:

"I can't imagine anybody who is more qualified than Karl,'' said Barbara Simons, a Stanford University technology lecturer who lost the ICANN board seat to Auerbach in last year's election. "He is very geeky; it's one of his most endearing qualities. But it doesn't necessarily win him support in the corporate environment.''

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Re: Lynn is the problem.
by fnord ( on Wednesday August 01 2001, @08:41AM (#1557)
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You seem to allege that everyone criticizing ICANN is doing so for monetary reasons, an allegation that is impossible to prove and simple to refute. Let's flip that one around. Please name a few semi-credible persons who support ICANN and who don't gain monetarily from ICANN.

Face the music. You can't. -g

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Re: The Ken Stubbs Issue
by fnord ( on Wednesday August 01 2001, @06:27PM (#1568)
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Offtopic, and hardly news. As I said some months ago (Sat, 17 Mar 2001 16:32:10 -0500 as I recall), and it was stale then:

It is well known that Ken Stubbs is to hats what Imelda Marcos was to shoes.

It is also already well known that as a first attempt at world internet governance ICANN has taken her husband's reign as a working model (ICANN was originally going to be called First Virtual Banana Republic but changed it after strenuous objections from the trademark lobby). So it is no surprise that we get such as the Stubbs situation and nothing is done about it. Who could do something and what should they do for starters?

As with the Marcos regime, the opposition to ICANN is hampered by being split among numerous ever shifting factions. IMHO this is due in part to few being able to cogently and coherently describe a credible alternative around which the opposition can coalesce (just being critical, while it is as easy as shooting whales in a barrel with ICANN, gets us nowhere). Karl is one of the few who is able to describe such an alternative model if people take the time to listen, and that is why the rush to marginalize him is on.

If you come to bury Cavebear, I come to praise him. My MAL vote went to Barbara and Karl in that order because I thought that Barbara might be a bit more...well...not more conciliatory (look where that got us, you might as well shake hands with an electric eel), but perhaps less abrasive. My only beef with Karl now is he isn't being abrasive enough. I wouldn't have gotten bumped offline like that in Stockholm with the whole world web watching (well, you know what I mean) without either a) resorting to parliamentary procedures to try to tie it in knots, or b) engaging in some guerilla theatre to further focus the media. But it is to his credit that he just kept making the points that needed to be made, maintaining more good humor than most would under the circumstances.

Et tu Icannwatch. Cut the guy some slack. If there had been elections for nine seats Barbara could well have been there as well as another one or two of the clued and critical and it might be a different story (still a minority, but enough to use the process to some extent, and more difficult to marginalize), which is precisely why we didn't see those other four seats up for grabs, and won't.

Despite my mention of procedure above, surely lawyers are aware just how hamstrung Karl is. How much can you expect one person to do against the Joe 'Svengali' Sims manufactured artificial consensus juggernaut? Given the circumstances Karl has exceeded my expectations so far. I look forward to him continuing to be the calm voice of reason and sanity, even if it only makes sense to future historians watching the full Montevideo. -g

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Re: The Ken Stubbs Issue
by fnord ( on Thursday August 02 2001, @10:43AM (#1571)
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And also inaccurate. Anon stated:

Neulevel where Melbourne IT has a 45% interest
. According to this recent article, Melbourne IT has a 10% stake in NeuLevel and is considering its option to increase it to 30%. Just quibbling over the size of a hatbrim, but still... -g
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