Attention Reporters: Stuart Lynn Wants to Talk to You
Date: Tuesday July 17 2001, @06:13AM
Topic: ICANN Staff and Structure

Under the headline "What Is The Future Of The Internet? 400 Million Internet Users Worldwide Last Year And Growing," ICANN's press office has released an announcement that the Internet Corporation for Assigned Names and Numbers (ICANN) President/CEO M. Stuart Lynn is available for interviews in Washington D.C. August 15th, Wednesday until Friday, August 17th. Seems he's "perfect for general news, business, technology," and prepared to speak on a whole list of topics, starting with "His vision and ICANN's role with the Internet". (And why alternate roots are evil.)

The other topics advertised are:

  • The future of the Internet from a global perspective
  • What are the global issues of the Internet?
  • How ICANN plans to keep the Internet functioning and stable
  • New top-level domains
  • What is the real "root" of the problem with additional domain names?
  • Why standard root system is so important to the stability of the Internet
  • Is the Internet running out of space in 5-10 years? Alternatives?
  • What is ICANN doing for the international Internet user?
Reporters wishing to schedule an interview should contact: Mary Hewitt, 310-823-9358 x 5801; Email:

Of course, we'll be happy to suggest some people you might talk to either before or afterwards :>.

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Re: Attention Reporters: Stuart Lynn Wants to Talk
by 300baud (service at evesnetwork dot com) on Tuesday July 17 2001, @12:22PM (#1424)
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Main Entry: pro·pa·gan·da
2 : the spreading of ideas, information, or rumor for the purpose of helping or injuring an institution, a cause, or a person.

I think ICANN smells a storm coming... A congressional one at that.

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Re: Attention Reporters: Stuart Lynn Wants to Talk
by joppenheimer on Wednesday July 18 2001, @08:25AM (#1438)
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Anonymous on Wednesday, July 18 @ 11:15:54 MDT writes,

"I hate to break the news to you that the majority of of internet users don't give a fuck about domain names."

Domain names isn't the issue.


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