China to Expand Domain-Name Arbitration
Date: Wednesday July 04 2001, @04:48PM
Topic: Uniform Dispute Resolution Policy (UDRP)

Anonymous writes "SHAO ZONGWEI, China closes in on domain-name feuds says "arbitrators in China are looking forward to playing a more important part in quelling such rows. ... legal experts are now working on a new regulation that could expand the jurisdiction of arbitrators in handling domain name disputes.""

Other highlights from the article:

  • Arbitrators will be able to mediate disputes over English-language domain names
  • Arbitrators may consider criteria other than trademarks
  • The Domain Name Dispute Settlement Centre has had 11 Chinese-language domain name dispute cases in the past six months; this might increase greatly with the new jurisdiction.
  • The regulation is expected to allow competing arbitration agencies into the market.

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