Five Questions with David Hernand, CEO
Date: Monday July 02 2001, @02:54AM
Topic: Alternate Roots

Anonymous writes "See Five Questions with David Hernand: CEO weighs in on the tussle between his company and ICANN over who controls the expansion of the Internet."

[Best quote: "Going to an ICANN meeting is like going to a UN meeting, only slightly more dysfunctional."-mf]

Here are the five questions:

In your estimation, why is ICANN inherently incapable of meeting the market' s demand for new top-level domain names?

Your business model is seemingly predicated on the idea that ICANN doesn't have its act together and hasn't met the demand that's out there. What happens if they do get their act together? What happens if they smooth out the process and allow more TLDs to be rolled out this year?

So if ICANN does start rolling out domains that you have been selling, it will essentially come down to a public relations duel to convince the market that the other is interloping and creating confusion in the marketplace?

What has your involvement in the ICANN process been to date? Have you established a relationship with Vint Cerf and other board members? How about Karl Auerbach, widely regarded as the contrarian of the bunch?

In your ideal scenario, how does this play out, with ICANN and acting in a somewhat harmonious way or at odds with each other?

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