BindZero.Com Pretty cool approach to Alternate tld's
Date: Tuesday June 26 2001, @03:26AM
Topic: Alternate Roots

Anonymous writes "I have been searching the news sites and forums for more information about BindZero.Com. This service really seems to have a great idea, a registar, address access bar, search engine, and domain listing service all in one that can be reached worldwide as easily as yahoo or google."

They are the only alt tld that does not model on special isp or plugins, etc. I believe that they could stand the test of time, as ICANN will have no power over their offering. I also believe that it is just a matter of time before the isp's plugs are pulled on's model of isp partnering, that what make a good idea, probably the only way to get aroung ICANN in alternate tld's. Their address bar also works with all ICANN sanctioned domains that are active to date. In my opinion, it is a much better and accountable solution to giving the world access to more extensions without colisions. It is a responsible approach to addressing new alternatve extensions. What do you think?

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