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Date: Tuesday June 19 2001, @04:23AM
Topic: Alternate Roots

fnord writes "Two press releases announce's foray into Europe. -g"

[The press releases indicate that has made a deal with U.K. ISP Energis Squared, so that -- says -- one in three U.K. Internet users can now see its TLDs.

The press releases also announce another ten TLDs (they're up to thirty), and explain that has adopted a Sunrise Policy similar to that of .BIZ. That is, the holder of a registered trademark identical to an second-level name in one of the new TLDs will be able to win the domain name if it shows that the registrant has no legitimate rights and interests in it and has registered or is using it in bad faith. The sunrise policy seems to be the result of an energetic cut-and-paste; it refers, for example, to the consequences of attempting to "transfer your domain name registration to another registrar." doesn't have competitive registrars, does it?

It's also worth noticing that says they'll be jumping on the internationalized domain names bandwagon Real Soon Now. -- jon]

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Re: adds extensions and eyeballs
by fnord ( on Tuesday June 19 2001, @12:10PM (#900)
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I thought it strange that the hundred million eyeball march on Europe seemed to flounder partway across the Channel, there being not an umlaut or accent grave in this wave. Adding that capability (while it might be non-trivial), from my partial dissection of the plugin it is probably orders of magnitude simpler than doing so via the DNS. Adding it to partner ISPs is a different kettle of fish, perhaps closer to the latter in terms of difficulty.

However, according to this Industry Standard article,'s Chief Marketing Officer Steve Chadima says their multilingual domains will be here by the end of the year. Unless that's complete vaporware, even if falls considerably behind schedule it is difficult to imagine ICANN getting there ahead of them.

Nominet (.uk)'s chief Willie Black doesn't want them landing either, equating to script kiddies and akin to a virus (I think both considerably overshoot the mark). The ccTLD's seem to have joined with King ICANNute in an attempt to turn back the tide.

Regarding the possibly copied and pasted sunrise policy, it includes: established the Sunrise Trademark Policy to allow a trademark or service mark holder ("Claimant") to challenge a second-level domain name that has been registered in which that Claimant claims intellectual property rights. [emphasis mine]

Er, wouldn't an absolute defense against this claim be that, for example, is actually a 4LD? -g

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