Stuart Lynn Reads ICANNWatch
Date: Sunday June 03 2001, @08:16PM

Unfortunately, it seems he doesn't read it very carefully. Yesterday, ICANN CEO Dr. M. Stuart Lynn began his remarks to the ICANN Public Forum by thanking ICANNWatch, and me personally, for making what he called remarks about the nature of his character.

In case he's not the only person who doesn't understand how this site works, here's a short explanation:

ICANNWatch is a pretty standard community-based web news and commentary site; we currently use free, open-source, PHP-Nuke 4.2 to operate the site. Documents in roman type, such as this one, are authored by the ICANNWatch editor who "posted" them. Documents that appear on this front page in italics were written by someone else, who submitted it to us for publication; ordinarily, the only role of the editor who approved it for publication is to make at most very minor changes beyond formatting. Thus, for example, the most recent ICANNWatch story to mention Dr. Lynn was authored by ICANNWatch editor David Post; the one before that, perhaps the one that got Dr. Lynn's goat, was posted by me, but authored and signed by joppenheimer, a user who has chosen to register with our site. (Registration is not required.) The italics on a reader-contributed item disappear when you view the full text of an item ("Read More"), but it still says "contributed by" the actual author at the top.

Anyone is welcome to submit stories to ICANNWatch. We accept anonymous postings. We depend heavily on the contributions of readers to keep the site lively and interesting; indeed, I'm grateful to ICANNWatcher fnord for alerting us regarding Dr. Lynn's remarks. We don't publish everything we get, but we try to err on the side of inclusion while keeping the daily flow to a reasonable level. There is a human filter in the loop for things that go on our ‘front page', but none for comments to stories, which are posted automatically without our intervention.

The editors of course are responsible for making this forum available and, I hope, interesting. Dr. Lynn's comments yesterday may be a measure of our success. Now if only he'd engage with us on the substance...maybe even post some comments?

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