'Help! I'm a Respondent in a UDRP Case'
Date: Thursday May 24 2001, @04:33AM
Topic: Uniform Dispute Resolution Policy (UDRP)

ICANNWatch frequently gets email from people looking for help in UDRP cases. Usually they've just gotten a notice that someone has started a proceeding against them, which means they have just a short time to respond. In our current FAQ we don't offer much in the way of help.

Are there any resources out there for people who need help, and usually don't have much if any money to pay for it? Readers are invited to submit pointers and advice, in the form of comments to this item.

I'll put the best suggestions in the next generation of the FAQ.

I should note, however, that most of the ICANNWatch.org editors are oddly handicapped in their ability to give individualized guidance by email due to the fact that we are lawyers. Under the US rules of professional responsibility, even to enter into a limited dialog with someone about their legal problems without being fully aware of all their facts and spending time doing serious research is to take on a risk (sometimes small, sometimes larger) of malpractice if the person might relies on your advice to their detriment and then claims you acted as their (de facto) lawyer in giving the advice.

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See Carl Oppedahl's page
by lextext on Thursday May 24 2001, @05:04AM (#639)
User #6 Info | http://www.lextext.com
One of the best resources for domain name registrants facing a UDRP is this page, titled "Considerations for Innocent Domain Name Owners" provided by the law firm of Oppedahl & Larson.
-- Bret
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Re: 'Help! I'm a Respondent in a UDRP Case'
by Andy (REMOVE_andy@hasse.com) on Wednesday July 11 2001, @11:37AM (#1180)
User #2858 Info | http://www.andyhasse.com

I am in the midst of a UDRP case. I launched a site to show others A. how absurd this new law (aka "policy" is) and B. because WIPO (the arbiter) and the AFMA (the Complainant) have worked together for several years! See http://www.shameontheafma.com look in the "timeline" section for a run through.
btw. you could also give yourself a few more days because WIPO ruled that I have 20 days from when I received the Hard Copy of the Complaint to Respond. Note that usually Respondents have 20 days from when they get the email of the Complaint. <==
My letter which established this is also on the site.
I'll probably win my case as it's a clear case of Reverse Domain Name Hijacking, but pay close attention to the UDRP Rules, and try to remember that (to paraphrase the ICHING: "evil destroys itself").


Andy Hasse

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