ICANN - Verisign decision - No decision.
Date: Monday May 14 2001, @11:29AM
Topic: Verisign/NSI

larry writes "Peter Loftus, Dow Jones Newswire reports that no decision is being made today regarding the ICANN-Verisign agreement but instead DOC is meeting with Verisign executives today to "discuss the concerns"."



NEW YORK -- The Department of Commerce has some "concerns" about a proposal to extend VeriSign Inc.'s (VRSN) monopoly on operating the central database of Internet addresses, department spokesman Jim Dyke said.

Commerce department officials were scheduled to meet with VeriSign executives at 4 p.m. EDT Monday to discuss the concerns.

Dyke declined to elaborate on the department's concerns, but said no final decision would be made Monday.

"This meeting is not to notify them that they are receiving final approval," Dyke said. "We're just discussing the concerns we have."

[rest deleted -- jon]

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Re: ICANN - Verisign decision - No decision.
by michael (froomkin@lawUNSPAM.tm) on Monday May 14 2001, @03:21PM (#585)
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Decent public-domain information remains hard to come by. At present there is nothing online at ICANN, VeriSign, or the NTIA. There are, however, two short blurbs at CNET.com: Commerce Department Has Concerns About VeriSign Pact, Dow Says and Commerce Department's Kassinger on VeriSign Web Plan: Comment. This lack of information compares rather poorly to what we get in traditional regulatory decision-making. In ordinary regulatory action, we are entitled to a reasoned, published, decision. Here, we get...murk.

Oh, well; no doubt VeriSign and ICANN will have their spin in the morning.

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But .info and .biz are final
by lextext on Tuesday May 15 2001, @06:52AM (#592)
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I thought it was interesting that ICANN announced this morning that the .biz and .info accreditation agreements were final. Since many aspects of those agreements mirror the proposed .com/.net/.org agreements, I would have thought ICANN would wait until the DOC review was final so it could make revisions to biz/info to conform to what Commerce wanted on com/net/org. The fact that it went ahead and signed the agreements suggests, reading the tea leaves, that the issues raised by the DOC in last night's meeting relate solely to issues unique to the Verisign agreements.

-- Bret
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