Underneath Root
Date: Friday April 27 2001, @04:08AM
Topic: Alternate Roots

Publius writes "One of the larger issues for any future success of ICANN's endeavors is its ability to quickly and clearly establish and broadcast its commitments, goals and intentions in short, simple, easily understood and believed language(s)."

If this is not done soon, and committess do not speed up the process, the ongoing 'root canals'-- VPN's on new Roots and/or clandestine peer to peer structures -- will simply overwhelm any chance of success for free and open discourse on the WEB. It is in ICANN's interest(s) to rebroadcast its Mission Statement in these terms in as many creative ways possible to the largest WEB audience possible. If interest is not re-established, and I believe ICANN's credibility has been lost for some time now, then the many divergent underground Roots will become moles, burrowing underneath the very foundational structure of what was originally created. The Web structure itself will either collapse from the decay of the 'Core' or be rendered entirely ineffective as a means of constructive free discourse and ICANN will be pointless. More importantly it will go down in history as being the catalyst for disintegration by its very ineffectiveness to communicate its goals and achieve its mission. I suggest the Board resubmit it original Mission Statement in concise and simple terms to the Web at large. We are "preaching to the choir" to no effective result. We seem to be missing the forest for the trees!!!

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