.ie Seeks to Organize Irish Bid to Run .eu
Date: Sunday April 22 2001, @04:32PM
Topic: .eu and Europe too

While murk continues to cover the question of exactly how or when .eu might be created, not to mention by whom and on what authority, interest in running what might well be the second-largest registry after .com continues to grow. The Irish Times reports this week that .ie is seeking to put together a consortium to bid for the job. But the French, it says, want the registry in France. The article also has some interesting nuggets about the general progress of the .eu proposal.

According to the Irish Times,

"The European Parliament and the Council of Ministers are due to consider and vote on a concrete proposal for an .eu domain registry within the next two months. If approved, the European Commission will invite tenders to operate the central registry."


"However, if any objections are raised or amendments requested by political parties when the proposal is debated in the European Parliament next month, this could delay approval by up to 18 months.

"There is also the issue of approval from ICANN, the international body which oversees Internet domain names. So far, it has refused to issue a .eu TLD on the grounds that the EU is not a specific country and therefore cannot register .eu as a country code TLD.

Personally, I'm all for a .eu domain, although I don't think it complies with the RFCs since .eu isn't a true country code. But so what? The more, the merrier, as far as I can see. How about if the U.S. DoC just creates it on its own authority, as a jesture towards international comity, and makes everyone happy?

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Re: .ie Seeks to Organize Irish Bid to Run .eu
by cambler (chris@ambler.net) on Sunday April 22 2001, @06:07PM (#555)
User #36 Info | http://onthenet.ambler.net/
Sure, and while they're at it, the DoC can create 40 other new registries (coincidentally, the number of "turned down" applicants to ICANN, each of which paid $50,000 to apply... what's the application fee for .eu?)

Ambler On The Net [ambler.net]

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Re: .ie Seeks to Organize Irish Bid to Run .eu
by alexander on Monday April 23 2001, @11:44AM (#561)
User #22 Info | http://www.icannchannel.de
I don't think ICANN is to blame for the delays -- the delay is mainly on the European side.

Some background:
The ISO 3166 Maintenance Agency has put "eu" on the list of reserved codes to cover any application (7-Sep-99). The ICANN BoD has decided that codes from the ISO 3166 list of reserved codes covering any application are delegable (25-Sep-00). In October 2000, Christopher Wilkinson (Commission) reported that "ICANN will need a full proposal before an agreement can be concluded with the registry operator."

After that, an Interim Steering Group has identified several options for running the registry (10-Oct-00) and the Commission has proposed a regulation for the implementation of Dot.EU (12-Dec-00). This regulation will be considered in May (EP) and April/June (Council), according to the Commission. If all that works out, the Commission will call for proposals for running the registry. Then the Registry shall enter into a contract with ICANN, having obtained the prior consent of the Commission.

There are still a number of Dot.EU policy questions to be solved (naming structure, price, registry modus etc etc).

- Alexander
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