Transfers Policy Violating Verisign Agreement?
Date: Saturday April 21 2001, @04:46PM
Topic: Verisign/NSI

Anonymous writes " has been accused by Tucows of violating it's agreement with Verisign to the detriment of registrants. If policies like's proliferate among the registrars, it may become impossible to transfer a domain name to a new registrar."

tbyfield adds: The complete letter is on the at Tucows Registrar site.

When NSI was on the only game in town, competition sounded good, and that's what ICANN promised. But now that we have some semblance of competition among registrars and disputes are breaking out, ICANN will increasingly become -- as somnolent boardmember Jonathon Cohen put it -- "the regulator of a market worth about US $50 billion."

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Re: Transfers Policy Violating Verisi
by larry on Sunday April 22 2001, @10:52AM (#553)
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Please clarify your statement: "When NSI was the only game in town, competition sounded good, and that's what ICANN promised." So what if "disputes are breaking out"? If there weren't disputes, you might think the competitors were colluding with one another.

Additionally, although I would agree that's letter is a little confusing, it could simply be modified slightly to prevent the confusion claimed by Tucows. I don't think that it is intentionally confusing. Lastly, there is nothing wrong with a "losing" registrar attempting to keep exisiting business. Infact, the losing registrar attempting to contact the registrant to verify a switch adds an additional level of security to the registrar transfer process. (There are cases of fraudulent registrar transfers being processed.)
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