.edu: Educause Front-End, VeriSign Back-End
Date: Saturday April 14 2001, @04:05AM
Topic: Verisign/NSI

Educause, perhaps the only non-degree granting body with an .edu domain name, may subcontract the day-to-day management of .edu to VeriSign, according to an article by Rebecca Sausner in NewsFactor.

Sausner reports,

Total cost of administering the dot-edu TLDs is estimated at about US$320,000 per year. While Educause will be entitled to recover its costs in operating the domain, it will not be permitted to turn a profit.

Educause is aware of the potential for controversy. At a recent meeting, board members stated that as far as the administration of the domain is concerned, "It is perceived that it is important for Educause to be the front door.'"

As Educause has no experience running a registry, it certainly makes sense for it to subcontract, although as a non-profit presumably concerned with making every dollar count, one might think it would choose to request competitive bids. Even then, it has to be recognized that VeriSign would probably have the inside track since there would be no change-over costs.

Incidentally, if I understand this right, any .edu subcontract revenue is pure profit to VeriSign, which currently provides .edu registry services for free. Similarly, educational institutions get .edu domain names for free; ironically, the cost of moving the registry to Educause will probably be the end of this costless idyl.

While on the subject of stuff from NewsFactor, also check out Rebecca Sausner's article on The Approaching Internet Domain Name Revolt: "A quiet revolt is gathering steam below the surface of the Internet as companies demonstrate increasing determination to wrest control of the Internet domain naming system from the Internet Corporation for Assigned Names and Numbers (ICANN)," she reports.

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Re: .edu: Educause Front-End, VeriSign Back-End
by larry on Saturday April 14 2001, @07:38AM (#528)
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There are actually quite a few "non-degree granting bodies" that have .edu's. There are actually high schools (see www.lacademy.edu a prep school or www.winstonprep.edu) that have .edu's as well as several others who managed to have them granted.

Here's an interesting one: www.childsearch.edu

And another: www.photography.edu (owned by a photographer.)

Want more? www.insurancefactory.edu (owned by an insurance broker).

See the whois for "tech.edu" (not in use) or "med.edu" (used for several purposes). Others that were granted include: "clue.edu" "acct.edu" "whitehose.edu" "diplomacy.edu" "edu.edu" (the last are only two of several non-US granted .edu's contrary to what was mentioned in another story posted to ICANNWATCH. )

What is going to be interesting is seeing what educause.edu is going to do in the case of granting .edu's that are of interest to multiple institutions. What if both Wharton and Harvard Business schools put in applications for "business.edu".

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