April Fools Day 1, ICANNWatch 0
Date: Wednesday April 04 2001, @04:48PM
Topic: ICANNWatch.org

Your humble editors here at ICANNWatch tried a few days ago to come up with an April Fools Day story. We figured that if the IETF could post RFCs defining a protocol for the transmission of the value of pi between servers and clients, an etymology of "foo", and a Firewall Enhancement Protocol for tunneling applications through firewalls, we too could come up with an appropriate item for 4/1/2001.

(Actually, I think that the IBB Technical Comment on the Globally Unique Button is funnier than any of those, but perhaps that explains why Joyce Reynolds chooses the April 1 RFCs and I just edit ICANNWatch).

So we took our best shot at generating a story. "ICANN Approves Odd, Motley Grab-Bag of TLDs"? Nah. Obviously we needed something farther out there. "ICANN Bows to Community Consensus Regarding Verisign Contract"? No -- much too far out. April Fools Day stories have to bear some relationship to reality, after all. "President Bush says Internet belongs to US"? Nope -- too plausible. Most readers would never realize it was a joke (not even if we went on to explain that Bush was demanding that the Chinese give us the Internet back without peeking inside). "U.S. Senate Votes to Abolish ICANN"? "Judge Declares UDRP Unconstitutional"? Nah. These couldn't really happen, surely, but they still somehow had too much of the ring of truth to them. "ICANN Board Approves New TLD Contracts Before They're Actually Negotiated"? Oops. We gave up.

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ICANN-related April Fool's day news
by alexander on Thursday April 05 2001, @07:35AM (#498)
User #22 Info | http://www.icannchannel.de
The German site Internet Intern reported on April 1 (in German) that President Bush urged the Department of Commerce as ICANN's 'master' to separate the Internet in two: The commercial Comnet and the private Privnet.

If you want to provide web content, you'll have to choose: In Comnet, only companies are allowed to publish, and the management will be done by a Redmond-based company. If you publish on comnet, you're protected against all attacks. Privnet is lacking any rights; privnet users are practically outlaws.

The article had a pointer to http://www.lCANN.net/0401-bush/bush.htm which contains an "ICANN" announcement about this in Babelfish-style "German".
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