Village Voice Profiles Paul Garrin and Name.Space
Date: Wednesday April 04 2001, @09:31AM
Topic: Alternate Roots

The Village Voice runs a long and fairly sympathetic article about Paul Garrin and about Name.Space. Garrin plays a special role in the alternate root movement. Unlike most mainstream alternate roots, that tend to run a very small number of domains, Garrin claims 540+ TLDs.

Name.Space probably could be ICANN's poster child for what's wrong with alternate roots - unlike the members of the Open Root Server Confederation (ORSC) and others who generally try to 'play nice,' not be greedy and run a few domains at a time, and whom ICANN nonetheless generally treats as beneath notice - or evil. To find out how to access the ORSC root, see the ORSC suport page. ORSC is a fully functional root, not web-only like the plugin-based system at

Incidentally, this may be a good time to mention the formation of the Top-Level Domain Association, whose Board of Advisors I recently joined. The TLDA's mission statement says,

The Top Level Domain Association Inc. is a trade association of Internet Top Level Domain (TLD) holders. This organization represents the interests of TLD Holders and will seek to foster cooperation among TLD holders to advance the cause of building a stable, collision free namespace. All TLD holders are welcome to become members of the TLDA.
As of this writing, is not a member of the TLDA.

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Re: Village Voice Profiles Paul Garrin and Name.Sp
by michael ( on Wednesday April 04 2001, @09:52AM (#492)
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