I've joined the crazies
Date: Tuesday April 03 2001, @07:35AM
Topic: ICANNWatch.org

dpf writes "Around 6 - 12 months ago I regarded the "loyal opposition" to ICANN as not quite just the crazies but not far off. I used to think Michael Froomkin was merely some pompous unrealistic academic (sorry Michael :-) and I couldn't understand why people were criticising things so much."

When some of the literal founders of the Internet such as Postel, Crocker and Cerf are on one side of the debate I automatically sided with them. I had the attitude that there are always people who oppose progress and those complaining were merely hyper sensitive or had vested interests. I am by nature a conservative person who tends to back the status quo.

My view on ICANN has changed massively as I have had more time to read posts, read stories, peruse background documents and observe ICANN meetings (remotely) I have grown more and more alarmed. There are IMO real problems with ICANN structure, communications, processes and some of their decisions.

Ironically I still think overall ICANN Board has made more right than wrong decisions but it is not enough to merely be "okay" when with some common sense one could be "good". I also note that several of the okay decisions started off as bad decisions and it was only due to public pressure these were improved.

I have no vested interests in ICANN or the Internet except that of a passionate enthusiast who wants to contribute to good decision making. I have no commercial motivation yet I have become more and more disillusioned with how ICANN is operating and am far from alone in this.

I now believe that most of those who contribute to icannwatch are not in fact opposed to ICANN at all. They seek to improve and strengthen ICANN through feedback and for that they have my thanks.


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Re: I've joined the crazies
by lextext on Tuesday April 03 2001, @11:06AM (#483)
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Welcome to the club, David.
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Re: I've joined the crazies
by larry on Tuesday April 03 2001, @01:39PM (#484)
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(Of course back then the site didn't look as good.) But, seriously, now I think we all see what a good job this site has done bringing these issues to the public. I would consider making a donation to the continue the operation of this site.
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