Maybe Canadians Should Run ICANN?
Date: Wednesday March 28 2001, @03:24PM
Topic: Country-Code Top Level Domains (ccTLDs)

The Canadian Internet Registration Authority (CIRA), now the manager of the .ca ccTLD, is calling for candidates for the upcoming election to their board. The procedure looks pretty good compared to some we've heard of...

In a stunning contrast with ICANN, the appointed interim Board of CIRA will allow all its 75,000 or so members - yes, members - to vote for nine of twelve directors. That's not just half, it's three quarters.

All ".CA registrants who have not explicitly rejected membership" in CIRA are eligible to vote. The other three directors will be chosen on corporatist principles - but just one to represent registrars, one for ISPs, and one (get this!) to represent the general population of Internet users. Although CIRA has a nominating committee that will propose candidates (and which is seeking public input), rather than impose a ceiling on the number of member-nominated candidates, CIRA will only require that they be supported by 50 other members.

Voting will take place online, between June 22 and 28, 2001

"Best practices" anyone?

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Re: Maybe Canadians Should Run ICANN?
by Adam on Thursday March 29 2001, @03:30PM (#462)
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But members in the Canadian system are domain name holders; people who own domains under .CA

Would an ICANN membership consisting of just domain name holders (complicated: owners of second levels under gTLDs, 3rd and 4th under ccTLDs, .US would be interesting) be acceptable?

Under such a scheme would "holders" of IP addresses also qualify as members? Define holding/ownership of an IP address.

But, you are absolutely right, CIRA is certainly setting best practices standards.


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