Going once! Going Twice! Going Many, Many Times!
Date: Friday March 23 2001, @04:01AM
Topic: New gTLDs

Some registrars are taking bids for the right to be their preferred candidate to register a particularly attractive name when registries go live in the new ICANN gTLDs. At this writing, the highest bids at EarlyBirdDomain were $24,030 for e.biz and over $20,000 for toys.biz. Meanwhile, over at ecom.com the top bid, for show.biz, was a measly $800.13.

Ok, help me get this straight. If you sell a domain name at a premium in the after-market, you call yourself an entrepreneur but others say you are a possible cybersquatter. But if you sell it at a premium in the original market...

No doubt other registrars are doing similar things, since ICANN neglected to consider the issue of how a registrar chooses which name to attempt to inscribe in the registry other than to force forms of sunrise trademark protection in the teeth of a documented absence of consensus for that policy.

Of course, since there are many more registrars than registries, only one bid can succeed for each name. Interestingly, both of the registrars sampled charge no fee for a failed bid, and have disclosure policies which, while not necessarily models of clarity, do seem to disclose and explain their procedures pretty fully if you read them carefully. Here's EarlyBirdDomain's and ecom.com's.

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Re: Going once! Going Twice! Going Many, Many Time
by larry on Friday March 23 2001, @07:23AM (#441)
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They are taking advantage of people.

And wouldn't this possibly fall under some type of law against lotteries? The $19.95 fee or EarlyBirdDomain.com is due whether they secure a domain or not. So you
are paying for a "chance" to "win" the name(s) in other words. Agree?
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Re: Going once! Going Twice! Going Many, Many Time
by Grumpy on Friday March 23 2001, @10:53AM (#443)
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As I read App. K of the biz and info proposals, both refer to a "double-random" round robin system, thus squashing many of the pre-registration tricksters.

1.) registrars are randomized between each round of submissions to the registry

2.) the order of domain names in the queue/batch submitted by a particular registrar is randomized.

I suppose there are still ways to beat this system, but it's significantly more difficult than a single round-robin (where only the registrars are randomized).

- Grumpy
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