Announcing UDRP resource site at
Date: Monday March 19 2001, @02:12PM
Topic: Uniform Dispute Resolution Policy (UDRP)

Anonymous writes "Last month I launched a legal information site on the Uniform Domain Name Dispute Resolution Policy. The site has grown to become a one-stop location for resources, cases, and news available for individuals involved in domain name disputes, trademark holders, attorneys, law students, and interested parties." contains "battle-tested" links useful for research, registration, and domain name protection. The site was designed to save time, be easy on the eyes, and download quickly. Few sites discussing UDRP issues have as many practical links.

Newly added- a list of UDRP cases being appealed in court, exclusive news, and an archives page.

I have received comments from around the world regarding the site. Please visit, add to your Favorites, and pass along the word.

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Re: Announcing UDRP resource site at
by larry on Tuesday March 20 2001, @07:02AM (#429)
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Interesting. The posting above says says:

"The site has grown to become a one-stop location for resources, cases, and news available for individuals...."

(Individuals listed first).

But the web page says:

"This site has been designed to provide resources and information on the Uniform Domain Name Dispute Resolution Policy, Internet law, domain name litigation and news for attorneys, trademark holders, and domain name registrants."

In other words "registrants" is listed last "attorney" listed first.

Not coincidentially, the site owner says (see About):

"This experience has enabled me to draft domain name disputes, assist with trademark protection, the cease and desist campaign, contracts, and litigation."

"Disputes...cease and desist compaign..."??

It seems that the bias of the site will be toward the protection of IP and trademark interests. (We know what type of law the operator of this site will be practicing.)
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