Roberts and .EDU domains
Date: Saturday March 17 2001, @11:49AM
Topic: ICANN Staff and Structure

larry writes "Look for Mike Roberts and (formerly to control assigning of coveted .EDU domain which is now controlled by Network Solutions."

Some older links:

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Re: Roberts and .EDU domains
by michael ( on Saturday March 17 2001, @03:08PM (#421)
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I'm uncertain if it's correct to say that VeriSign currently "controls" .edu -- I believe they provide free services for it, but I don't know who currently makes policy; I don't think VeriSign claims that right, though, does it?

I think one of the more interesting aspects of this is that the links are ... old. EDUCAUSE has been lying low for a while...perhaps (sensibly) to wait until the Roberts conflict of interest is out of the way?

So, these questions:

  • What rules apply to the redelegation of gTLDs?
  • Does ICANN have any role?
  • Will there be an open and competitive bidding process?
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