Welcome Back!
Date: Monday March 12 2001, @05:11AM
Topic: ICANNWatch.org

We just sent out our first-ever mailing to the thousands of users who had registered at the previous, static, ICANNWatch site. We promise not to send email often (and to try to fix the HTML header issue!).

If you registered on our former site and received our email, you are automatically a member of the new site. However, you may need to reset your password in order to login and take full advantage of the new site. Click on "read more" below to find out how. We'd also appreciate your comments on our new look, and especially your suggestions about what you would like to see on this site. Click on "comments" below to post your ideas and comments.

To those of you who, like some of us PINE fanatics, use non-HTML mail clients, apologies for the HTML-email with the ugly header. We'll try to do better next time.

Meanwhile, here is how returning members can get/change a password so you can login and make the most of our new site:

  1. On the icannwatch.org homepage, click on the "Login here" button in the upper left hand column (or use this link).
  2. Go to the bottom of the login page, to where it says "Lost your Password?"
  3. If you were registered at the old site, enter your full email address in the "nickname" box. If you registered at the new site, enter your username in the "nickname" box. In either case, leave the "confirmation code" box blank. Click the "Send password" box.
  4. You will soon receive an email with a confirmation code.
  5. Return to the "Lost your Password?" box. Again enter your email, but this time also enter the confirmation code in the appropriate box. Click "Send password"
  6. You will shortly receive an email with a new password. You can login with this temporary password, then change the password to whatever you like.
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