Our Mission

Our premise can be simply stated: The Internet is a global resource of incalculable value, and nothing is of greater importance to its future than the way in which ICANN performs its role as manager of the Domain Name System. All Internet users worldwide have a stake in these ongoing events, and our job is to serve as a central point of reference, a kind of hill overlooking the often-chaotic information landscape, from which anyone seeking a better understanding of these developments can survey the ever-changing terrain. 

We have no particular viewpoint to push or axes to grind; we will offer commentary and criticism from a wide variety of different perspectives, guided only by our belief in the power of ideas and informed discussion and debate to shape events and institutions. 

The pending reorganization of the Internet's domain name system (DNS) has the potential to become cyberspace's own "constitutional moment." Over the last several months, the shadowy outlines of a new kind of constitutional structure for cyberspace, centered around ICANN, have begun to emerge. The consequences of these developments for the Internet's future could not be more profound. -David Post
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