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    XTNS offers new gTLDs (sort of) | Log in/Create an Account | Top | 127 comments | Search Discussion
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    Re: XTNS offers new gTLDs (sort of)
    by dtobias (dan@tobias.name) on Friday August 31 2001, @03:41AM (#2079)
    User #2967 Info | http://domains.dan.info/
    Like I've said all along, these XTNS things are not domain names. They're merely a proprietary extension to a proprietary keyword system, designed to kinda, sorta, resemble domains because they have dots in them and are sometimes assigned in some sort of hierarchy -- except that the hierarchy is artificial, not built into the system as it is with the DNS, as exemplified by the fact that the XTNS people get to change their mind at will as to whether the hierarchical levels go right-to-left (as in real domain names) or left-to-right (as they're doing now with the "prefix-based" names).

    And, don't forget, this system of theirs works only for users of MSIE for Windows... so I guess anybody using Netscape, Opera, Lynx, Konquerer, etc.... or Macintosh, Linux, WebTV, etc... is not part of these guys' "Internet". (See my Brand X Browsers Page.)
    [ Reply to This | Parent ]
    Show me one working name ? ? ?
    by Anonymous on Friday August 31 2001, @05:17PM (#2093)
    1. This company has yet to produce evidence that they have a working product. Currently, there is not a single name working that I can see, yet they are apparently accepting people's money to register names. Why is this? Shouldn't the product work before you start collecting money? How can the claim be made; "XTNS domains can be viewed by over 360,000,000 internet users worldwide"

    2. They have suspended the registration of newly announced names already (www.*) Why is this?

    3. How will a hyperlink be created on a web page to reach a so called XTNS "domain". I don't believe http://store.xtns is going to resolve if these are not the same as your typical ICANN or new.net domain name. Someone please prove me wrong.

    [ Reply to This | Parent ]
    Still no answer . . .
    by Anonymous on Saturday September 01 2001, @07:58AM (#2106)
    My earlier question still stands as it has not been addressed, only ignored. It is misleading to call these "domain names" if they are only namespaces or carefully disguised keywords.

    Home page of the XTNS web site states "Revolutionary New Internet Domain Names"

    I think the average consumer visiting the XTNS web site would believe they are purchasing a bona fide fully qualified domain name. The average consumer would also expect the names to work, or at least within 24 - 72 hrs and be viewable by those 360,000,000 users. As of the press release of August 28th, and date of purchase by several consumers, not one name appears to be working (feel free to post an example if there is one)

    The clock is ticking and midnight is approaching.

    [ Reply to This | Parent ]
    If the XTNS people are such technical wizards...
    by dtobias (dan@tobias.name) on Saturday September 01 2001, @09:09AM (#2111)
    User #2967 Info | http://domains.dan.info/
    then how come their store and message boards are in URLs that have a raw IP address as their host? Do they not know how to configure the DNS for a hostname within their own domain, like store.xtns.net and forums.xtns.net?
    [ Reply to This | Parent ]
    Re: Ease up on XTNS
    by Anonymous on Saturday September 01 2001, @02:03PM (#2122)
    Give these guys a chance, they have been around a fraction of the time of Affilias or Neulevel and yet you are ragging on them in a way you never ragged on the launch of .biz or .info. XTNS made it clear that their new domains will go live soon -- not now, soon -- and that once they do registered names will then take a further 48-72 hours to go live. So why cant you be patient and see if all unfolds as they have said it will before jumping all over them?
    [ Reply to This | Parent ]
    Why this obsession with XTNS?
    by dtobias (dan@tobias.name) on Saturday September 01 2001, @02:04PM (#2123)
    User #2967 Info | http://domains.dan.info/
    Why is it that articles on XTNS attract by far the highest number of messages in the discussion on this site? Surely other topics are more worthy of comment than this pathetic proprietary keyword system that pretends to be some sort of "domain name".

    I guess it's that cowardly anonymous XTNS flack person who's responsible...
    [ Reply to This | Parent ]
    Show me one working name ? ? ? (Part 2)
    by Anonymous on Sunday September 02 2001, @08:45AM (#2127)
    From the press release at the XTNS web site:
    PASADENA, Calif., August 15, 2001

    About XTNS (Extended Name Services, Inc.)
    "Therefore the XTNS's system already built into the Microsoft IE Browser is today already operational in hundreds of millions of PCs worldwide."

    It is now September 2. Note the date of press release above. 72 hours have passed since the latest press release on Aug 28th seen at: http://biz.yahoo.com/iw/010828/01031226_2.html

    Again, show me one working name.
    [ Reply to This | Parent ]
    Re: XTNS System working today
    by Anonymous on Sunday September 02 2001, @06:46PM (#2132)
    XTNS have stated their system works in 87%+ of all Internet users browsers "today", which is true by virtue of the fact that it employes IE 5.0 and above. They have not said that any of the new namespaces they have launched are yet active: rather they have made really clear that they will be activated soon and thereafter it will take some 48-72 hours before any given registered name within one of the spaces itself goes live. Is that so hard to understand?
    [ Reply to This | Parent ]
    Proof not excuses
    by Anonymous on Sunday September 02 2001, @09:59PM (#2136)
    Since it has been more than 72 hours, you should have no problem providing everyone an example of a working name.
    [ Reply to This | Parent ]
    Re: Why 72 hours?
    by Anonymous on Monday September 03 2001, @06:45AM (#2138)
    Where did this 72 hours thing come from? XTNS from day-one of launching these domains said that activation of them would be in the near future and once each domain is activated THEN it would take a further 48-72 hours to activate each individual registered name. Why is this so hard for you to understand? Were you bashing Afflias and Neulevel early this year for not "proving" that .info and .biz are working? It is clear now that you are openly attacking XTNS for no reason other then to try to make them look bad when in fact they have been open and honest and clear from day-one.
    [ Reply to This | Parent ]
    Re: Ask XTNS, not this board
    by Anonymous on Monday September 03 2001, @06:49AM (#2139)
    By the way, as far as we can tell, no one from XTNS has been posting here -- so why are you saying "you should have ..."? If you want to ask XTNS a question go to their site, where they have a message board and contact details. Don't try to imply that anyone posting here in any sense at all speaks on behalf of XTNS. I see no evidence of that at all.
    [ Reply to This | Parent ]
    Re: You can see XTNS/RealNames System working
    by Anonymous on Monday September 03 2001, @07:30AM (#2140)
    If you want to see working words then check out the VeriSign multilingual testbed: as far as I know it is working fine and it uses the identical technology to XTNS. Indeed, this is also of course the same technology XTNS is using for their imminent ml.ml domains.
    [ Reply to This | Parent ]
    It all makes sense now!
    by Anonymous on Monday September 03 2001, @01:29PM (#2160)
    I understand now. It's 72 hours plus!
    Is that plus 1 week, 1 month , 1 year or perhaps .whatever?

    This is great though, because I have become inspired to start a new namespace. I'm going to call it ".wait"

    I'll immediately start taking orders even though the names won't resolve for a very long time. My customers should be more than understanding. They can't really expect a .wait name to work in an acceptable amount of time can they?

    I can picture it right now. Money will be falling out of my .pockets, I'll be digging my toes in the .sand and sipping on a big .margarita in .Mexico!
    [ Reply to This | Parent ]
    This has all been a very good lesson in...
    by Anonymous on Monday September 03 2001, @06:15PM (#2180)
    how not to launch a new product.

    Typical domain name buyers in todays market (of which there are millions) expect to buy a name, wait a short period of time (24 - 72 hrs) and have their name up and running.

    In situations where the product will not be available to use, at least have a clear roll-out timeline in an obvious location on your website not tucked away in an obscure place (like after you purchase the name!).

    Even Afilias can do this and that is not saying much.
    [ Reply to This | Parent ]
    Proprietary, vendor-specific namespace...
    by dtobias (dan@tobias.name) on Tuesday September 04 2001, @02:46PM (#2211)
    User #2967 Info | http://domains.dan.info/
    I notice that whenever I or anybody else points out the obvious fact that XTNS, given that it only works on MSIE for Windows, is a vendor-specific "solution" that is not in any way part of the open-standards-based Internet, the silence from the XTNS cheerleader is deafening.

    Will there ever be a way for users of Netscape or Mozilla or Opera or Lynx or Konquerer or PWWebSpeak... or Macintosh or Linux or WebTV or Sega Dreamcast... or email or FTP or IRC or telnet or traceroute or ping... people running the applications of their choice under the platform of their choice to use the Internet protocols of their choice... to use those new XTNS pseudo-domain-names for this purpose? If not, then this is just a proprietary feature in one vendor's program, not an address space for the Internet.
    [ Reply to This | Parent ]
    XTNS "hot suggestions" are getting colder...
    by dtobias (dan@tobias.name) on Wednesday September 05 2001, @10:48AM (#2226)
    User #2967 Info | http://domains.dan.info/
    Looking some more in the XTNS site, I see on their "store" page these "hot suggestions" of possible names to register in their system:

    A few problems here: They presently only allow names with one dot in them, not two. And they've withdrawn www as an acceptable prefix. Thus, none of their "hot suggestions" are actually usable as names in their system!
    [ Reply to This | Parent ]
    Re: No, XTNS permit www 3LDs
    by Anonymous on Wednesday September 05 2001, @02:08PM (#2229)
    NOT true. Look at the FAQ on the XTNS site and you will see that they permit any 3LDs -- so it is fine to have www.store.name, or www.corp.name and so forth. They haven't withdrawn the "www." SLD from the market as far as I can tell, just taken sales off temporarily while they resolve an issue raised by NameSlinger about conflicting registrations in their database.
    [ Reply to This | Parent ]
    by Anonymous on Friday September 07 2001, @05:33AM (#2263)
    Just seen there is a notice on the XTNS site that explains why they have had to go silent the past week or so and why they are delayed in taking these domains live. Clearly they are going to move ahead swiftly now with their multilingual domains.
    [ Reply to This | Parent ]

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