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    Registry contracts secretly amended and extended | Log in/Create an Account | Top | 8 comments | Search Discussion
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    Harkens back to 1999...
    by KarlAuerbach on Wednesday June 27 2007, @03:24PM (#16956)
    User #3243 Info | http://www.cavebear.com/
    This situation has a predecessor:

    Back in 1999 ICANN entered into an agreement with Network Soltions (before it evolved into Verisign) under which ICANN began its series of gifts unto Verisign.

    That agreement was made with complete disregard of the clearly defined processes in ICANN's bylaws.

    I complained -

    http://www.cavebear.com/archive/icann/reconsiderat ion_req.htm
    [cavebear.com] - but was rejected, as were all such complaints - by ICANN's reconsideration committee.

    I filed a request for indepenedent review - which was lost because ICANN diddled around and never bothered to create a review panel.

    I still believe that my compaint is valid and, if so, then the entire chain of agreements with Verisign should be considered null.
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    Secret ? What Secrets ?
    by Anonymous on Tuesday July 17 2007, @12:47PM (#16958)
    Secret ? What Secrets ?

    Do you expect the "ICANN Community" to invite you
    to their secret meetings ?

    2007 DNS-Operations Workshop

    The second DNS Operations Workshop will be held on July 27th and 28th, 2007
    in Chicago, USA. This immediately follows the IETF69 meeting in Chicago,
    and precedes the OARC Member meeting on the 28th July.

    Participation is open to OARC members, presenters, by
    invitation, and to all other parties interested in DNS
    operations and research, subject to available space.

    A draft agenda is available here.
    Presentations of material of interest to DNS Operators are still welcome, and
    should be submitted to OARC at the e-mail address below as soon as possible.

    Please register using this Registration Form
    Attendee List
    Dates:    Jul 27 PM (Fri) - 28 AM (Sat), 2007
    Place/Map:    DePaul University Loop Campus
    Address:    1 East Jackson Boulevard, Chicago, IL 60604-2287
    Building/Room:    DPC 8005
    Accomodation:    IETF Hotel Information Local Hotel Information

    Fri 27th PM:    DNS Operations presentations
    Sat 28th AM:    DNS Operations presentations
    Sat 28th PM:    OARC members meeting (closed)

    Joe Abley    Afilias Canada, Corp
    Jaap Akkerhuis    NLnet Labs
    Roy Arends    Nominet
    Mark Andrews    ISC
    Andreas Baess    DENIC eG
    Ron Bonica    Juniper Networks
    Brett Carr    RIPE NCC
    Bruce Campbell
    Sebastian E. Castro Avila    CAIDA
    Steve Conte    ICANN
    Joao Damas    ISC
    John Dickinson    Nominet
    Francis Dupont    ISC
    Jason Fesler    Yahoo!
    Alexander Gall    SWITCH
    Steve Gibbard    Packet Clearing House
    Marcus Gillette    Microsoft
    Wes Hardaker    Sparta, Inc
    Cesar Henrique Keiti Kuroiwa    NIC.br
    Rodney Joffe    NeuStar
    Robert Johnson Jr.
    Simon Leinen    SWITCH
    Vincent Levigneron    AFNIC
    Steve Kersey    Microsoft
    Jaeyoun Kim    National Internet Development Agency of Korea
    Peter Koch    DeNIC eG
    Olaf Kolkman    NLnet Labs
    Hugo Koji Kobayashi    NIC.br
    Thomas Koshy    Tech Advisory
    Mark Kosters    VeriSign
    John Kristoff    Neustar Ultra Services
    Matt Larson    VeriSign, Inc.
    Otmar Lendl    NIC.AT
    Peter Losher    ISC/f.root
    Terry Manderson    APNIC
    Bill Manning
    Keith Mitchell    OARC/ISC
    Frederico A C Neves    NIC.br
    Haruhiko Nishida    NTT
    Jim Nyland    Microsoft
    Stephan Olson    student
    Jim Pelatsky    Microsoft
    Matthew Pounsett    Canadian Internet Registration Authority
    Hanin Rayes
    Scott Rose    NIST
    Niclas Rosell    .SE
    Jeffrey Roth    DLA NOSC
    Matthew Ryanczak    ARIN
    Shinta Sato    JPRS
    John M. Schneider    DePaul University
    Dave Scheibel    Microsoft
    Krunal Shah    student
    Gerry Sneeringer    University of Maryland
    Yungjin Suh    National Internet Development Agency of Korea
    Andrew Sullivan    Afilias
    Tsuyoshi Toyono    NTT
    Mauricio Vergara Ereche    NIC Chile
    Antoin Verschuren    SIDN
    Sam Weiler    SPARTA, Inc.
    Duane Wessels    Measurement Factory
    Tim Wilde    Team Cymru, Inc.
    Suzanne Woolf    ISC
    Arlene Yetnikoff    DePaul University
    Yoshiro Yoneya    JPRS
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    More Secret Meetings - ARIN, IETF, ICANN, ENOM
    by Anonymous on Saturday July 21 2007, @06:45AM (#16959)
    More Secret Meetings - ARIN, IETF, ICANN, ENOM

    Preparing for Fall ICANN Meeting in .LA

    http://www.hostingcon.com/2007/attend/exhib itor-detail.php?id=83
    [Note no mention on ARIN web site about these secret meetings]

    In his opening keynote, Demand Media Chairman, CEO and co-Founder Richard Rosenblatt will engage this year's audience with a colorful take on current Internet trends and how they impact the web hosting and domain registration markets. From this 10,000-foot view, Rosenblatt will drill down specifically to factors that are on everyone's mind - monetization, user generated content, community - and discuss how these will help traditional hosting providers differentiate their businesses and engage their customers.

    Richard Rosenblatt, Co-Founder, Chairman and CEO, Demand Media (ENOM)

    http://www.ietf.org/meetings/attendees_6 9.htm

    Joe     Abley
    Harald     Alvestrand
    Rob     Austein
    Marla     Azinger
    Fred     Baker
    Brian     Carpenter
    Steve     Conte
    Michelle     Cotton
    Dave     Crocker
    Leslie     Daigle
    Tina     Dam
    Donald     Eastlake
    Sally     Floyd
    Robert     Hinden
    Geoff     Huston
    Ole     Jacobsen
    Rodney     Joffe
    John     Klensin
    Jun     Murai
    Raymond     Plzak
    Lynn     St Amour
    Michael     St Johns
    Margaret     Wasserman
    Suzanne     Woolf

    5:30-9:00p     Navy Pier Rooftop Barbecue - A DON'T MISS NETWORK EVENT

    Great food, drinks and music on the rooftop at Navy Pier.  Enjoy the lakefront and Chicago Skyline while networking and socializing with your peers.

    Requires free registration - check the box during your HostingCon 2007 registration or contact info@hostingcon.com
    9:00-10:00p     Fireworks over Navy Pier (start time is approximate)

    The sky above the lakefront will fill with a spectacular fireworks display of color and sound.  You'll have the best seat in the house!
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    "I wonder what Reagan would think of ICANN?"
    by Anonymous on Monday July 23 2007, @08:29PM (#16960)
    One of the ICANN chosen people asked[1]:
    "I wonder what Reagan would think of ICANN?"

    Reagan would probably note that one of the ways
    that he beat the Soviets was to spend them to
    their demise. Misinformation was used to keep
    the Soviets running in circles, chasing rainbows
    in outer space. It is very expensive to chase

    The Clinton's ICANN spends money like water.
    The staff grows and does little or nothing
    but collect a check. They play in cyberspace
    for six figure incomes. Some sit on the beach
    in Hawaii, and laugh all the way to the bank.
    Only chosen people are put on staff of course.
    That is the same way that the Soviets made sure
    a small percentage of the population was "happy"
    and did not complain.

    Don't ask for a tour of the ICANN offices when
    you meet in LA in the Fall. The staff works
    from the beach of course. You will not need
    to venture past the LA Airport. Actually, there
    is no reason to go there unless you want to
    see some big Cerf lovefest where people kiss
    his ring for providing them with a free ride.

    If you want to see a strong parallel to ICANN
    venture down to Cuba. It is run the same way.
    Castro, like Cerf, doles out money to the chosen
    ones and a small part of the population lives
    very well. As with ICANN, you are not allowed
    to ask any questions. It is a dictatorship,
    pure and simple. Cerf may leave in the Fall,
    but he will still run the show. Reagan would
    see that instantly. Reagan knew the LA game.

    Verisign of course funds and runs ICANN. They
    do not want any competition unless they are
    first in line. ICANN ensures them that in
    return for funding. People are fools to believe
    that they have any say or input to the ICANN

    Verisign is well aware of what the next phase
    will be. They will flush the Clinton's ICANN
    unless the Clintons return to DC. If the Clintons
    return, you will see more and more ICANNs.
    If the Clintons do not return, then Verisign
    and Microsoft will flush ICANN as a bad dream.
    Maybe ICANN will move to Australia and leave
    the USA alone. Don't count on it, Reagan is not
    likely to return.

    Prepare for the Clinton's return, and many
    many ICANNs. Your money is their money and
    their money is their money, it is very simple.
    Open your wallets and start writing checks.

    [1]"Domain names are harmless (except in the overheated brains of a few trademark lawyers.)

    It is interesting, indeed it is appalling, that it is easier to get past the regulatory hurdles to start a new airline than it is to get past ICANN to start a new top level domain.

    I'm not a fan of Ronald Reagan. But he knew a bloated bureaucracy when he saw one. I wonder what Reagan would think of ICANN?"
    [ Reply to This | Parent ]
    $Secret Meetings Show Need to Triple ICANN Staff$
    by Anonymous on Tuesday July 24 2007, @02:31PM (#16961)
    $Secret Meetings Show Need to Triple ICANN Staff$

    ICANN/IANA to License ISPs and Set Up Internet Sheriffs

    Vinton Cerf and Esther Dyson as the First Sheriffs backed by Harvard Law

    IEPG Meeeting - March 2007
    22 July 2007
    Meeting Agenda
    * IANA DNSSEC systems development
    Richard Lamb, IANA
    * ULA-C
    Paul Vixie, ISC
    * Network weather map
    Simon Leinen, Switch
    * Trying to live in a dual-stack world
    Simon Leinen, Switch
    * Flow performance parameters and what you can learn about inter-as traffic
    ? - Uninett
    * RIR Update
    Ray Plzak, ARIN
    * IPv6 Transition
    Randy Bush, IIJ
    * IPv4 Exhaustion
    Jordy Palet
    * Open Resolver Stats
    Rodney Joffe

    Some notes of the meeting, taken by Geoff Huston

    $Secret Meetings Show Need to Triple ICANN Staff$

    Legacy space has been transferred. In some cases completely
    legitimately, in some cases fraudulently; and in many cases in some
    sort of grey area. Historically there were no rules. Can a legacy
    holder transfer their space to another party? Are they required
    to tell anyone if they do? If someone disputes the transfer, what
    constitutes proof? What role does ARIN play in any of this process?
    Can a technical contact initiate the transfer, or does it need to
    be authorized by an officer of the company?

    As IPv4 space increases in value I suspect we'll see many more cases
    of all possible outcomes. Hijacked space will turn up like crazy
    as people wake up and take notice. Legitimate transfers that were
    never documented will cause headaches for many companies. Companies
    that were previously friendly and worked on a handshake arrangement
    will turn hostile, and the lack of documentation will harm them

    It's IANA's problem. It's ARIN's problem. It's DARPA and the DOD's
    problem. It may turn out to be the courts problem, but most of
    all, it's the community's problem. Should netblock ownership and
    routing slots descend into some sort of Mad Max type of future we're
    all going to loose, big time. Secure routing is never going to
    work if we can't figure out who gets the certificate.

    Vinton Cerf and Esther Dyson as the First Sheriffs backed by Harvard Law

    StopBadware.org is a "Neighborhood Watch" campaign aimed at fighting badware. We will seek to provide reliable, objective information about downloadable applications in order to help consumers to make better choices about what they download on to their computers. We aim to become a central clearinghouse for research on badware and the bad actors who spread it, and to become a focal point for developing collaborative, community-minded approaches to stopping badware.

    Harvard Law School's Berkman Center for Internet & Society and Oxford University's Oxford Internet Institute are leading this initiative with the support of several prominent tech companies, including Google, Lenovo, and Sun Microsystems. Consumer Reports WebWatch is serving as an unpaid special advisor.

    John Palfrey, Executive Director of the Berkman Center and Harvard Clinical Professor of Law, and Jonathan Zittrain, Harvard Law Visiting Professor and Professor of Internet Governance and Regulation at Oxford University, are StopBadware.org co-directors. Supporting them are an advisory board and working group made up of some of the top experts in the field, including Internet pioneers Esther Dyson and Vint Cerf.
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    ARIN & NANOG Psychopaths Dominate Secret Meeti
    by Anonymous on Thursday July 26 2007, @04:13PM (#16962)
    ARIN & NANOG Psychopaths Dominate Secret Meetings

    It should be no surprise that the same old cabal
    of ARIN and NANOG Psychopaths are warming up for
    the big ICANN meeting in the USA in 2007. It has
    been a long time since ICANN has taken the risk
    of showing their faces in the USA. They will
    no doubt be recruiting every whacko they can
    to surround them and protect them and distract
    the world from the places where the real
    decisions are made. (.NY and .DC)

    What should happen next? Ideally, all the intellectual property lawyers, domainers, corporations and users will join hands around the campfire, sing “Kum-bai-ya"… and a new era of world peace will ensue.

    "Hare Krishna" brings to mind, for many, the conspicuous Hare Krishna devotees, who first appeared on the streets of Western cities in the 1960s and 1970s, dancing and chanting with drums and cymbals, wearing saffron dhotis or colourful saris, and selling Bhagavad Gita As It Is and similar literatures. These devotees were members of the International Society for Krishna Consciousness (ISKCON), founded by A.C. Bhaktivedanta Swami Prabhupada. ISKCON was the first organised Vaishnava group to make a large impression outside of India.
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    Esther Dyson and Vinton Cerf Ready to Crack Down
    by Anonymous on Friday July 27 2007, @04:41AM (#16963)
    Esther Dyson and Vinton Cerf Ready to Crack Down

    What do Esther Dyson and Vinton Cerf do for an
    encore after creating the ICANN mess ?...profit
    from policing it of course...

    Step 1. Create artificial scarcity in domain
    names. [check]

    Step 2. Create Registrar franchisees where none
    were needed in the past. [check]

    Step 3. Discover that Registrars and their
    Resellers are stealing names, holding names
    hostage, and demanding extortion for names to
    be returned. [really ? act surprised and try
    to imagine it will go away]

    Step 4. Tell the U.S. Government that MORE
    money is needed to fund the clean up of the
    mess the U.S. Government PAID these people to

    Step 5. Fan the flames via clueless groups that
    will not notice who started the fire. ...laugh all the way to the bank...nice job
    Esther and Vint...you are masters of your domain

    Josh Bourne, the coalition's president, said a 1999 federal consumer protection law against cybersquatting isn't deterring the practice and civil penalties -- which now range from $1,000 to $100,000 -- aren't enough, he added.

    United as the Coalition Against Domain Name Abuse, 10 companies have hired the law firm Alston and Bird LLP to persuade federal lawmakers of the need to crack down against those who claim Web addresses, or domain names, that include -- or even resemble -- a legitimate company's trademark.
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    Esther Dyson's Stooge Susan Crawford FRUSTRATED
    by Anonymous on Friday July 27 2007, @05:15AM (#16964)
    Esther Dyson's Stooge Susan Crawford FRUSTRATED ...she has no levers to pull...

    "It's frustrating. Someone said to me today, "Why don't we just have a few days of riots?" I can't imagine Americans rioting over communications policy, and neither can you. The Commission wouldn't be moved by riots - neither would the Congress. Google is right that the "foreclosure value" to the incumbents of these licenses isn't the same as their market value, and so the incumbents will spend whatever it takes to block new entrants. The people who want things to change don't have any levers to pull at the moment.

    But there can always be lawsuits."

    How many subpoenas*** will Esther Dyson and her
    stooges be served in Los Angeles in October ?

    Will Vint Cerf show up at the Los Angeles
    ICANN meeting ? Will he be convienantly "under
    the weather" ?

    Where did the CEO of Verisign disappear to ?
    [Don't ask]

    ***A subpoena is "a command to appear at a certain time and place to give testimony upon a certain matter."[1] The term is from the Middle English suppena and the Latin phrase sub poena meaning "under penalty."[2] The term may also be spelled "subpena."[3]

    A subpoena is used to compel the testimony of witnesses in a trial or other adversarial proceeding. Subpoenas are issued by the clerk of the court (see below) in the name of the judge presiding over the case in which the witness is to testify. (Additionally, court rules often permit lawyers to issue subpoenas themselves in their capacity as officers of the court.) Typically subpoenas are issued "in blank" and it is the responsibility of the lawyer representing the plaintiff or defendant on whose behalf the testimony is to be given to serve the subpoena on the witness.

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