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    Five More Years! WSIS Settles Nothing but Paves Way for More Debate | Log in/Create an Account | Top | 28 comments | Search Discussion
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    WSIS Was a Troll and Exposed Some More I* Flaws
    by Anonymous on Thursday November 17 2005, @07:07AM (#16510)
    WSIS Was a Troll and Exposed Some More I* Flaws

    The U.S. Government should have learned a lot from
    the waste-o-time and waste-o-money WSIS meetings
    of clueless Net Governance Groupies (.NGG).

    The U.S. Government should now be able to see the
    striking parallels between Vinton Cerf's Society
    and Fidel Castro's Cuba. The U.S. solutions are
    the same, contain it, control it, and minimize
    the impact. The major U.S. telcos are routing
    around it. Canada continues to study it. They
    love to study things.

    While the U.S. Government was being distracted
    with the various UN WMDs (Weapons of Mass
    Distraction), such as Milton and Co., the VC
    Society was quietly continuing to deal /8s
    behind the backs of the even more clueless
    ICANN Board. The new scheme is to pass a valuable
    /8 directly from ICANN (IANA) to a RIR and
    they then pass it on directly to a major donor
    via one of the insiders of course.

    The ICANN Board is distracted with domain names,
    while this is going on. If they ask questions
    they will get some hand-waving about that
    really OLD and established body called NRO.NET
    that is behind it all. Pay no attention to the
    fact that it was just formed, and has recently
    disclosed it will be based in South America.
    The insiders of course act as thou it has been
    there forever, just like ICANN. All of the
    various non-profit scams are of course "essential"
    and one springs up about every two years.
    Funding is the key, as long as they find a
    source of revenue, they exist and grow and
    raise more taxes. The people make up titles
    and fill empty-desk jobs, just like ICANN.

    To their credit, governments of the world and
    a few people, are starting to see how the
    VC Society works, or does not work. They do
    not work, they just collect checks. They continue
    to run around telling everyone they are essential
    and why more money is needed. It really is a
    remarkable pyramid scheme. Some call it a "Pure
    Internet Play". In theory, there would not be
    any need for offices or even real people, just
    the actors that play the roles at the various
    meetings. There is certainly no shortage of
    humans willing to line up to take their place
    in the ponzi scheme.

    On the other side of the fence, major U.S. telcos
    are mowing down much of the old corrupt networks
    in preparation for a Real Internet(tm). The
    Real stands for Real-Time. The VC Society views
    that the U.S. telcos are evil and have their
    own "Society" [pyramid] built on years of
    cronyism, government regulation, price fixing,
    etc. While that may be true, it produces nets
    that work, and consumers are seeing lower and
    lower costs, for faster and faster services.
    The VC Society only promises higher costs and
    slower services.

    The choice is there: U.S. vs Cuba
    Vote with your feet.
    Join the VC Society and move to Cuba and enjoy
    all of the benefits of your closed little club.
    [ Reply to This | Parent ]
    2005 - ICANN is JUST Getting Started - Run, Run
    by Anonymous on Thursday November 17 2005, @07:19AM (#16512)
    "ICANN needs to strengthen its legitimacy so that it is apparent to the world that ICANN doesn't need oversight from a UN body or any other multi-government institution.  This will take a lot of work -- we're barely at the beginning.  I'm focused on paying attention to the steps that are necessary to get there."
    [ Reply to This | Parent ]
    Esther Dyson's New ICANN Board Member to Save US ?
    by Anonymous on Thursday November 17 2005, @05:48PM (#16513)
    From Esther Dyson's new ICANN Board Member comes:

    "What with ICANN, and WSIS, and the FCC, there's an awful lot to do to protect the free flow of information online.  Thank goodness Doc is getting a movement together to save the net."

    Only at ICANN would ICANN Board members continue
    to claim that they are saving the world from ICANN.

    Fortunately, U.S. Telcos amd Cable Cos are
    rapidly moving people to broad-band networks
    where they can be saved from the PBS and
    CSPAN crowd. Esther Dyson and Stuart Lynn are
    still probably trying to tell people they
    should be surfing .MUSEUM sites all night,
    but 60% of the net traffic is .XXX content.
    It looks like .XXX has been put in Cerf's
    round-file, just like .WEB. And Cerf claims
    he does not want anyone deciding what is
    available on the net. Riiiiight
    [ Reply to This | Parent ]
    RIRs and NRO Now Set to Tax ALL IP Allocations
    by Anonymous on Thursday November 17 2005, @06:22PM (#16514)
    When ARIN was formed, one of the ways it was
    "sold" (railroaded) was that people with large
    existing IP allocations would not be taxed.
    NRO of course is a subtle way to go back on that

    Here comes the NRO, with a mandate from the UN.
    Get out your wallets and checkbooks.
    Governments are their "partners".

    http://www.nro.net/archive/press-re leases/wsis-20051117.html

    WSIS Reinforces the Regional Internet Registries (RIR)
    TUNIS - 17 November 2005

    The Number Resource Organization (NRO) is satisfied with the result of the WSIS. It is a positive result that the role of governments inside the area of Internet governance has been clearly defined, and that there is a clear decision for governments not to become involved in the daily operational and technical matters of the Internet. This result, while recognising the importance of full involvement of all stakeholders, allows for the continued successful operation of the Internet and is a successful outcome for the Internet community as a whole.

    "The outcome of the Tunis Phase of the WSIS is very significant and quite remarkable," says Axel Pawlik, Chairman of the Number Resource Organization.

    "We are very pleased that the policy development processes of the Regional Internet Registries (RIR) have been recognised and reinforced by the Tunis Agenda. Over the coming months and beyond, we will continue our ongoing efforts to reach out to governments, as well as to other stakeholders, in order to exchange views on the Tunis outcomes and to develop priorities for the future".

    The WSIS has recognised the long standing bottom-up processes and services provided by the RIR to the Internet community. It affirms that neither competitive nor parallel registry systems are needed, recognising that RIR processes fully support open participation by the community at large, allowing for fair, equitable, and representative resource allocation policies. It further recognises that these processes will also continue to balance the priorities for Internet resource management at the global, regional, national and local levels, in order to ensure stability and integrity of the Internet's global addressing and routing structures.

    Building on the success of the WSIS, the RIR look forward to increased participation of all stakeholders, including governments, in regional and global policy processes. Says Mr. Pawlik, "As the Internet landscape continues to evolve and change, we see this as a means to develop processes and services that will continue to meet its needs. We have been pleased with the opportunity over the past several years to participate in the WSIS, and are looking forward to participation as a full partner in future dialogues."
    [ Reply to This | Parent ]
    "We're taking a major step to tax the internet"
    by Anonymous on Saturday November 19 2005, @04:38AM (#16517)
    From Esther Dyson's New ICANN Board Member:
    "We're taking a major step to tax the internet -- a huge step beyond assessing USF fees for use of telephone numbers, which was the standard policy suggestion not long ago.

    If this bill passes, the FCC will be asked to make rules standardizing the identification of all online traffic.  You've never seen a tech mandate like this one."

    1. Sounds like the ISOC and ICANN, with their
    .ORG taxes and .NET (and .COM) taxes.

    2. It also sounds like ICANN, with the whois
    tied to DNS. Whois is not required for DNS, whois
    is (was) a different technical protocol.

    3. From a big picture view, it also seems to
    follow from many of Esther Dyson's agendas,
    including the TrustE nonsense she promoted back
    when she hi-jacked ICANN. More recently, Esther
    Dyson and other ICANN Board members have been
    promoting the "Accountable Net".

    -Why are people surprised that U.S. lawmakers
    are taking the lead from ICANN and ISOC leaders?
    With the help of V$, N$ and M$ the .NET will be
    stable and secure. Isn't that one of ICANN's
    claimed missions in life ?
    [ Reply to This | Parent ]
    ICANN (CA) and ARIN, ISOC, V$ and Vinton Cerf (VA)
    by Anonymous on Saturday November 19 2005, @03:40PM (#16518)
    ICANN (CA) and ARIN, ISOC, V$ and Vinton Cerf (VA)

    Laughing all the way to those Northern Virginia banks...and some California ones also...

    Led by Reps. John Doolittle (R-Calif.), Rick Boucher (D-Va.), and Bob Goodlatte (R-Va.), and first introduced in October, House Resolution 268 passed 423 to 0.

    "This sounds like more of the same from heavy-handed U.N. bureaucrats," said Doolittle in a statement Wednesday. "Whether they call it a 'board' or a 'forum' it's clear that the ultimate goal of the U.N. is still to wrest control of the Internet."

    "The United States invented the Internet and it has been our gift to the world, paid for by our taxpayers," Doolittle continued. "The U.N.'s desire to take that gift as a means of increasing its power must be stopped."

    Resolution 268 demands that the U.S. "send clear signals to the marketplace that the current structure of oversight and management of the Internet's domain name and addressing service works" and that "the authoritative root zone server should remain physically located in the United States and the Secretary of Commerce should maintain oversight of ICANN."
    [ Reply to This | Parent ]
    ICANN Stacks DNS [Job] Security Workshop Deck
    by Anonymous on Saturday November 19 2005, @04:14PM (#16520)
    ICANN Stacks DNS [Job] Security Workshop Deck

    Rather than explain to the world how Peer-to-Peer
    DNS will remove the need for Verisign and the
    Registrars, and make the DNS MORE Stable, MORE
    Secure, and move it closer to the real owners of
    domain names, YOU, instead of doing that, ICANN
    heads the other way and stacks the deck of their
    next [Job] Security Workshop. Cerf and Mr. RFC-1
    Steve Crocker are of course there, heading the
    show. They went to high-school with Jon Postel.
    Peer-to-Peer technology is not part of their
    generation, and not on the agenda.


    This workshop will take place Wednesday November 30, 9-11:30.  It will
    focus on the security analysis, questions, concerns, business cases, and
    impact of the registrars as they consider DNSSEC.

    All audiences are encouraged to come discuss this important area in
    securing the DNS infrastructure.


      9:00 Workshop Welcome - Vint Cerf, Google

    Registrar Keynote Speakers

      9:10 A Registrar in the Security Business -  Margie Milam, MarkMonitor

      9:25 Registrar Security - View from the Developing World -  Uma
                                                           Good Luck Domain

    DNS Attacks and DNS Security

      9:45 Demo of a DNS Attack  - Russ Mundy, Sparta

    Adoption/Business Cases

    10:00 Panel on Adoption/Business Cases

        Economic view - Stuart Schechter, MIT
        Customer sectors - Keith Schwalme, Good Harbor
        Very large enterprise view - TBA
        Small registrar - Rick Wesson, Alice's Registrar
        Very large registrar/combined service - Paul Diaz, Network Solutions
        Registry view - probably .ORG


    Questions and Experiences

    10:30 Panel on Concerns and Facts about Adoption

        Steve Crocker, Shinkuro
        Peter Koch, DENIC
        Russ Mundy, Sparta
        Tim Ruiz, GoDaddy
        Geoffrey Sisson, Nominet UK
        Maxine Appleby, Hosting.Com


    DNSSEC Deployment Experience

    11:00 How a Registrar Enables DNSSEC - Rick Wesson, Alice's Registrar

    11:10 Brief Reports on DNSSEC Going Live

      The .ORG Testbed - Ram Mohan, Affilias

      A Title/Speaker to be confirmed

    Wrap-up - Conclusions and Next Steps

      Moderator:  Paul Diaz, Network Solutions


    Maxine Appleby, Hosting.Com
    Sebastian Castro, NIC Chile
    Tim Cole, ICANN, Registar Liaison
    Steve Crocker, Shinkuro, Inc
    Paul Diaz, Network Solutions
    Amy Friedlander, Shinkuro, Inc
    Matt Larson, Verisign
    Allison Mankin, Shinkuro, Inc (Chair)
    Ram Mohan, Afilias
    Russ Mundy, Sparta
    Tim Ruiz, GoDaddy
    Stuart Schechter, Lincoln Labs
    Geoffrey Sisson, Nominet UK
    Paul Stahura, Enom
    Bruce Tonkin, Melbourne IT
    [ Reply to This | Parent ]
    Vixie Declares War on Advancing DNS Technology
    by Anonymous on Saturday November 19 2005, @04:38PM (#16521)
    "we are at war, and we should win"

    Yep, the ISOC and ICANN way, win the war, who
    cares about consumers, ISPs, etc. Win at any
    cost. The process is the product, there are no
    real products or services. War is big business.

    Vixie Declares War on Advancing DNS Technology

    http://ops.ietf.org/lists/namedroppe rs/namedroppers.2005/msg01588.html
    # From: Paul Vixie <paul@vix.com>
    # Date: Mon, 14 Nov 2005 17:25:41 +0000

    i was considering making a process objection to the advancement of AAAA, but
    even though the process has been flawed, the results we'll get by advancing
    AAAA aren't worse than the ones we'd get by backtracking and then following
    the process.

    i refer specifically to the abandonment of A6.  the decision to abandon A6 was
    made in a smoke filled room and then presented to the community as the new
    default unless sufficient cause was shown to reinstate the previous default
    (A6).  lacking such sufficient cause, A6 was abandoned.

    the results have been catastrophic, and will only get worse as IPv6 is further
    deployed.  we had one shining chance to use DNS as an identity and IPv6
    addresses as locators, and that's been lost.  most enterprise IPv6 deployment
    will be behind NAT, for the resulting economic reasons.  the routing table will
    be every bit as pressured in an IPv6 world as it has been in an IPv4 world, or
    likely, far more pressured.

    but, even though our reasons for going to war were either outright lies or
    based on faulty intelligence or "sexed up" by interested politicians or even
    "not voted down" by folks who were afraid to be seen as "outside of the
    consensus position", the fact remains that we are at war, and we should win
    rather than lose or draw.

    AAAA will be a black mark on this working group's historical record.  advance
    it please.
    [ Reply to This | Parent ]
    ITU and Cerf Ready to Show USG Who Runs NGN .NET
    by Anonymous on Sunday November 20 2005, @03:55PM (#16522)
    ITU and Cerf Ready to Show USG Who Runs NGN .NET

    Fact: The U.S. Congress is busy drafting and
    passing legislation that will make ICANN an
    integral part of the U.S. Government. The U.S.
    telcos and the FCC are conspiring to create ways
    to DE-PEER bad-actors and ISPs that **think**
    they run the .NET. APNIC is one example, the
    U.S. islands such as Guam are begging the U.S.
    Government to get them out of the APNIC zone.
    Guam rightfully wants to be part of the U.S.
    before the doors are slammed shut by Homeland
    Security. Why should people be prevented from
    walking into the U.S. if they can waltz in via
    electronic networks ? Should e-mail be filtered
    via U.S. Customs and the new U.S. Postel Service?

    While the U.S. is pulling in their fences and
    building walled-gardens and preparing to make
    the world pay huge sums to access the **valuable**
    U.S. .NET, people around the world are watching
    as the castle walls are constructed. It is ironic
    that some of those people, such as Vinton Cerf,
    are largely responsible for the U.S. moves to
    take control and level the playing field,
    especially for Americans.

    http://msnbc.msn.com/id/10117471/sit e/newsweek/

    Critics say the U.S. government basically controls the Internet.
    That's bulls—t. I'm sorry, I'm not supposed to say that to reporters, but that's just a very bad misunderstanding. Ninety-nine percent of the Internet is in private hands. If you've got a computer at home, and a cable box or DSL line, you own a piece of the Internet. Most of the Internet is owned by the private sector, by businesses, by ISPs, by individuals, by governments—well, that's not [the] private sector, but it's not ICANN either and it's not the United States.

    "ITU Secy. Gen. Yoshio Utsumi, however, at the concluding press conference, spoke about a regionalization of the Internet, saying "the Internet in 5 years will be a very different network."

    Speakers were asked how to make NGN easy for consumers to use. One thing NGN might accomplish is creation of a self-sustaining network service that gives users a safer, simpler and more secure experience, [a UK trade group chair] said. With NGN and broadband access, he said, stable devices can be developed that "half-wits" can use.
    [ Reply to This | Parent ]
    Michael and/or Colin Powell Set to Take Over IANN3
    by Anonymous on Sunday November 20 2005, @04:18PM (#16525)
    Michael and/or Colin Powell Set to Take Over IANN3

    After retiring from the role of Secretary of State, Powell returned to private life, but in April 2005 he telephoned Republican senators Lincoln Chafee and Chuck Hagel to express his opposition to the nomination of John R. Bolton as ambassador to the United Nations (Powell had clashed with him during Bush's first term). The decision was viewed as potentially dealing significant damage to Bolton's chances of confirmation.

    On 28 April The Guardian reported that Powell was in fact "conducting a campaign" against Bolton because of the acrimonious battles they had had whilst working together, which among other things had resulted in Powell cutting Bolton out of talks with Iran and Libya after complaints about Bolton's involvement from the British. It added that "The foreign relations committee has discovered that Bolton made a highly unusual request and gained access to 10 intercepts by the National Security Agency... Staff members on the committee believe that Bolton was probably spying on Powell, his senior advisers and other officials reporting to him on diplomatic initiatives that Bolton opposed." [8]

    In July 2005, Powell joined Kleiner, Perkins, Caufield & Byers, a well-known Silicon Valley venture capital firm, as a "strategic limited partner."

    In September 2005, Powell slammed the US response to Hurricane Katrina.[9]

    He is reportedly being considered to become the twelfth president of Cornell University, one of the Ivy League institutions, or a member of the Harvard Corporation
    [ Reply to This | Parent ]
    Three Years to "THE Election" - It Can Go TWO Ways
    by Anonymous on Monday November 21 2005, @05:54AM (#16527)
    Three Years to "THE Election" - It Can Go TWO Ways

    Democrats Win
    Hillary Clinton, Ira Magaziner and their ICANN
    machine expand and more of the population works
    longer to fund the "Great Society". More empty-desk
    jobs are created and more and more The Process
    becomes The Product. Well-funded ICANN Groupies
    travel almost 100% of the time, with funding from
    the Society. They talk the talk, there is no walk
    to walk. Physical America falls into decay and
    ruins as people ignore the physical world and
    move to cyberspace for the pure Internet plays.
    The world becomes borderless, and Hillary invites
    everyone in to grab anything they want in
    physical space, as the population moves to
    cyberspace. Anyone want a National Park or the
    Presidio to build a home ? Sure, no problem, have
    a ball. Would you like a Government grant from
    The Society to build that house ? Sure, no
    problem, add some TLDs and sell more names.

    Republicans Win
    Corporate America continues to lock-down all of
    the physical assets and continues to turn
    cyberspace into a TM and IP police state. ICANN and ARIN
    are just two of their vehicles used to carry out
    the mission of Homeland Security (stability, etc.)
    Major U.S. telcos continue to grow and lower
    prices for physical connections that are
    discovered to be more secure and reliable than
    wireless. People with a clue, move themselves
    and their assets off-shore to watch as America
    gravitates to be a nation of baby-boomers watching
    cable TV and migrating to geriatric care. Nations
    compete for talent and attract people with a clue
    to help them build their nations.

    Three Years to "THE Election" - It Can Go TWO Ways
    [ Reply to This | Parent ]
    Pulling in the Fences & Surrounding the US Isl
    by Anonymous on Monday November 21 2005, @08:41AM (#16528)
    From the Washington Post [Clueless about the .NET and still focused on names and roots, as opposed to protocols and address spaces.]

    "SOME 12,000 people convened last week in Tunisia for a United Nations conference about the Internet. Many delegates want an end to the U.S. Commerce Department's control"

    "It may be theoretically undesirable that the United States provides most of the security in global shipping lanes, but in practice this allows commerce to get done. Scrapping the U.S. Navy in favor of a naval police led by the United Nations would be unlikely to help anyone."

    [The Bush Administration has 3 more years to
    pull in the fences, surround the US Island
    and make the Digital Divide so large, people
    will have to be on US Soil to be "connected".
    People waving their hands in UN meetings will
    be like people waving on shore to DOD Navy
    ships at sea. There will be a massive divide,
    and some people like it that way. They spend
    billions creating and maintaining the divide.]
    [ Reply to This | Parent ]
    Three Years to Reform ICANN or Call it Hillary's
    by Anonymous on Monday November 21 2005, @09:36AM (#16530)
    Three Years to Reform ICANN or Call it Hillary's

    The Bush Administration has three years to
    "reform ICANN". If that process fails, then it
    can call it Hillary's Baby, and tag her and
    Magaziner with the failure. If the reform works,
    and ICANN is absorbed by the DHS, FCC and USPS
    then victory can be declared by Bush.

    The U.S. Congress is fast-tracking legislation
    to bring the DHS, FCC and USPS into the picture.
    ISPs will be required to become FCC agents or
    be cut off from routing by major telcos. They
    are lining up to use the FCC Root. The FCC can
    handle the Spectrum Auctions for /8s, and give
    some to the States to manage.

    The USPS can handle TLDs, much the way they
    handle images on new postage stamps. You do not
    see many postage stamps with .XXX photos on them.
    The USPS must have a "process" for selecting
    images, and icons. TLDs should be easy, and they
    can also manage the e-mail servers. Mail is mail.

    Assuming that ICANN Reform fails, and Hillary
    ends up with the baby in her lap in 2008, one
    has to consider the Frankenstein monster that
    will then inhabit cyberspace. Imagine, ICANN
    ten times bigger than it is now, with 100 times
    more funding, and its own arin force, marines
    and very highly paid spooks. Run!!
    [ Reply to This | Parent ]
    ICANN and V$ .COM Deal Getting Wide Support
    by Anonymous on Monday November 21 2005, @12:33PM (#16531)
    ICANN and V$ .COM Deal Getting Wide Support

    ICANN and V$ Executives must be preparing to eat
    very well this Thanksgiving. Bonuses for ICANN
    employees this year are expected to be in the
    six figure range, above all of their other perks.

    The recent "deals" are getting wide-spread
    support from people that matter. Here are some

    http://forum.icann.org/lists/set tlement-comments/msg00048.html

    Subject: Rick White Comment on ICANN-VeriSign Settlement
    "The settlement of differences between ICANN and VeriSign is a good thing for
    the future of the Internet.  Today, there is a very real effort underway to
    have the United Nations or another global body take over control of this
    incredible communications and commerce medium. While it may be
    well-intentioned, that would be a terrible mistake for a system that is used
    and relied on by over a billion people worldwide.  The current framework of
    operation -- while not without its weaknesses -- works just fine.   This
    agreement shows that the Internet community has matured and it will help
    ICANN improve its effectiveness as the technical coordinator of Internet

    Ours is an exciting industry, still very much in its infancy, and still very much requiring a robust dedication to the continued development of the infrastructure, new services, and new opportunities. The climate for continued investment of our governing agencies and valued industry providers is essential, and must be preserved. Not only are we, as varied providers within the industry, better served by that which best preserves the perceived valuation of our goods and services, but, the end user, our customer, equally is a beneficiary of a more vibrant and capable constituency. This will better position our industry to infuse resources into the creation of an ever improving and enriched international environment in which the customer can best function, and be better served.

    To this end, Stargate believes the recent announcements of proposed fee increases both by the governing agency ICANN, and the registry Verisign has merit. Stargate respects its industry peers, and continues to agree on a mandate for an open, candid, and ethical relationship at all levels of our industry.

    Gary Chaffin
    Stargate Holdings Corp.
    ICANN Accredited Registrar
    [ Reply to This | Parent ]
    ICANN CEO Places Head in Sand & Ignores U.S. P
    by Anonymous on Tuesday November 22 2005, @03:35PM (#16532)
    ICANN CEO Places Head in Sand & Ignores U.S. Pols

    [Note: The "confidence in the ongoing stability
    and security" for Americans is coming from their
    telco, cable and wireless providers, AND all of
    the software companies developing solutions to
    route around ICANN and Veri$ign.]

    http://icann.org/announcements/annou ncement-21nov05-2.htm

    "Commenting on the conclusion of the Summit, Paul Twomey, President and CEO of ICANN said: “the outcome means that more than a billion Internet users can have confidence in the ongoing stability and security of the Internet’s core infrastructure and workings.

    “We are pleased that our efforts for continued globalization of ICANN and its mandate is identified as important in the outcome and we welcome the acknowledgement that the Internet operations remain independent of day to day politics and political influence.”

    [ Reply to This | Parent ]
    ICANN Keeps Telling Itself It Is Something Else
    by Anonymous on Tuesday November 22 2005, @04:14PM (#16534)
    The Reality:
    "ICANN is a private U.S. California company, set up
    by various agencies of the U.S. Government to
    provide an institutional vehicle for various
    DARPA/DOD/ISOC insiders to cash-out on the .COM
    gold rush. ICANN policies have discouraged
    competition for .COM. Look at the numbers, they
    tell the true story. As for "broad representation",
    the ICANN Board and Staff are hardly
    representative of "global Internet communities".
    ICANN has zero visibilty in 24x7, on-line .NET
    communities. ICANN is all about legal contracts
    and funding lawyers by picking (from the bottom
    up) the low-hanging
    fruit of the **existing** DNS, while imposing
    top-down policies that grow .COM and .NET.

    The Myth:
    http://icann.org/announcements/announcement -21nov05-2.htm

    "ICANN is an internationally organized, non-profit corporation that has responsibility for Internet Protocol (IP) address space allocation, protocol identifier assignment, generic (gTLD) and country code (ccTLD) Top-Level Domain name system management, and root server system management functions. As a private-public partnership, ICANN is dedicated to preserving the operational stability of the Internet; to promoting competition; to achieving broad representation of global Internet communities; and to developing policy appropriate to its mission through bottom-up, consensus-based processes."
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    The Flat Earth Society Really Believes That
    by Anonymous on Wednesday November 23 2005, @05:35AM (#16535)
    The Flat Earth Society Really Believes That

    There is nothing that will ever convince the
    people in Vinton Cerf's Flat Earth Society that
    the Earth is anything but, flat. They are so
    arrogant and self-assured and point to their
    funding as proof of their support that they will
    continue to try to convince more people that
    the Earth is Flat.

    People can see that there is an endless stream
    of people who can be paid to nod approval. They
    will fly around the Earth (ignoring it is round)
    and tell people the Earth is Flat and has to be
    that way. Even when faced with solid technical
    facts, they do not admit they are wrong and
    they work harder to remove any voices that
    challenge their view.

    Again, their view is might makes right. They
    come from the DOD/DARPA funding world, where
    those who are funded have the *only voice* and
    that voice, by definition is viewed as right.
    If they say The Earth is Flat, it is Flat.
    Everyone is expected to nod approval, and send
    out PR releases claiming they all agree.

    Their consensus view is that The Earth is Flat.
    You are expected to nod approval. The Earth has
    no say, it is just a hunk of matter that sits
    there. Consensus can be used to define any
    reality that Vinton Cerf's Flat Earth Society
    wants to define. People with brains have a
    right to be concerned. Just do not exercise
    that right. It is easier to nod approval and
    fly to the next venue to spread the word.

    The Process **IS** the Product.
    What a sad chapter in human history on Earth.
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    .COM Name Costs to Match Yellow Page Rates
    by Anonymous on Wednesday November 23 2005, @01:13PM (#16538)
    .COM Name Costs to Match Yellow Page Rates

    ICANN and Verisign are teaming up to be just one
    of many .COM Registries. They are raising the .COM
    rates, to pay for the added costs of competing
    with the "other" .COM Registries. [Think Yellow
    Pages and telcos and other countries.]

    The U.S. Government plans to try to prevent your
    .COM name from being used in other Yellow Pages,
    but, they can not prevent you from being charged
    IF you want to be listed in the other .COM
    servers. That is really not much different from
    paying to be listed in Google, and that money
    flows to Vinton Cerf the Chairman of ICANN.

    Some selected Registrars are being invited to
    be part of the coming cloning of the .COM servers.
    Again, your name will not be used by someone
    else if you do not pay, it will just not be
    listed. That is like not having a Yellow Page

    Walled Gardens plan to fund themselves partly
    from the .COM revenues. Again, that is not much
    different from Google funding projects from
    opt-in advertisers. As a Walled Garden provider,
    you can easily direct users to special pages
    that indicate that a .COM name is not listed.
    That does not mean it does not exist.

    One existing Walled Garden WIFI provider that
    plans to shoot for the Stars and make big Bucks
    already blocks many .COM names. They direct users
    to a web page that indicates that the .COM
    owner has been filtered for various reasons,
    including adult content and/or illegal sale of

    ICANN and Verisign are teaming up to be just one
    of many .COM Registries. ICANN Registrars just
    do not get it, at least the Registrars that have
    not been invited to be part of the new .COM
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