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    ICANN Names New Board-Members-to-Be | Log in/Create an Account | Top | 24 comments | Search Discussion
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    More Major Conflicts of Interest
    by GeorgeK on Friday November 04 2005, @07:50PM (#16406)
    User #3191 Info | http://www.kirikos.com/
    According to page 2 of this article [iht.com], "Susan Crawford...agrees that the VeriSign suit could benefit Icann's mission" and "Crawford also once represented VeriSign when she was in private law practice in 2002."

    Also, she represented Snapnames [dnso.org] (who is currently suing ICANN [icann.org]) regarding WLS.

    She regularly fails [blogware.com] to disclose that on her blog, when she's cheering on SnapNames and VeriSign.

    If ICANN wanted another pro-VeriSign board member to rubber stamp their monopolist proposals, they succeeded through this appointment. Was it that difficult to find qualified nominees without such major conflicts of interest, who are truly independent? How many issues will she remember to recuse herself from that impact her current or former clients? It remains to be seen...
    [ Reply to This | Parent ]
    The Susan Crawford Puppet Now on Board
    by Anonymous on Saturday November 05 2005, @12:10AM (#16408)
    The Susan Crawford Puppet Now on Board

    Was anyone surprised with the disclosure that
    the Susan Crawford Puppet is now on Board ?

    As reported here, and ignored here, Susan Crawford
    was at this past Summer's love fest with Esther
    Dyson and Joi Ito, hosted by one of the main
    ISOC masters Tim OReilly who controls geek
    publishing spin. That was just one of the recent
    trips to California to pass thru the ICANN
    screening process.

    Vinton Cerf's Google also had to do their
    review and approval of Susan Crawford. Google,
    run by Eric Schmidt of Berkely Sockets fame,
    of course has to make sure all of the .COM
    owners remain herded together so that they
    can more easily derive ad revenues, as they
    build their Yellow Pages empire.

    Susan Crawford is also a long-time PAID
    Verisign insider, so no surprise this puppet
    made it on Board. She will do whatever she is
    told to do, or not do, which is the ICANN
    approach. No change, stone-wall, drag-feet,
    delay, defer. Soak up those .NET taxes and
    .COM taxes and play the charade out to fools
    a few times each year.

    Esther must be proud.
    [ Reply to This | Parent ]
    From the Susan Crawford Puppet's Mouth
    by Anonymous on Saturday November 05 2005, @12:16AM (#16409)
    Dear friends:

    ICANN announced today that I have been nominated to serve on its board, along with Njeri Rionge (who has been reappointed).

    I am deeply honored to have the opportunity to work with the ICANN community, and I look forward to digging in and helping out.

    I'm going to need your help over the next three years.  I'll do my best to keep the lines of communication open, and I'll be urging ICANN to do better at explaining its limited mission to the world and opening its processes to view.
    [ Reply to This | Parent ]
    ICANN might actually reform?
    by Anonymous on Saturday November 05 2005, @12:35AM (#16411)
    "ICANN might actually reform?"

    Why do people keep thinking ICANN will "reform" ?

    Reform into what ?

    That is like saying that the U.S. legal system
    will "reform" and become fair. Do you really think
    that is possible ? Money talks, money buys justice
    in the U.S. legal system and money buys ICANN
    policies by paying off "the ICANN Community".

    It is very very simple, it is a big charade.
    Follow the money. It drives ICANN. You do not
    reform a vehicle like that. You can steer it
    but you can not reform it.

    Note: Have you ever seen the non-profit ICANN
    announce a .FREE TLD ? with zero-cost to the
    registrants ?
    [ Reply to This | Parent ]
    Great Choice - Take Any Lawyer Needing a Life
    by Anonymous on Saturday November 05 2005, @01:45AM (#16412)
    Great Choice - Take Any Lawyer Needing a Life

    Why waste a person who might actually do something?
    That would be a scary thought, "do something" ?
    Do what ?
    What is there to do ? Cash the checks from Verisign ?
    Pay all of the ICANN Community ?
    [ Reply to This | Parent ]
    What are "Hacks" ????
    by Anonymous on Saturday November 05 2005, @01:51AM (#16413)
    What are "Hacks" ????

    Political "Hacks" like DARPA/DOD insiders
    like Vinton Cerf ?

    By the way, Cerf calls all the shots, it does not
    matter who is on the Board. Cerf even tells the
    Board what the Board decided. Cerf has a sock
    puppet he puts on his hand to talk to the Board.
    [ Reply to This | Parent ]
    Who Are the Voters in the "ICANN Community" ???
    by Anonymous on Saturday November 05 2005, @01:56AM (#16414)
    Who Are the Voters in the "ICANN Community" ???

    The members of the 2005 Nominating Committee are: Marilyn Cade, Jean-Jacques Damlamian, Alan Davidson, Richard Draves, Jayantha Fernando (Associate Chair), Catherine Gabay, Hartmut Richard Glaser, Dr. Rainer Händel, Jeanette Hoffman, Rodney Joffe, Lars-Johan Liman, Mark McFadden, Ram Mohan, Elliot Noss, Simbo Ntiro, Adam Peake, George Sadowsky (Chair), Jose Ovidio Salgueiro, Michael Silber, Stefano Trumpy, Kiyoshi I. Tsuru, Florencio I Utreras, Frannie Wellings,
    [ Reply to This | Parent ]
    As More and More Talking Heads Arrive Talent Exits
    by Anonymous on Monday November 07 2005, @06:10AM (#16421)
    As More and More Talking Heads Arrive Talent Exits

    Head on over to the ISOC's IETF, they are getting
    about one resignation a day of their big-name,
    10-year veterans.

    Clueless Bloggers can now fill all of the
    empty-desk jobs being created at the various
    Union Halls around the net.

    Vinton Cerf's ISOC does not even try to hide their
    cartel and collusion any longer. Governments do
    not seem to care because they see that the ISOC
    cartel is a reflection of their empty-desk positions, just a little smaller-scale.

    The ISOC will be happy to blur it all together,
    as long as they keep their private empty-desk
    roles and the huge salaries and growing ranks.
    The road-shows, travel, and bloated expense
    accounts never end. They are playing on YOUR
    nickels and dimes and really like that part.

    As long as you pay them, they will play.
    Fools and their money, are soon separated.
    [ Reply to This | Parent ]
    Number Resource Organization (NRO) NRO.NET
    by Anonymous on Monday November 07 2005, @06:24AM (#16423)
    Number Resource Organization (NRO) NRO.NET

    NRO.NET is the product of a common legal trick.

    When ARIN was formed, people with existing IP
    address block allocations were told they would
    never be taxed. That is partly how ARIN was "sold"
    to the rank-and-file and made it under the radar
    of the clueless U.S. Government officials.

    Now of course, the growing ISOC cartel needs more
    money and more taxes from those IP address blocks
    that were grandfathered. Rather than have ARIN
    walk into that hornet's nest, the NRO.NET has
    been formed, with NO grandfathering, and the
    NRO.NET is of course now able to raise taxes
    from that good old "ICANN Community".

    The new NRO.NET corporation, also creates a whole
    new set of titles and desks and opportunities
    for the insiders to move up in the food-chain.

    One problem is that people are not stupid, some
    of them are now educated and see the pattern.
    NRO.NET and ARIN and the ISOC and ICANN do not
    care, their target market is governments. They
    will be helping governments (for a fee) to
    care for "the community", while telling the
    community about the big bad government they
    are now rescued from. It is circular BS.
    [ Reply to This | Parent ]
    ICANN Board Selected for Experience Become Dumb
    by Anonymous on Monday November 07 2005, @07:53AM (#16429)
    ICANN Board Selected for Experience Become Dumb

    It is always interesting to see the hand-selected
    ICANN Board members who are show-cased for their
    extensive experience, background, etc. and then
    as soon as they get on the ICANN Board, they claim
    they will be "just listening" for a few years and

    That is a good way to cover the cone-of-silence
    that is placed over them, once on the ICANN Board.
    [ Reply to This | Parent ]
    Afilias (.INFO and .IN) Cheerleaders Spread FUD
    by Anonymous on Monday November 07 2005, @08:35AM (#16433)
    FUD Alert
    "Everyone - these nominees, ICANN and the Internet community need to work carefully in steering ICANN through the WSIS and UN Internet Governance debates that seem to propose new and unproven methods in lieu of the working ICANN model."
    End FUD Alert

    Take this article, for example. I have little or no reason to doubt that its factual claims are true. Actually, I have little interest in the factual claims (mostly relating to the gender and ethnicity of people in obscure ICANN roles), and thus little reason to care whether they are true. As I read the article, I pondered as to why the author was so enthused about the subject: why does he see the subject as important, and why is he stressing the wonderful increasing diversity represented in all these obscure bureaucratic roles? Why don’t I share his enthusiasm? Should I?

    It was the closing remark which clinched it for me: the rallying cry for the faithful to get behind ICANN and defend “the working ICANN model” against the “new and unproven” pretenders. I understand the article now: it’s a political propaganda piece. All that stress on diversity earlier was intended to undermine the idea that ICANN is non-representative in an international sense, which is (roughly speaking) the main complaint that everyone but the USA has about ICANN. So here’s my “cynic’s digest” version of the article--not suitable for those who already have elevated blood pressure.

            ICANN faces many challenges, and has many important roles. Over the years, the trend has been for these roles to be filled by an increasingly diverse range of highly competent individuals. ICANN leadership roles are ethnically and geographically balanced, and the gender balance has gone from being woefully male-dominated to exemplary. The various facets of ICANN all have their hands full with very important business. As responsible netizens, we should all support ICANN against alternative proposals, which are risky and unnecessary.

    Here’s why I’m not buying your “ICANN is representative” sales pitch: ICANN is a puppet, and the issue of “representation” is not primarily about the puppet, but the puppeteer--who gets to pull the strings. Anything that focuses on the puppet doesn’t address the core issue. Or, to be slightly less inflammatory about it, ICANN can’t legitimately represent anyone but the USA so long as its authority is derived from the government of the USA. Ethnic and gender balance in the ranks of ICANN is nice, but it’s a distraction, not a core issue; you may as well tell me about ethnic and gender balance at Verisign.
    [ Reply to This | Parent ]
    Microsoft Patents Lining Up to Oust IANA and ICANN
    by Anonymous on Monday November 07 2005, @03:50PM (#16439)
    The Public Patent Foundation ("PUBPAT") formally notified IETF today of the existence of intellectual property rights that may relate to technology described in IETF documents. Specifically, U.S. Patent No. 6,101,499 ("the '499 patent") owned by Microsoft Corporation may relate to RFC 2462 - IPv6 Stateless Address Autoconfiguration and RFC 2464 - Transmission of IPv6 Packets over Ethernet Networks (collectively referred to as "IPv6"). A copy of the formal notification appears below.

    As stated in the notification, although others have disclosed the '499 patent with respect to IPv4, its claims may also relate to IPv6. For example, claims 1 and 30 could relate to the technology described in RFC 2462. However, other than identifying this potential relationship, PUBPAT takes no position regarding the validity or scope of the '499 patent.

    Microsoft has a policy of complying with IETF procedures, including
    complying with patent disclosure requirements. If we believe that we
    have IPR that reads on a particular RFC or draft, we disclose it.

    U.S. Patent No. 6,101,499 refers to allocation of 32 bit IPv4 addresses,
    and deals with the problem of reliable assignments in a rather narrow
    number space -- issues that are very different from simply concatenating
    a prefix and a unique suffix, as in Netware or IPv6. Microsoft did issue
    a disclosure statement on August 3, 2000, related to the automatic
    generation of IPv4 addresses
    (http://www.ietf.org/ietf/IPR/MICROSOFT-499.txt). If we believed that
    U.S. Patent No. 6,101,499 covered the automatic assignment of IPv6
    addresses, we would have issued a disclosure statement a long time ago.

    -- Christian Huitema
    [ Reply to This | Parent ]
    Even more major conflicts of interest??
    by TommyTenko on Friday November 11 2005, @11:19PM (#16487)
    User #4225 Info
    I feel the need to raise my point on GeorgeK's earlier comment on Suzan Crawford's "conflict of interest." If what he says is correct, and I believe it be, then let me be heard. I would like to expand on a comment made by George K on the 4th Nov. You asked, how difficult is it to find nominees without major conflicts of interest who are truely independant? I want to raise this point, Michael Palage, a current ICANN board member has been a walking conflict of interest for some time. His past/present dealings with afilias newstar, etc, and has now got his finger in the .xxx pie. I would appreciate your comments and thoughts on this board members conflicts...
    [ Reply to This | Parent ]
    Michael Palage...xxx...
    by grahamedarcy71 on Saturday November 12 2005, @07:16PM (#16489)
    User #4228 Info
    During my travels of recent weeks and indeed the word onthe wire is that there is growing concern with Michael Palage's involvement with .xxx and ICANN. How can the ICANN board continue to operate while Palage flaunts himself infront of them like a latter day Napoleon? He must be called to account and atleast explain his motivation and involvement with .xxx. My understanding is that all board-members should have a common goal in promoting ICANN. At this stage Palage's actions are questionable and he should be called to task. Vint Cerf and his merry men should at the very least show some leadership and put common decency and call for an inquiry into Palage's actions. I believe he is a far cry from being above the law.
    [ Reply to This | Parent ]

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