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    "ICANN's history shows how private governance"
    by Anonymous on Friday November 04 2005, @06:12AM (#16403)
    "ICANN's history shows how private governance"

    ICANN's history shows how private governance
    can REMAIN captured and packaged as public

    Cuba has demonstrated how that can be done for
    the last 50?? years. The parallels are striking.

    Vinton Cerf's West-coast ICANN with his East-coast
    ARIN (address space leasing company) are all he
    really needs to lock people up like Castro has

    What is interesting is the population that does
    not really care about the low-level locks, but
    instead conspire to profit from the arrangement.
    This is the similar to what you see when Canada
    sends citizens to Cuba to enjoy vacation holidays
    with ZERO concern for the human-rights violations
    on the other side of the fence from their hotels.

    It is amazing to see people streaming into ICANN
    and ARIN meetings claiming to be all for freedom
    and open and fair governance, when the *hosts* of
    the forums are anything but that, and have clearly
    shown that for decades.

    While they may feel that a photo-op with Cerf
    or Castro is a nice trinket to write home about,
    they do not understand they are supporting
    regimes with a foundation filled with buried
    bodies and a long and evil history much of the
    world attempts to block out of their minds.

    The U.S. approach is to say, "we do not go there".
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    North America .NET Steered by Asia and Europe ?
    by Anonymous on Friday November 04 2005, @06:47AM (#16404)
    North America .NET Steered by Asia and Europe ?

    If you want just one example of how out of touch
    ICANN, ISOC and their cronies are, here it is.

    People actually believe that North American network
    operators are going to fall into step as Asia
    Pacific and European kibitzers tell them how to
    run their networks.

    http://www.nanog.org/mtg-0510/huston. as.html
    http://www.nanog.org/mtg-0510/wilhelm.htm l

    ICANN is living in the past and has failed to
    evolve. The North American .NET could not care
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    "ICANN is a regulatory agency." and so is the FCC
    by Anonymous on Friday November 04 2005, @06:58AM (#16405)
    "ICANN is a regulatory agency." and so is the FCC

    As ICANN now goes out to distract and entertain
    the world, the U.S. Government has decided to
    enlist their strong, fair, open and honest FCC
    to be a "regulatory agency".

    Hillary Clinton and Ira Magaziner's ICANN is a joke.
    It will be kept around until the election to help
    point to her many failings. Bush is not stupid.
    He has the FCC and the major telcos working to
    make significant progress, as ICANN continues
    to showcase why governance can not be done by
    corrupt private parties.
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    Your .ORG Tax Dollars at Work - Send More Money
    by Anonymous on Sunday November 06 2005, @07:59PM (#16417)
    http://www.nro.net/archive/press-releases/wsis-pav ilion.html

    Internet Community Organisations at World Summit Outline Key Factors That Will Ensure the Internet's Continuing Growth Geneva, Switzerland - 4th November 2005 - Many of the Internet community organisations that enable the processes for the development and administration of the Internet will host the ‘Internet Pavilion’ (stand 1323) at the ‘ICT 4 all’ exhibition at the World Summit on the Information Society (WSIS) in Tunis, 15-19 November 2005.

    Organisations at the ‘Internet Pavilion’ will include the Internet Society (ISOC), the Internet Engineering Task Force (IETF), the Number Resource Organization (NRO), the Internet Corporation for Assigned Names and Numbers (ICANN), the London Internet Exchange (LINX), the Council of European National Top level Domain Registries (CENTR) and the African ISP Association (AfrISPA).

    The pavilion theme is ‘The Internet - How does it work, Who makes it work’. It will offer WSIS attendees a clear understanding of the issues involved in the successful coordination of the Internet’s technical infrastructure, including the importance of building on the proven success of the inclusive and established processes that have fostered its incredible growth.

    “Coordination and collaboration between the many organisations that play a role in Internet administration and development is vital,” commented Axel Pawlik, NRO Chairman. “The industry partners hosting the ‘Internet Pavilion’ at WSIS will show how cooperation is fundamental to the stability of the Internet.”

    The ‘Internet Pavilion’ will demonstrate how participating organisations represent the evolving needs of the global Internet community through an open, neutral, bottom-up, collaborative and inclusive multi-stakeholder framework. The specific roles of each organisation in Internet administration and coordination will be highlighted.

    “This is a crucial time for all those with an interest in the future of the Internet,” explained Lynn St. Amour, President and CEO of the Internet Society (ISOC). “We encourage direct participation of any interested party in reinforcing the success of the existing mechanisms that have been built and driven by the Internet community.”

    With regard to the results of the WSIS process, Ms. St. Amour asks that governments and other stakeholders remind themselves that decisions should be taken with the interests of Internet users in mind. “At the end of the day, the WSIS should protect the openness of the Internet and promote ways of facilitating access for those who wish to benefit from this incredibly valuable medium,” said Ms. St. Amour.
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    U.S.G's ICANN and ISOC Plan - Spread the $$ Around
    by Anonymous on Monday November 07 2005, @01:16PM (#16435)
    U.S.G's ICANN and ISOC Plan - Spread the $$ Around

    No ICANN reform is needed or planned.

    The U.S. Government plans to defuse the corrupt
    ICANN Regime, that followed from the Jon Postel
    era, with Vinton Cerf and Steve Crocker, Postel's
    cronies, running the show.

    The U.S. Government's plan is to start stirring
    the alphabet soup even more. ARIN spins off the
    NRO. The ISOC pulls in the IETF and starts
    spending .ORG tax dollars like water. Check out
    that IAOC. Add that to the IAB, the IESG, the
    IAHC and stir in some MOUs for seasoning.

    Any place that money starts to collect, the
    insiders clone some new sham company, staff it
    with insiders and distract people's attention
    in a new direction.

    The U.S. Government of course gets a piece of
    all of the action. Other governments are then
    run in circles, chasing their tails, attempting
    to keep track of all of the alphabet soup

    Insiders, like NeuStar, just stand around the
    Northern Virginia suburbs waiting for the next
    low-hanging fruit to appear. Check out that
    $2,000,000 secret contract[1] from the ISOC's IETF
    to NeuStar. No government over-sight needed,
    no bid, just private company to private company.
    All private, no GAC or UN or the public allowed.

    [1] http://www1.ietf.org/mail-archive/web/ietf/current /msg38588.html

    A brief overview of the IETF FY06 budget of $3.8 million will be presented at the Wednesday Plenary.

    Those interested in more detail, rationale, history and assumptions may find them at the following IAOC link:

    IAOC Membership

        * Lucy Lynch, appointed by the IESG [Initial Chair] - llynch@darkwing.uoregon.edu
        * Kurtis Lindquist, appointed by the IAB - kurtis@kurtis.pp.se
        * Steve Crocker, appointed by the ISOC Board of Trustees - steve@shinkuro.com
        * Brian Carpenter, the IETF Chair (ex officio) - brc@zurich.ibm.com
        * Leslie Daigle, the IAB Chair (ex officio) - leslie@thinkingcat.com
        * Lynn St.Amour, the ISOC President/CEO (ex officio) - st.amour@isoc.org
        * Jonne Soininen, appointed by the NomCom (2 year term) - jonne.soininen@nokia.com
        * Ed Juskevicius, appointed by the NomCom (1 year term) - edj@nortel.com
        * Ray Pelletier, IETF Administrative Director (non-voting) - iad@ietf.org

    Marshall Eubanks (tme@multicasttech.com) serves as the IAOC Scribe
    [ Reply to This | Parent ]
    Just a Few of the Insiders at This Week's Party
    by Anonymous on Monday November 07 2005, @02:06PM (#16437)
    David Conrad yes
    Steve Conte yes
    Jorge Contreras -
    Amit Cooner -
    David Cooper yes
    Brian Coppola yes
    Michelle Cotton yes
    Magali Crassous yes
    Tom Creighton yes
    Kent Crispin yes
    Mark Crispin yes
    Dave Crocker yes
    Stephen Crocker yes
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    The IANA has reviewed the following Internet-Draft
    by Anonymous on Monday November 07 2005, @03:36PM (#16438)
    "The IANA has reviewed the following Internet-Draft"

    sock-puppets are so much fun

    Subject: RE: Last Call: 'Getting rid of the cruft: an experiment to identify obsolete standards document' to Informational RFC [I06-051024-0011]
    Date: Mon, 24 Oct 2005 20:44:53 -0700
    From: iana-drafts@icann.org
    Reply-To: iana-drafts@icann.org
    To: iesg@ietf.org
    CC: harald@alvestrand.no, sob@harvard.edu, lear@cisco.com


    The IANA has reviewed the following Internet-Draft which is in Last
    Call: draft-ietf-newtrk-decruft-experiment-01.txt, and has the following
    with regards to the publication of this document:

    Upon approval of this document the IANA will review all the IANA registries and update the references to be this document for the all documents described in section 3. Should all the actual assignments also be marked as OBSOLETE or should the reference only be changed?

    Thank you.

    Michelle Cotton
    (on behalf of IANA)
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