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    When Does ICANN Put .XXX in the ViXXXie Root ?
    by Anonymous on Tuesday October 04 2005, @04:00PM (#16287)
    When Does ICANN Put .XXX in the ViXXXie Root ?

    BTW, are you aware that less and less people obtain
    DNS from the ViXXXie Root? They get their DNS from
    what the IETF now calls the PE - Provider Edge
    router. There is also a CE - Customer Edge
    router. The DMZ is between the two.

    The IETF is also moving quickly to what they now
    call "the Real-Time Internet". The legacy Internet
    is a batch architecture. The old Registry is assumed
    to be on some huge central VAX 11/780 surrounded
    by armed guards at Verisign. The new Real-Time
    DNS is not designed that way.

    All ICANN can do is to attempt to hang on to the
    past and their out-moded technology. The world
    is routing around them, and the ViXXXie Root.
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    ICANN President is Clearly Out of Touch With .USA
    by Anonymous on Tuesday October 04 2005, @04:11PM (#16288)
    "The internet is 200,000 private networks"
    Try 200,000,000 in the .USA and New.Net covers
    most of them. Americans could not care less
    what the DNS is in .OZ


    "Austral ia has not yet formulated a policy, but senior officials have previously said they were concerned that a UN-run internet administration would be "hierarchical and bureaucratic".

    ICANN president Paul Towmey, an Australian, has previously warned off the UN.

    "The internet is 200,000 private networks linked by private agreement," he said. "At the heart of the way the internet works is that it grows quickly through the private-sector model. It's not formulated by international treaty."
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    ICANN Circles the Wagons Before NA Union Meeting
    by Anonymous on Tuesday October 04 2005, @04:19PM (#16289)
    Subject: [plan] ICANN strategic plan meeting in Marina Del Rey - 18/19
    October 2005
    there will be an ICANN strategic
    planning meeting on the evening of 18 October and all day 19 October in
    Marina Del Ray, California, USA.

    Fourth Joint Meeting With ARIN!
    NANOG: Oct. 23-25
    ARIN: Oct. 26-28
    Los Angeles
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    ICANN's .TRAVEL Fiasco Rolls Out and Flops
    by Anonymous on Wednesday October 05 2005, @02:57AM (#16290)
    ICANN's .TRAVEL Fiasco Rolls Out and Flops


    It is really hard to imagine that a collective
    group of educated homo sapiens could develop
    something more absurd than ICANN's .TRAVEL
    proof-of-concept market trial.

    Start with the .TRAVEL TLD and RESERVE over
    6,000,000 names for the ICANN Dictator Vinton Cerf
    who founded the ISOC which claims to be helping
    to keep the Internet open and free.

    What a concept, a TLD with millions of names
    RESERVED. What is the point ?

    For those that still may travel into the .TRAVEL
    zone, it becomes more absurd. To register a
    name one has to obtain an ID from an agency
    that has nothing to do with travel and nothing
    to do with the Internet.

    It gets better, you can not obtain the ID
    because they are having "technical difficulties".
    This appears to be a rewrite of CATCH-22 for
    a new up-coming ICANN Reality TV show. It is
    really hard to make something up more absurd.

    "D&B is the third party authenticator for all DUNS number holders that wish to be authenticated for .travel domain names.

    Currently, we are working on fine-tuning the systems so that the authentication for all DUNS number holders is a seamless process. Currently the connection between the Tralliance authentication system and the D&B DUNS number record confirmation is occasionally failing and manual processing is required to complete the authentication.

    Tralliance and D&B know that the confirmation of your eligibility is important to you and we are doing our utmost to rectify the problem as fast as possible. Any delays in handling your record by D&B will not have any effect on your eligibility. There is no priority established in the authentication of eligibility based on the date of entry of the data or the date of completion of eligibility.

    As soon the technical issues have been addressed and the data flows as it should, we will inform you that your application has been confirmed, or if there is a problem, what the problem is."
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    From the ICANN Director Boot Camp
    by Anonymous on Wednesday October 05 2005, @03:28AM (#16293)
    From the ICANN Director Boot Camp

    Today's Prize: One of the 6,000,000 reserved .TRAVEL names

    Basically, huge mobs of players get together and raid towns and castles of the other "side". Killing civilians, even from the other side constitutes a "dishonorable kill" and can hamper your ability to gain rank. You basically kill guards and other players who have "Player vs Player (PvP)" turned on, signaling that they are non-civilians. Killing the leader of the particular city, fort or castle provides special honor. The ranks are based on military ranks and after you gain this rank, it is prominently displayed even when you're not fighting the other side.

    It was my first raid so most of my energy was spent figuring out exactly what the hell I was supposed to be doing, but the whole mission was organized in a somewhat dysfunctional military way with teams and squad leaders. I have no idea whether I was running with a bunch of 13 year olds or professional soldiers (the game has many of both) but the raid channel chat was a bit noisy. What was disturbing was the hateful and some of the over-the-top role playing. Other members of the raid were clearly disturbed as well. I imagined a bunch of leaderless young soldiers raping and pillaging some village. I felt a bit dirty afterwards.
    [ Reply to This | Parent ]
    Vinton Cerf Tosses End-to-End Out the Window @ .GO
    by Anonymous on Wednesday October 05 2005, @03:38AM (#16294)
    Vinton Cerf Tosses End-to-End Out the Window @ .GO


    .GO is the new Google TLD [If it looks like AOL and feels like AOL and walks like AOL it must be AOL]

    What is Google Secure Access?

    Google Secure Access is a downloadable client application that allows users to establish a more secure WiFi connection.

    Why would I want to download and install Google Secure Access?

    Google Secure Access allows you to establish a more secure connection while using Google WiFi. By using Google Secure Access, your internet traffic will be encrypted, preventing others from viewing the information you transmit.

    Does Google Secure Access connect to a VPN server?

    Yes, Google Secure Access connects to Google's VPN ("Virtual Private Network") server provided for this service.
    [ Reply to This | Parent ]
    Where is the Land of .GO ???
    by Anonymous on Wednesday October 05 2005, @03:54AM (#16295)
    Where is the Land of .GO ???

    .GO is implemented in the new real-time DNS that runs in the PE and CE devices. PE-Provider Edge CE-Customer Edge

    Where is the Land of .GO ???

    It is a Search TLD, when you type ICANN.GO you
    get a web page of links.

    Where is the Land of .GO ???

    .gi  –  Gibraltar
    .gl  –  Greenland
    .gm  –  Gambia
    .gn  –  Guinea
    .gp  –  Guadeloupe
    .gq  –  Equatorial Guinea
    .gr  –  Greece
    .gs  –  South Georgia and the South Sandwich Islands

    Where is the Land of .GO ???

    If you draw lines between all of the places
    above on Planet Earth, they bound the region
    called, the Land of .GO

    The Land of .GO exists in the DMZ between
    the PE and CE gear. The DMZ is the Digital
    Media Zone. That is a place where humans do
    not go but where all media flows and goes
    thru protocol conversions. Governments watch
    and record everything in the Land of .GO.
    [ Reply to This | Parent ]
    Clueless NOTwork Operators Running in Circles
    by Anonymous on Wednesday October 05 2005, @04:07AM (#16296)
    Clueless NOTwork Operators Running in Circles

    Amateur network operators are now running in
    circles looking like fools. They have not been
    keeping up with the changes made to the .NET
    as people sleep. They still think that BGP
    matters and do not understand they are connected
    to simulators which fake the network for them
    until they get tired of playing games and go
    hack some other network. Customers are now
    protected and migrated to "the Real Internet (tm)"

    I'm attempting to come up with a list of all the top level domain DNS servers

    How are you attempting to do it?

    One of the problems is that you need to check from multiple locations around the world because dns server would appear to be different depending on where you look at it from. When you look at this in case of ccTLD
    you not only need to appear in different locations around the world, but it would probably be good to check from multiple locations in that particular country. This makes administratively difficult to arrange
    to do proper measurement for all the ccTLDs.

        that are anycasted. I already know about the anycast clouds run by PCH, Neustar, Verisign, DENIC, and UltraDNS, and .mx appears from traceroutes to be anycasted as well.

    I'm pretty sure ISC runs anycasted dns servers too and they run .museum TLD and serve as secondary for one or two other TLDs.
    [ Reply to This | Parent ]
    Tunisia prepares to host the controversial Summit
    by Anonymous on Thursday October 06 2005, @05:42AM (#16306)
    Tunisia prepares to host the controversial Summit

    Has Tunisia pulled a fiber all the way to the
    East coast of the .USA in advance of the "Summit" ?

    or, do people plan to be on a satellite packet
    relay system ?

    or, will the ISOC and ICANN fleet of ships be
    positioned to relay packets across the Atlantic
    and into the Med ?

    What will that cost Tunisia ?

    Would Kansas make more sense for a Summit ?
    [ Reply to This | Parent ]
    Secret Protocols for Policymakers Forum Octber 28
    by Anonymous on Thursday October 06 2005, @06:12AM (#16307)
    Packet Clearing House is pleased to announce the first meeting of the Protocols for Policymakers Forum (PfP-1), which will take place on Octber 28, 2005 at the Hilton Los Angeles/Universal City, in conjunction with NANOG 35 and the ARIN XVI Open Policy Meeting.

    The agenda for PfP-1 will be organized around the theme The Clash of Administrations, and feature discussions on two of the Internet's foundational institutions, the system of Internet Protocol (IP) Addresses, and the Domain Name System (DNS). Each of these systems relies on a combination of critical administrative and technological components, and each of these components is now facing new and unprecedented technical and institutional challenges. Do the Internet's current mechanisms of technical coordination represent the best platform for continuing global information economy development, or would the global stakeholder community be better served by a new approach? What are the opportunities and risks associated with gradual evolution versus wholesale restructuring? Brief presentations from leading authorities from the ITU, ICANN, US federal agencies, and major Internet coordination and service provider institutions will help set the stage for broad-ranging discussions on these topics, with an eye to revealing some familiar policy interests and trade-offs that are sometimes obscured by the complexities of network technology.
    [ Reply to This | Parent ]
    Where is the List of 6,000,000 ~.TRAVEL Names ?
    by Anonymous on Friday October 07 2005, @03:21AM (#16308)
    Where is the List of 6,000,000 ~.TRAVEL Names ?

    Over 6,000,000 .TRAVEL names are censored by
    the U.S. Government's name agent, ICANN.

    What are the 25,429 names censored in the .USA ?

    What are the names ?

    Where is the complete list ?

    What happened to all of the lies about ICANN being open and transparent ?

    How many names are being held hostage and where ?

    ARUBA (300)
    AZERBAIJAN (14526)
    ARGENTINA (51675)
    ANGUILLA (185)
    AFGHANISTAN (132495)
    ALGERIA (56802)
    ALBANIA (24094)
    ARMENIA (4574)
    ANDORRA (3065)
    ANGOLA (27446)
    AUSTRALIA (73026)
    AUSTRIA (45224)


    http:// www.cnn.com/2005/TRAVEL/10/03/travel.domain.ap/ind ex.html
    To prevent overlap with ".aero," an existing domain for the aviation industry, airports and aerospace companies don't qualify -- but airlines do.

    What names are censored under these .CATegories ?

    Industry Names       ICANN/TLD Names       Country/Place Names       Heritage Place Names

    a fghanistan
    afurikatshi pembe
    alandisland s
    alban ia
    alimaratalarabiyahalmuttahid ah
    aljumahiriyahalarabiyahallib iy
    aljumhuriyahal iraqiyah
    aljumhur iyahaljazairiyahahaddi
    almamlakahalarabiyahassunndiy a
    almamlakahalurduniyaha lhashimi
    america nsamoa
    a ntiguaandbarbuda
    aoment ebiexingzhengqu

    UNESCO Names (880)
    UNITED KINGDOM (31736)
    URUGUAY (9474)
    UGANDA (12116)
    UKRAINE (52192)
    UZBEKISTAN (9642)
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