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    The Failure of Internet Unilateralism | Log in/Create an Account | Top | 24 comments | Search Discussion
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    Band-Width Wins - the U.S.A has The Big Island
    by Anonymous on Sunday October 02 2005, @04:29PM (#16263)
    Band-Width Wins - the U.S.A has The Big Island

    "the debate has devolved to a choice between "US control" versus "UN control." If that is the choice, it is only a matter of time before collective international control wins."

    Band-Width Wins - the U.S.A has The Big Island

    If you want to redefine "the Internet" to be some
    third-world dial-up-limited telnet service, then
    you may be right that the international community
    will "win".

    Why would the .USA care ? Americans are NOW
    running 80 packet-per-second video-game-to-video-game streams. They choose
    their player names without an ICANN/ISOC tax,
    their clan names without an ICANN/ISOC tax,
    and even the name of the custom game they
    construct without an ICANN/ISOC tax.

    You have to be connected to The Big Island to
    participate (play). If your connection lags,
    you are booted off the net and you IP address
    space is reclaimed. IP address space is allocated
    based on Band-Width not politics.

    You should be ashamed of ICANN and the ISOC
    and your attempts to derail the U.S. marketplace
    by conspiring with foreign governments in
    Geneva. Deposit your citizenship and IP address
    space at the door, next time you leave the U.S.
    You can bet people will not come looking for you.
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    Classic BS
    by Anonymous on Sunday October 02 2005, @06:14PM (#16264)
    Classic globalism.

    Classic liberalism to equate the corrupt European sensibilities with logic and fair-mindedness.

    Classic liberalism to believe that the Left-leaning media-driven attitude about the War in Iraq has anything to do with objective reality.

    Classic liberalism to believe that the War in Iraq can be compared to everything in history.

    Absolute myopia. The Left has no grounding in proportion, objectivity or reality.

    The global society is not the inventor of the Internet. What utter arrogance for it to believe that it has a right to be proprietor.

    Classic socialism: create nothing, appropriate and regulate everything.

    Piss off, Mueller. Piss off Europe. Your bitch asses are in no position to sermonize. We've saved your asses in WW1, WW2 and the Cold War.

    All this grief from the continent that gave the world Nazism, totalitarism, Fascism. Now we have to take their socialist, globalist shit and believe that they have a track-record to be trusted.

    Accept our gracious offer of allowing you to plug into our Internet. If you don't like it, create your OWN Internet. BUILD SOMETHING OF YOUR OWN FOR A CHANGE.

    [ Reply to This | Parent ]
    Make a List of European IP Addresses to Reclaim
    by Anonymous on Sunday October 02 2005, @07:19PM (#16266)
    Make a List of European IP Addresses to Reclaim

    Just in case the .USA runs short of IP addresses,
    can you make a list of European IP addresses to
    reclaim ?

    Large blocks, such as /8s are preferred.
    This is a good starting point.

    080/8 Apr 01 RIPE NCC
    081/8 Apr 01 RIPE NCC
    082/8 Nov 02 RIPE NCC
    083/8 Nov 03 RIPE NCC
    084/8 Nov 03 RIPE NCC
    085/8 Apr 04 RIPE NCC
    086/8 Apr 04 RIPE NCC
    087/8 Apr 04 RIPE NCC
    088/8 Apr 04 RIPE NCC
    089/8 Jun 05 RIPE NCC
    090/8 Jun 05 RIPE NCC
    091/8 Jun 05 RIPE NCC                         
    [ Reply to This | Parent ]
    "The US is well on its way toward being isolated"
    by Anonymous on Monday October 03 2005, @02:32AM (#16268)
    "The US is well on its way toward being isolated"

    Are you talking about the .US servers operated
    by that company that ICANN helped to create by
    taking money from people and using it to fund
    a TWO year development of said company's DNS
    technology ?

    Is that the same company that is now creating
    TLDs without any ICANN approval ?

    Is that the same company that is now focused on
    their stock value and cashing out the insiders
    to investors who have no clue what has been
    going on ?

    "The US is well on its way toward being isolated"

    Are you talking about the .US TLD which is being
    used as a Shadow TLD for .USA owners ? Are you
    aware that software maps .USA names to .US names ?
    Did you know that the company ICANN helped to
    create and fund also now runs .USA ?

    "The US is well on its way toward being isolated"

    Are you talking about the way that .US[A] name
    owners now have their own UNIQUE IP address space
    allocations which derive directly from their
    6-letter .US names ?

    "The US is well on its way toward being isolated"

    Are you talking about being isolated from the
    corrupt ISOC taxing regime based in Geneva ?
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    ".gprs appears to be a private pseudo-TLD"..Uh Huh
    by Anonymous on Monday October 03 2005, @02:40AM (#16269)
    ".gprs appears to be a private pseudo-TLD"..Uh Huh

    Note the spin [.BS] from the IETF.ISOC.ORG

    http://www.neustar.com/pressroom/ files/announcements/ns_pr_09282005.pdf
    Comments welcome. Is it to be understood as an alt-root? or is it a
    legitimate hower single operator?

    Neither. .gprs appears to be a private pseudo-TLD inside a walled
    garden for GPRS operators. It doesn't have anything to do with
    the Internet's namespace. .3gppnetwork.org appears to be a
    perfectly normal Internet 2LD.

    Note that I regard the GSMA board's insistence on ".gprs" as an incredibly stupid move.
    If someone proposes to register ".gprs" in the global root, ICANN will have to do the same thing they did with ".biz" and disregard anyone operating a "toy domain" within their own walled garden.

    And if they choose to register ".gprs" in the global root, those who have depended on accessing information from the GSMA "private root" and the global root simultaneously will be in a world of pain.

    Until that happens, the only pain felt to the Internet at large will be from the usual leakage of private names into global contexts.
    [ Reply to This | Parent ]
    The results of WSIS Prepcom 3 demonstrate...
    by Anonymous on Monday October 03 2005, @03:03AM (#16271)
    The results of WSIS Prepcom 3 demonstrate...
    that a lot of really clueless groupies can spend
    hours and hours debating topics they have no
    clue about...cheered on by left-wing academics who
    enjoy the travel and food and opportunity to
    publish so that they do not perish in the the
    ivory tower that funds them...

    The results of WSIS Prepcom 3 demonstrate...
    U.S. government leaders are becoming better and
    better educated and trained to protect the real
    internet back home via misinformation and
    disinformtation campaigns launched abroad...

    The results of WSIS Prepcom 3 demonstrate...
    how clueless third-world countries like Canada
    and Europe are...Europe is now a country with
    several States...like the US...Canada is hopeless
    they might as well be a State...if they could
    even qualify for that...at least Europe has a
    root server network, Canada could not run one
    of those if they even knew what it was...also
    Canada does not even have an IP address space
    registry...and California took the .CA TLD...

    Check out the up-coming meetings at ICANN.LA
    [ Reply to This | Parent ]
    "build on the existing ICANN organisation"
    by Anonymous on Monday October 03 2005, @03:09AM (#16272)
    "build on the existing ICANN organisation"

    And people wonder why it is called "Organized Crime".

    An oversight body of international governments will decide the top-level of the internet from now on, pulling it away from the US government and enshrining the revolutionary medium in international law.

    That is the position taken by the EU, which is currently cutting a deal with other nations including Brazil, Canada and China, to end two weeks of argument at the PrepCom3 conference in Geneva.

    The UK/EU representative, David Hendon told us that a new co-operative model would build on the existing ICANN organisation but that "its legal status has to change. It will need to be established under international law rather than US law".
    [ Reply to This | Parent ]
    The Aussies Sure Can Keep the .BS Stream Going
    by Anonymous on Monday October 03 2005, @03:22AM (#16273)
    The Aussies Sure Can Keep the .BS Stream Going

    [Out of touch, a long way from The Big Island
    and no band-width, the Aussies are becoming more
    and more isolated, yet, they continue to send
    nonsense to forums and it makes for good comedy.]

    Hello All,

    Consistent with the decision of the meeting on 1 September 2005:
    http://www.gnso.icann.org/meetings/minutes- gnso-01sep05.shtml

    "The establishment of a shared policy development process to be
    undertaken in collaboration with the ccNSO [and other relevant parties
    as expert advisors] for the introduction of IDNs at the root level. "

    The ccNSO have nominated the following three people to work with us on a
    joint working group for IDNs.

    Bruce Tonkin


    From : Chris Disspain
    Sent: Sunday, 2 October 2005 8:33 PM
    To: Bruce Tonkin
    Subject: joint gnso ccnso working group on IDNs


    The ccNSO has agreed to nominate the following to the joint working

    Hiro Hotta

    Mohammed El Bashir

    Charles Shaban

    Please contact them directly to kick off the discussions.


    Chris Disspain
    [ Reply to This | Parent ]
    When Does ICANN Put .XXX in the ViXXXie Root ?
    by Anonymous on Monday October 03 2005, @03:34AM (#16274)
    When Does ICANN Put .XXX in the ViXXXie Root ?

    The .US market is waiting and waiting for the
    .XXX TLD in the ViXXXie Root.

    Do you know how many NEW versions of Windows
    M$ plans to sell to protect .US families from
    the ViXXXie Root ?

    Is Paul ViXXXie really over in Europe buying up
    all of the Child Porn he can find ?
    [ Reply to This | Parent ]
    "pirates or con-men with something to sell."
    by Anonymous on Monday October 03 2005, @02:39PM (#16278)
    "pirates or con-men with something to sell."

    http://www.circleid.com/article/1219_0_1 _0_C/
    "The thing I'm describing is called the Domain Name System, and the "universality" of it is a basic design property -- to be challenged or altered only by great wizards or by fools -- mostly by fools. Those who claim to be able to add new "suffixes" or "TLDs" are generally pirates or con-men with something to sell."

    Pay not attention to the sale and support of
    root-servers by Vixie's non-profit companies
    and the business that is re-directed to his
    for-profit companies.

    Pay no attention to Vixie's ARIN which first
    conspires to create artificial scarcity and
    then charges ISPs a fortune for what insiders
    obtain for free. Has anyone checked ARIN's
    cash reserves lately ? or, has ARIN continued
    to launder cash thru Jon Postel's cronies ?

    What was that about "con-men" ?
    [ Reply to This | Parent ]
    Subject: ICANN Strategic Planning Process
    by Anonymous on Tuesday October 04 2005, @01:39AM (#16279)
    Subject: ICANN Strategic Planning Process

    "what it believes the strategic priorities for ICANN should be"

    .COM taxes
    More ICANN staff
    More ICANN offices
    Raise .NET taxes
    More TLDs for the ISOC to augment .ORG
    Secure Military-Grade Root-Server Datacenters
    New ICANN ranch near Santa Barbara with Arabian Horses
    Michael Brown (ex FEMA CEO) as CEO of ICANN.USA
    Relocate ICANN .HQ to Europe Near the Queen

    > -----Original Message-----
    > From: Paul Twomey [mailto:twomey@xxxxxxxxx]
    > Sent: Thursday, 22 September 2005 4:58 PM
    > To: Bruce Tonkin
    > Subject: ICANN Strategic Planning Process
    > Dear Bruce
    > We are now in the middle of the ICANN strategic planning
    > process for the
    > 2006-2009 plan.  In Luxembourg, the process was outlined, and
    > a copy of that outline is attached.
    > At present we are waiting for the response from the final
    > SO/AC and hope to have the issues paper available next week.
    > This puts us a little behind schedule, but not hopelessly so.
    > The next step is to have the SOs, ACs and other members of
    > the community respond to the issues paper.  We will be asking
    > for two elements in those responses.
    > The first element will be an indication of whether the issues
    > that have been identified in the issues paper are the correct
    > issues.  The issues paper is based on the input that was
    > received from the consultation process.  There will
    > undoubtedly be places where the perspectives of members of
    > the GNSO differ from some of the views of other members of
    > the community.  What we are looking for is a validation that
    > the major issues have been covered and that the views of the
    > GNSO are represented, not that you agree with everything that
    > everybody said.
    > Based on those issues, we would like the GNSO to identify
    > what it believes the strategic priorities for ICANN should
    > be, and, if possible, how ICANN should go about addressing
    > those priorities. If the priorities really are to be
    > priorities, there should be no more than five of them.
    > Although it is a tight deadline, we would like to have those
    > responses by 15 October.
    > As mentioned in Luxembourg, we would then like to convene a
    > meeting of the Chairs of the SOs and ACs (or their
    > representatives) to agree on a common set of priorities.  The
    > arrangements for this meeting are still being finalised and
    > we will let you know the details as soon as possible.
    > Once these key strategic priorities have been formulated,
    > they will be circulated for comment.  Based on the feedback
    > received, a draft strategic plan will be prepared for
    > distribution in November.  Further consultation will take
    > place at the Vancouver meeting, with a view to having the
    > Board approve a final version of the plan in January.
    > Thank you for your assistance in the planning process.
    > Regards,
    > Paul
    [ Reply to This | Parent ]
    ICANN Staff Opportunities
    by Anonymous on Tuesday October 04 2005, @02:20AM (#16280)
    ICANN Staff Opportunities

    Compliance Program Manager
    Special Assistant to the Compliance Program Manager
    DHS Liason to the Special Assistant to the Compliance Program Manager

    Compliance Program Specialist
    Special Assistant Compliance Program Specialist
    DHS Liason to the Special Assistant Compliance Program Specialist

    Compliance Program Technical Analyst
    Special Assistant to the Compliance Program Technical Analyst
    DHS Liason to the Special Assistant to the Compliance Program Technical Analyst

    Executive Assistant
    Special Assistant to the Executive Assistant

    Executive Assistant to Legal Counsel
    Special Assistant to the Executive Assistant to Legal Counsel

    IANA Project Assistant
    Special Assistant to the IANA Project Assistant

    IANA Project Specialist
    Special Assistant to the IANA Project Specialist
    FCC Liason to the IANA Project Specialist

    In-house Counsel - Contract Law
    Special Assistant to the In-house Counsel - Contract Law

    In-house Litigation Attorney
    Special Assistant to the In-house Litigation Attorney

    Network Engineer
    Special Assistant to the Network Engineer
    FCC Liason to the Network Engineer
    DHS Liason to the Network Engineer

    Regional Liaison Managers
    Special Assistant to the Regional Liaison Managers

    Registrar Operations Liaison (Europe/Middle East. Based Brussels Office)
    Special Assistant to the Registrar Operations Liaison

    Registry Liaison Manager
    Special Assistant to the Registry Liaison Manager .COM Registry Manager .NET Registry Manager

    TLD Technical Liaison, IANA
    Special Assistant to the TLD Technical Liaison, IANA

    Vice President, Policy Development Support
    Special Assistant to the Vice President, Policy Development Support
    [ Reply to This | Parent ]
    Your .ORG Taxes at Work in Northern Virginia
    by Anonymous on Tuesday October 04 2005, @02:23AM (#16281)

    Reston, VA - 2nd September 2005 - The Internet Society (ISOC) today announced the appointment of Matthew Shears as its Director of Public Policy. This key appointment, which is effective immediately, will further strengthen ISOC's role as an independent and effective advocate for the core values of an open and accessible Internet.

    In this newly-created position, Matthew will drive ISOC's policy initiatives in support of the society's Strategic Operating Plan. These include broad outreach activities aimed at helping governments and policy makers design and maintain policies to ensure that the Internet remains an open and universally accessible platform for innovation, creativity, and economic opportunity.

    Matthew has extensive experience in public policy, advocacy, communications, business development and strategy in both the public and private sectors. After working as a standards and market entry adviser at the US Mission to the EU in Brussels, he worked as AT&T's EMEA Regional Director for Public Affairs, drove public affairs in Europe for the Seattle-based satellite Internet start-up Teledesic, and then moved to Cisco, where he created the EMEA Government Affairs team.

    Lynn St. Amour, ISOC's President and CEO, said, "The public policy issues facing the Internet are now more complex and more visible than ever before. Matthew's experience and insight will be invaluable as ISOC moves forward to develop new approaches to help policy makers meet these new challenges."
    [ Reply to This | Parent ]
    Your .ORG Taxes at Work - Raising More Taxes
    by Anonymous on Tuesday October 04 2005, @02:44AM (#16283)
    ISOC is pleased to announce that the Board of Trustees recently approved the budget for 2005.

    Support for ISOC's education and policy initiatives has been given a significant boost, in large part due to contributions from the Public Interest Registry (PIR). PIR is the entity formed by ISOC to manage the .ORG top level domain.

    INDUSTRY SELF-GOVERNANCE: Another example of ISOC's leadership. The multi-organizational effort we put together for specifying and implementing generic Top Level Domain policies and procedures is pioneering international self-regulation of the Internet.

    PROTECTION AGAINST EXCESSIVE REGULATION: in countries worldwide ISOC has managed to influence telecommunications laws to be
    Internet-friendly, and allow ISP to operate freely, with no licenses.


    Pay no attention to the fees ISPs pay to the
    ISOC insiders at the RIRs and how those fees
    fund ICANN.

    Your .ORG Taxes at Work - Raising More Taxes
    [ Reply to This | Parent ]
    An Ironic Twist on Fiat Currency and the Fiat Root
    by Anonymous on Tuesday October 04 2005, @03:52AM (#16285)
    Children are told[1] that currency has value because
    of wide-spread agreement. It is called fiat
    currency. There is nothing or real value
    backing it, such as gold or land.

    The Fiat Root has a similar arrangement. There
    is wide-spread agreement, yet nothing backing it.

    It is ironic that the Fiat Root is largely tied
    to credit cards pumping domain name fees into
    the multi-level-marketing structure that now
    supports the growing Internet "community".

    Many people see that the Next Generation Internet
    will be constructed on a foundation of .CASH.
    People in New Orleans saw how fast their plastic
    became worthless and now operate on .CASH.

    With the emergence of the .CASH net, the Fiat
    Root will fade away. The credit cards will no
    longer be pumping domain name fees thru the
    arteries of "the society". Instead, .CASH and
    micro-payments will keep the net going and
    domain names will be a free commodity like air
    and water and have no value.

    Artificial scarcity created via the Fiat Root
    will be ended via Fiat Currency. Go figure.

    From Dave Farber's ICANN spin machine:
    [1] When my son was about four years old, he asked me "why is a dollar bill
    worth a dollar?"  My answer was simple, though unsatisfying to a child
    that young: "Because we agree that it is".

    It's much the same with ICANN.  The essential players -- virtually all
    ISPs, major companies, etc. -- agree that ICANN is the root.
    [ Reply to This | Parent ]
    After seeing how Canada
    by Anonymous on Monday October 24 2005, @01:06PM (#16336)
    Railroaded Zundel and put up speech review boards, and knowing that when I lived in Germany I was subject to the same ... Ahh, I think I see what their end game is here. Every one of these places wants to cut out things it doesn't like, censor communications it doesn't like, regulate away companies it doesn't like... Let these folks do it and we will end up with a global tax, and global licenses. It will end up a 'well regulated top down privledge'. Well, you can bend over with the KY if you want, but as far as I am concerned, they can shove it up their own.

    Yeah, we created a red light district on the internet. We also created a kids section. The kids section works, and no one is going to gripe about that. The red light one probably wont work out as well because of existing domains elsewhere, but its an attempt to make it easier for parents who want to give their kids a safe passage. The reason the red light may not work out as well is that they aren't being heavy handed about it, its voluntary to use it. Its simply in the hopes that those selling those kinds of services move their domains there and understand a large portion of the world would love to have a safe place for their kids in this space, and voluntary cooperation would go a long way toward that.

          Its a nice concept, but just like .org we know it wont be followed to the letter, but its something for the long haul. If that had been implimented in 1994-5 it wouldn't be an issue today. As it is, the net effect will merely be that one of the most profitible sections of the internet, porn delivery, has its own segment of the net if it wants to use it. Hence, parents groups, childrens groups, Muslim groups, Christian groups, much of the porn industry, and many governments asked for it. Different ones wanted heavy handed tactics employed, and that wasn't going to happen, but is the end result a bad thing?

    As it is now, countries are still free to pass their own laws, and they aptly demonstrate their ability to harass search engines, auction sites, commerce sites of every kind in the aim of eliminating speech & content they don't like. Yeah, I'm sure these folks would like "top down" control of the net. For exactly this reason, they shouldn't have it.

    Nothing like going before a human rights tribunal because you said something someone somewhere doesn't like. That is the future they envision. This system may not be perfect, but its a far cry better than that. The end result of the proposals I've seen will be tyranny and gulags. It wont start that way, but it will end up that way, and what make the net useful in the first place will largely disappear. A lot of governments in the world would like that. A lot of companies would like that.

    [ Reply to This | Parent ]

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