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    nominate nominet for nominuttiness
    by fnord ({groy2k} {at} {yahoo.com}) on Tuesday June 21 2005, @01:42PM (#15650)
    User #2810 Info
    The Nominet ICANN comment direct link is here [icann.org]. There have been similarily boneheaded ICANN UDRP decisions so they probably don't need Nominet to give them lessons. One hopes the court will show an ounce of sense and reverse this, but that might be dependent on Nominet's clickwrap agreement. Abandon hope all ye who enter here.

    Hmmm, on further reading [timesonline.co.uk] the domain was registered just days after Apple applied for a trademark. On still further reading [uspto.gov], it isn't mentioned if that is a US or UK trademark, but the US trademark was applied for in 2001, almost a year after the domain was reportedly registered in 2000. The claimed first use was also in 2001. Perhaps someone can explain the Priority Date October 24, 2000 in Tess. Right now itunes.co.uk doesn't resolve. www.itunes.co.uk takes one to www.apple.com/uk/itunes/ [apple.com] Mebbe start an Apple boycott, particularily now that they're gonna go with Intel inside. How is think domain hijacking for a slogan? -g

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    Looks Like ICANN.ISOC Needs Another Task Force
    by Anonymous on Wednesday June 22 2005, @04:48AM (#15652)
    Looks Like ICANN.ISOC Needs Another Task Force

    If .UK Nominet adds another $10 to each domain name,
    and sends it in small bills to the ISOC in Geneva
    via a courier, some of the money will make it to
    Washington D.C. where some percentage will be used
    to organize a task force of face to face people
    in California. That task force can then start to
    organize civil society and look into this. First
    it will need to set aside some of the money to
    feed the .UN people in Africa.

    At $25,000 per day, Esther Dyson does not come
    cheap. She may be available to help organize the
    task force. Allocate $500,000 for her cut. That
    will get you a couple of days per month, not
    including the travel expense vouchers which
    will likely require an equal amount. What the
    heck, make it an even $1,000,000 for Esther.

    From there, you will need to fund Cerf and the
    rest of the ICANN Staff. Cerf will make sure the
    Crockers are funded and Klensin. ARIN has plenty
    of cash and they are dumping it into their big
    NANOG bash coming up in LA. Mixing the .UK
    dollars with the ARIN dollars should result in
    MORE money to spend. It is like a virus, money
    attracts money.

    The ISOC is busy using the .ORG money to fund
    the IETF insiders. Despite that, the ISOC should
    be able to hire some more Staff to manage your
    new Task Force. First, the .UK will have to
    come up with some money to pay the executive
    recruiters. Once Staff is in place, after an
    extensive world-wide search resulting in the
    same insiders being funded, that Staff can call
    for volunteers to do the real work. Staff will
    be busy sorting their digital picture galleries
    from their last trip to a meeting to organize
    the Task Force.

    What was the Task Force for ?
    Who cares ? Just add the $10 to each .UK name
    and then figure that out.
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    "join the ICANN community" help the Paid Staff out
    by Anonymous on Wednesday June 22 2005, @05:02AM (#15653)
    "ICANN's Interim At-Large Advisory Committee (ALAC) invites all interested individuals to join the ICANN community in Luxembourg City, 10-15 July 2005, and participate in several meetings and fora on issues that affect the Internet's end-users."

    "join the ICANN community" help the Paid Staff out

    Want to join the Paid Staff ? [in your dreams]

    Not just anyone can make $250,000 a year doing nothing
    but traveling around calling for volunteers to
    donate more money. It takes real talent.
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    .XXX Bash Coming to .LA and the ICANN.HQ
    by Anonymous on Wednesday June 22 2005, @05:11AM (#15655)
    .XXX Bash Coming to .LA and the ICANN.HQ

    The fall '05 NANOG meeting—our fourth joint meeting with ARIN—will be held October 23-25 in Los Angeles, California. ARIN meets October 26-28.

    Packet Clearing House's technical advisory board
    sets our strategic direction, provides the expertise to make specific projects possible, and drives them forward. Each of the members of our technical board has built major Internet exchanges or backbone networks, and together they provide a basis of operational experience that spans more than twenty years of Internet development around the world.
          Patrik Faltstrom
    Steve Feldman
    Bill Fenner
    Geoff Huston
    Dorian Kim
    Bill Manning     Dave Meyer
    Andrew Partan
    Lance Tatman
    Cathy Wittbrodt
    Bill Woodcock
    Pindar Wong

    Packet Clearing Houses staff provides the continuity
    and support for our diverse projects, maintaining our network and data collection operations, archiving and reporting our research and data, and running our San Francisco business office.
          Michael LoBue, Executive Director
    Bill Woodcock , Research Director
    Tom Vest , Research Program Manager
    Steve Gibbard , Network Architect
    Gaurab Upadhaya , Internet Analyst
    Daniel Silverstein, Software Engineer
    Arthur Bebak, Software Engineer

    Packet Clearing House, like many non-profits, is greatly indebted to the dedicated volunteers who step in to make many projects possible. We can list only a few of the generous individuals who have contributed their time and energy.
          Rohan Mahy, VoIP engineering
    Rick Wesson, programming and database analysis
    Sean Donelan, project coordination
    Antony Antony, exchange point database
    Merike Kaeo, security policy development
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    ICANN Board Looking for a Few Good Friends ?
    by Anonymous on Wednesday June 22 2005, @05:33AM (#15659)
    ICANN Board Looking for a Few Good Friends ?

    Amazing, the ICANN Board thinks it can BUY friends
    by bribing them with discount coupons.

    "Anyway, it's a humbling experience. I'm begging people to let me join their group and casting nice spells on people trying to earn their friendship.

    If anyone has been considering starting World of Warcraft, please join Khadgar and be my friend. ;-)"

    For someone who seems to make friends so fast in the "real world", you're having a hell of a time socializing with true geeks... :)

    I feel for you though... it's so hard to find a decent group of people on any multiplayer game...

    James Seng @ June 21, 2005 05:44 PM

    Joi, come over to Dragonblight. We can 'hang out' together. My wife is a priest and I am a mage.

    Joi Ito @ June 21, 2005 06:25 PM

    I have a discount code for a friend. Email me. First come first serve.

    But it is really funny and humbling. "You're too low level dude." "We already have enough people in our group." The more I beg, the funnier it gets...
    [ Reply to This | Parent ]
    IP cuts both ways
    by fnord ({groy2k} {at} {yahoo.com}) on Wednesday June 22 2005, @06:19AM (#15661)
    User #2810 Info
    Apple is now [appleinsider.com] being sued for its iTunes software allegedly infringing on an existing patent. -g
    [ Reply to This | Parent ]
    "As illustrated by the itunes.co.uk case"
    by Anonymous on Thursday June 23 2005, @05:17AM (#15666)
    "As illustrated by the itunes.co.uk case"

    .UK is being re-launched.


    .FOX - First, Fair and Balanced

    [ Reply to This | Parent ]
    Who Actually Owns a .UK Domain Name ? or .COM ?
    by Anonymous on Friday June 24 2005, @11:20AM (#15680)
    It is important to note that registrars don't actually "sell" domain
    Registrars enter into an agreement with Registered Name Holders, where
    the registrar provides a service to register a domain name in a
    registry, and the Registered Name Holder has a right to use that name
    for a period of time. The Registered Name Holder is effectively paying
    for a service rather than a name. Thus all Registered Name Holders
    should choose the right "service" for their needs, and the service is
    defined by the terms and conditions of the agreement.

    The terms and conditions of the agreement may allow a registrar to sell
    the personal data for a profit.
    [ Reply to This | Parent ]
    how ICANN Board decisions are made
    by Anonymous on Saturday June 25 2005, @03:46AM (#15684)
    [39] Bret Fausett's website (http://www.lextext.com/icann/), ICANNWatch (for example contributions by Michael Froomkin at http://www.icannwatch.org) and online intervention by ICANN At Large Director Karl Auerbach (http://www.cavebear.com) are noteworthy. Whilst these websites receive press coverage, it is hard to measure whether they have changed the way in which ICANN has developed its processes or policy procedures or how ICANN Board decisions are made.

    [40] The ACCC's submission to WIPO's discussion of domain name registration neatly sets out the competition regulator's responsibility for and interest in .auDA's activities. Note however that the focus of the submission is on intellectual property protection rather than the governance of Internet architecture and resources. http://www.accc.gov.au/ecomm/access1b.htm

    [41] Membership is open to Australian organisations and individuals (details at http://www.auda.org.au) with voting in staggered Board elections across three membership categories. This prevents Board capture by special interest groups. As at December 2002, .auDA had approximately 380 members - a similar number to ISOC-AU - including individuals, small businesses, consumer advocates and corporate interests. However, in compliance with the Australian Privacy Act, detailed demographics are not publicly available. Profiles of Board candidates published during elections suggest that candidates and, as importantly, those actually elected, are not restricted to major corporate interests of areas of expertise such as information technology and law.

    [42] Currently the independent directors are former ICANN Board member Greg Crew (http://www.icann.org/biog/crew.htm) and Chair Tony Staley. The independent directors are paid for their work; the elected directors are not.

    [43] The final version of the mandatory Code of Practice can be found at http://www.auda.org.au/docs/auda-2002-26.pdf. I was Chair of the Registrar's Code of Practice Committee, the membership of which was drawn from a broad spectrum of industry and consumer organisations.

    [44] The transparency of .auDA's operation (through public forums, through online publication and through encouragement of participation in its working parties) has been little remarked. It is of interest in comparison to the operation of other regulatory bodies, where participation is difficult (for example, restricted to a particular community) and where observers have access to outcomes rather than the deliberations that led to those outcomes.

    [45] In contrast to ICANN it has not faced sustained criticism in legal, information technology or other publications and, overall, has secured the endorsement of bodies such as the Internet Industry Association, Australian Competition & Consumer Commission and ISOC-AU. 'Anti .auDA' groups, such as the DNS Action Group, do not appear to have a major following and proposals for an .auDA Watch site apparently did not eventuate. Like the anti-ICANN commentators, it is difficult to measure the effectiveness of these groups on changing policy outcomes. In addition, the list has been discredited by the use of pseudonymous members who may have been one person, posing as several different characters. In addition, the personal invective found on the DNS List discouraged active participation from a diversity of stakeholders as, in many cases, people were unwilling to manage a large volume of off-topic email.
    [ Reply to This | Parent ]
    iTunes is descriptive
    by Anonymous on Sunday June 26 2005, @04:28AM (#15694)
    Just as Internet Tunes is - just as Internet Music is - just as Internet Mail is ...

    They will pretend that they don't know what the 'e' means in eMail next.

    1 - the trademark should not be allowed registered - as it is descriptive.

    2 - Nominet should not have allowed them to steal the domain.

    Corporate crooks are 'on the rob' again.
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