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    .travel Launch Dates Set | Log in/Create an Account | Top | 34 comments | Search Discussion
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    Do follow the blog link
    by fnord (groy2kNO@SPAMyahoo.com) on Saturday June 04 2005, @12:52PM (#15450)
    User #2810 Info
    There is much more that is troubling about the whole process there [hasbrouck.org]. Calling this ICANN/Tralliance behaviour outrageous doesn't seem over the top.

    Edward Hasbrouck has followed the .travel saga all along. I am proud to have been the one to first introduce him to ICANNWatch readers a few years ago. If we could only have one individual following each ICANN issue with half the perception and dedication, ICANN/US DOC would be much more of a scandal. -g

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    Another .BIZ Fiasco in the Making - See NEW.NET
    by Anonymous on Saturday June 04 2005, @04:47PM (#15451)
    Another .BIZ Fiasco in the Making - See NEW.NET
    NEW.NET has the un-restricted .TRAVEL TLD


    Registry Operations
    NeuLevel, Inc

    Independant Third Paty Authenticator
    D & B Inc.

    Directory Services
    WAND, Inc

    Operational Support Services
    Currently under discussion.

    Software Development
    Currently under discussion.
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    "The DOC must give its approval before ".travel"
    by Anonymous on Saturday June 04 2005, @05:45PM (#15452)
    "The DOC must give its approval before ".travel" can be added to the root name servers, but they haven't responded to my request either. I still don't know whether ICANN has requested or recommended to the DOC, or whether the DOC has approved, such an action."

    Keep in mind that ICANN was created as part of the
    Hillary-Gore administration, by Ira Magaziner.
    Bill Clinton was busy at the time in the back room
    with Monica.

    The U.S. Department of Commerce under George W.
    would probably like to get as far away from the
    ICANN corruption as they can. That is especially
    the case with Vinton Cerf as the Chairman of
    ICANN and his role in the Worldcom scandal along
    with Bernie Ebbers who is headed to a U.S.
    Federal Prison for many many years.

    As with many Clintonian fiascos, ICANN has to
    run it's course. It is a shame that there is
    some impact on the population, but the damage
    is limited.
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    Judge postpones Ebbers' sentence until July 13
    by Anonymous on Saturday June 04 2005, @05:54PM (#15453)
    Judge postpones Ebbers' sentence for fraud until July 13
    Friday, May 27, 2005
    Associated Press

    New York

    -- A federal judge has postponed the sentencing of former WorldCom chief Bernard Ebbers by one month, to July 13, federal prosecutors said Thursday.

    Judge Barbara Jones issued a new schedule allowing several more weeks for Ebbers and prosecutors to file sentencing- related papers and for Ebbers to file additional papers in support of his bid for a new trial.

      Ebbers, 63, was convicted in March of orchestrating a record $11 billion accounting fraud at WorldCom, which collapsed in bankruptcy in 2002 and has since re-emerged under the name MCI Inc.

    He faces up to 85 years in prison on nine criminal counts -- conspiracy, securities fraud, and seven false filings with the Securities and Exchange Commission.
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    .travel "top level domains" or Second-Level Domain
    by Anonymous on Saturday June 04 2005, @07:53PM (#15454)
    Looks like the ICANN .travel market-trial
    operators do not know the difference between
    a "top level domain" and a Second-Level Domain.
    They are sort of right, ".travel top level domains
    are not yet available". NEW.NET has .travel
    SECOND-LEVEL domains, not "top level domains".


    "Warning: Do not be duped! .travel top level domains are not yet available.

    Please be advised that no entity - other than The Travel Partnership Corporation (TTPC) members - has the right to promote the registration of .travel top level domains at this time. Moreover, any company purporting to sell .travel top level domain names is doing so without authority from ICANN or Tralliance. As such, should you purchase or pre-register a .travel top level domain, prior to the anticipated Start Up Period (which will be announced on a future date), please be informed that Tralliance will not recognize such transactions under any circumstances."
    [ Reply to This | Parent ]
    Re-Thinking the RESTRICTED ICANN .TRAVEL Names
    by Anonymous on Sunday June 05 2005, @05:22AM (#15457)
    Tralliance CEO Meets with World Tourism Organization (WTO)

    Ron Andruff met with WTO Deputy Secretary-General, Dawid de Villier, in Madrid, to establish a plan to ensure that the governments of the countries of the world can capitalize on the sole priority right that the .travel Registry will be offering. In keeping with the desires of Government Advisory Committee of ICANN and the Registry’s own policy on this topic, the priority right is being given in respect to country names (in English and in their respective national languages), cities, town, and place names (i.e., important geographies, heritage sites, sacred places, distinct economies, states, provinces, islands, cities, etc.) The priority right will last approximately nine months and will give each country the ability to register their specific names accordingly.

    This is the first time that a priority right in domains names has been offered to the countries of the world. Never before has this right been made available during any of the previous top level domain name registration processes. As such, the WTO is keen to ensure that its member states are clearly informed about it, and can act on their respective registrations in a timely manner to ensure that their important city and place names are claimed.
    [ Reply to This | Parent ]
    A Canadian Hockey Player vs. the .USA Market ?
    by Anonymous on Sunday June 05 2005, @05:54AM (#15461)
    A Canadian Hockey Player vs. the .USA Market ?


    Ronald N. Andruff, President & CEO
    Building on a professional ice hockey career, Mr. Andruff's 25+ years of international marketing experience has provided him with the unique skill sets to develop forward-thinking marketing strategies for Fortune 100 companies that he has consulted.

    A Canadian Hockey Player vs. the .USA Market ?

    NEW.NET's 180,000,000 subscriber base, with
    ICANN Registrars in place, and new .TRAVEL routers
    now available that DO NOT NEED ANY PLUG-IN
    will be an interesting challenge for any
    hockey player with no technical clue.
    [ Reply to This | Parent ]
    .TRAVEl as a Verb
    by Anonymous on Sunday June 05 2005, @07:13AM (#15463)
    The ICANN Thought Police will be attempting to crack  down on TRAVEL used as a verb. ICANN does not allow TLDs to be used as Second-Level Domains SLDs.

    Check out:
    backed by:
    and duplicated in the .CC Carbon-Copy TLD

    .CC is needed to protect .COM owners from the
    ICANN Thought Police when they decide to take .COM
    [ Reply to This | Parent ]
    From ICANN's Creators "excise the diseased code"
    by Anonymous on Sunday June 05 2005, @05:56PM (#15466)
    From: Esther Dyson
    Date: June 3, 2005 1:05:17 PM EDT
    To: dave@farber.net
    Subject: Re: [IP] more on ICANN's "ex-ex-ex" domains and the slippery slope (fwd)

    yes, I would be much happier if they had approved a bunch of them, including .sex, .porn, .bank, .fin and the like... allowing for genuine competition among TLD operators with competing and *differentiated* rulesets.

    Right now much of the competition is mostly based on price and worst- wins sleazy business practices.

    Will every registrar have the right to register names in .xxx? (though that question might be more germane relating to .bank and .fin, which could compete on the basis of strong security)

    I also share the concern over the possibility of censorship as opposed to incentives.... pretty soon anything "troublesome" may well get pushed there, whether it's sex, politics, health advice or sheer bad taste.

    Esther Dyson (former chairman of ICANN, wish I had left a better legacy)

    From: mo@ccr.org (Mike O'Dell)
    Date: June 3, 2005 5:27:40 PM EDT
    To: dave@farber.net
    Subject: TLDs, ICANNalia, etc, etc, etc......

    there is no technical reason for synthetic scarcity in DOT
    or otherwise.

    DOT and any (or all) TLDs can be the union of (possibly
    overlapping) pieces. your aggregator can disambiguate as a
    service, for instance. (or aggregate yourself if you care)
    mathematical perfection is no required and possibly not
    even desirable.

    just flush the whole centralized notion and throw it open to
    innovation at the edge.

    some of us knew that creating a big, ugly piece of "common
    equipment" in the center of DNS was a huge botch. but we
    did the experiment anyway and the data is compelling.

    time to excise the diseased code and get on with getting it
    together anew.

    and no, it's unlikely the sky will fall.
    "flaming toads from the sky" is a maybe, but not "falling sky".



    From: Joe Pistritto
    Date: June 3, 2005 10:26:41 AM EDT
    To: dave@farber.net, Ip ip
    Subject: Re: [IP] Editors comment on the number of items re ex-ex-ex

    And I'm waiting to see how long it takes before .XXX is the headline on The Drudge Report and the opening topic on The Rush Limbaugh Show the same day... (and probably 10 other talk radio shows).

    Does ICANN have *any idea* what's going to happen on that day? Can their phone switch handle a million incoming phone calls and 10 million incoming pieces of mail?

    (my bet is that the first public effect will be outrage that such a thing exists, rather than considering that it could be a ghetto that that sort of content gets forced into. I could be wrong about this, but I bet that's what happens. It'll only be after the initial public outcry that the 2nd point of view appears in the discourse...)

    [ Reply to This | Parent ]
    .TRAVEL Regions from the IEEE - Islands That Count
    by Anonymous on Tuesday June 07 2005, @06:17AM (#15477)
    1. Regions. A Region shall be a geographical organizational unit consisting of a part of one, or of one, or of more than one country established by RAB in accordance with the IEEE Constitution as an operating organizational unit of IEEE for management and administrative purposes to represent and fulfill the missions of the IEEE within the territory prescribed.

    In intent, all parts of the world are in a Region. The boundaries of the Regions are as follows and shall be further specified in each Regions Bylaws:

    Region 1 shall comprise Northeastern USA.

    Region 2 shall comprise Eastern USA.

    Region 3 shall comprise Southeastern USA and the island of Jamaica as a part of its territory.

    Region 4 shall comprise Central USA.

    Region 5 shall comprise Southwestern USA.

    Region 6 shall comprise Western USA.

    Region 7 shall comprise the territory of Canada.

    Region 8 shall comprise Africa, Europe, Greenland, Iceland, the Republics of the former USSR, and the Near and Middle East countries located west of Afghanistan and Pakistan.

    Region 9 shall comprise the territory encompassing the Caribbean and Bahamas Islands, South America, Central America and North America (except the United States, Jamaica and Canada).

    Region 10 shall comprise Australia, New Zealand, Asia, and related islands.
    [ Reply to This | Parent ]
    Where is Cyberspace? Does .TRAVEL Include Virtual?
    by Anonymous on Tuesday June 07 2005, @06:37AM (#15479)
    Where is Cyberspace? Does .TRAVEL Include Virtual?

    Why is most of the focus on face-to-face meat-space travel ?

    StarTrek got it backwards, people want the travel
    brought TO THEM, they do not want to be beamed TO the place.


    http://www.caida.org/analysis/geopolitical/bgp2cou ntry/index.xml

    "Our analysis shows that neither the size of a country nor its population predict properties of the Internet. North America (particularly, the United States) dominates the allocation of Internet address space while comprising only 7% of the world's population. North America and Europe combined contain over 80% of the ASes and nearly 75% of the ISPs. Conversely, Asia, Africa and South America contain more than 50% of the world's landmass and more than 75% of the world's population but consume slightly more than 10% of Internet resources."
    [ Reply to This | Parent ]
    DNS Insiders Secretly Gather July 25-26, 2005
    by Anonymous on Tuesday June 07 2005, @06:55AM (#15480)

    DNS-OARC members meeting and research workshop: July 25-26, 2005 at ISC, Redwood City, CA.
    Details and agenda will be announced soon.

    DNS-OARC is an Operations, Analysis, and Research Center focused on the global Domain Name System. The mission of OARC is to provide a trusted platform for bringing together key operators, implementers, and researchers so they can identify problems, test solutions, share information, and learn together.

    CAIDA's research partner for the OARC is the Internet Systems Consortium (ISC), a not-for-profit corporation internationally known for their long-term operational experience and leadership in research centered around the DNS.
    [ Reply to This | Parent ]
    Where is Cyberspace ? Oooops They Forgot Wireless
    by Anonymous on Tuesday June 07 2005, @07:10AM (#15481)
    Where is Cyberspace ? Oooops They Forgot Wireless

    Note: BGP is dead. BGP is NOT needed to make the
    Internet work. BGP is a toy of the Research and
    Academic Internet.

    Note: ASNs are not needed to make the Internet work. There are no ASNs in IP packet headers or DNS records (yet).

    Note: People living in the past do not include
    the put-get .NET technology. See OpenDHT.ORG
    The 160-bit key is the packet header. Source
    and Destination peers exchange packets via the
    DHT buffers. You put and someone else does a
    get. You share a common 160-bit key. IPv6 is a
    joke, with 128-bit addresses, yet the insiders
    showcase IPv6 as "the next big thing". Clueless


    1 1239    Sprint     US    5,273,498    165,870    18,843    1,710
    2 701    UUNET Technologies, Inc.     US    5,213,989    163,413    18,588    2,346
    3 7018    AT&T WorldNet Services     US    5,081,471    154,688    17,970    1,917
    4 3356    Level 3 Communications, LLC     US    4,829,166    147,442    16,987    1,228
    5 209    Qwest     US    4,602,598    143,905    16,625    1,105
    6 174    Cogent Communications     US    4,178,620    137,960    15,902    840
    7 3549    Global Crossing     US    4,178,620    137,960    15,902    634
    8 3561    Savvis     US    4,178,620    137,960    15,902    568
    9 702    MCI EMEA     NL    4,178,620    137,960    15,902    548
    10 7132    SBC Internet Services     US    4,178,620    137,960    15,902    545
    10 3303    Swisscom Enterprise Solutions Ltd    CH    4,178,620    137,960    15,902    545
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    ICANN Now Claims it Coordinates Unique IDs
    by Anonymous on Tuesday June 07 2005, @09:08AM (#15482)
    ICANN Now Claims it Coordinates Unique IDs

    [ICANN is really in the Registrar Franchise business, controlling their snitch network.]

      "The mission of The Internet Corporation for Assigned Names and Numbers
        ("ICANN") is to coordinate, at the overall level, the global
        Internet's systems of unique identifiers, and in particular to ensure
        the stable and secure operation of the Internet's unique identifier

        In performing this mission, ICANN's bylaws set out 11 core values to
        guide its decisions and actions. Any ICANN body making a
        recommendation or decision shall exercise its judgment to determine
        which of these core values are most relevant and how they apply to the
        specific circumstances of the case at hand, and to determine, if
        necessary, an appropriate and defensible balance among competing
    [ Reply to This | Parent ]
    ICANN to Launch SPACE.TRAVEL and Satellites
    by Anonymous on Tuesday June 07 2005, @06:44PM (#15487)
    From: http://www.SPACE.travel

    ICANN Vice President to head up major European Project 'Galileo' unit

    7 June 2005

    ICANN's Vice President for Policy Support, Paul Verhoef, currently on secondment to the ICANN Brussels office, has today been appointed by the European Commission to the post of head of unit for Project 'Galileo' and Intelligent Transport in the Directorate General for Energy and Transport.
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