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    ??? "decisions that come out of nowhere" ???
    by Anonymous on Thursday June 02 2005, @06:01AM (#15394)
    ??? "decisions that come out of nowhere" ???

    Anyone that thinks this decision came out of
    nowhere, clearly, does NOT understand how ICANN
    TLD decisions are being made.

    Dave Farber's NEW.NET version of .XXX helped to
    move the ICANN glacier another inch forward.

    ICANN of course had to toss Afilias a bone after
    the .NET re-bid charade. .XXX was a handy prize.

    Neustar was tossed .TRAVEL to shut them up and
    Verisign of course said "awe shucks, twist our
    arm, OK, we will add .JOBS".

    ICANN is seeing a rapid decline in the use and
    relevance of their aging root servers. The
    always-on next generation Internet is expanding
    and routing around ICANN and their Registrars.
    ICANN has no choice but attempt to grab some
    head-lines and some revenue with some TLDs pulled
    from their long queue. Those with the ICANN
    religion of course move to the head of the line
    and enter via a side-door. A little money under
    the table helps to un-lock that door.
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    Michael Palage Lands Another Florida TLD - .XXX
    by Anonymous on Thursday June 02 2005, @06:10AM (#15395)
    Michael Palage Lands Another Florida TLD - .XXX

    Hal Lubsen and Ken Stubbs sure did grease this
    pig past the ICANN Board.

    http://www.icann.org/tlds/stld-apps-19mar04/xxx.ht m

    "These positive industry developments have made the
    proposed .xxx TLD more useful to both registrants and users. Moreover, given
    that ICM will be contracting with Afilias to provide key registry
    infrastructure backend services, ICM and IFFOR believe that similar future
    policy developments proposed by the ICANN GNSO would in most instances be
    incorporated into operation of the proposed TLD."

    Company Name ICM Registry, Inc
    Company Address 1 1097 Jupiter Park Lane, Suite 3
    Company Address 2 -
    Company City Jupiter
    Company State/Province Florida
    Company Postal Code FL 33458
    Company Website Address www.icmregistry.com
    Company Country United States
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    The .XXX TLD has been around long before ICANN
    by Anonymous on Thursday June 02 2005, @06:17AM (#15396)
    "This about-face by ICANN demonstrates yet again how major decisions by the organization are made without significant, broad public discourse."

    That is absolute nonsense. The .XXX TLD has been
    around long before ICANN was formed to SLOW the
    TLD process for the benefit of Verisign.

    Jason Hendeles – Vice President – Strategic Business Development
    Jason Hendeles is a creative entrepreneur, the Founder of both ICM Registry and ATECH, one of the first registrars accredited by ICANN to register web addresses competitively. He has over 5 years of experience working with a wide variety of telecommunications and successful information technology start-ups. He is also recognized for his successes in the commercial real estate development and management industry. Between 1992 and 1997, Jason led the successful financial restructuring of Horizon Developments an established Canadian commercial real estate company. The success of this restructuring led to the company’s acquisition by O&Y Properties, a prominent Canadian development company, owned and operated by Philip Reichmann and the Reichmann family.
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    ICANN incapable of Morally-Correct decisions
    by Anonymous on Thursday June 02 2005, @06:25AM (#15397)
    Said it before many a time, it’s a sad day for humanity. See: [ http://blog.lextext.com/blog/_archives/2005/3/26/4 81102.html#253616 ] Perhaps Icann would like to address others Communities “with that special lifestyle”, with extensions like: .NSDAP or .KKK or .AryNat or .JDL or .ZION or .AlQaeda … The list gets long when you choose to create extensions for an Individual’s lifestyle-preference. Has Icann taken the initiative to do a Health-Impact study on the deployment of the Pornographic extension.??? - No. Has Icann done a study on the Social-Impact of the deployment of the Pornographic extension.??? - No. Has Icann done a study on the Geo Political-Impact of the deployment of the Pornographic extension.??? - No. Will the creation of the .XXX extension clean-up the rest of the Internet? That is, will the Pornographers now using .Com, .Net, .Org, .Info, .Pro, etc. etc… be regulated (not “Required” but FORCED) onto the .XXX extension, clearing the rest of the internet for a Porn-free environment ? – No. When you play with the ‘basic’ necessities of Mankind: Food, Shelter, Sex (i.e.: .XXX) you enter into an area which effects us all. ( a polycentric arena ) WHAT guaranties has ICANN or the ICM Registry given to protect us from the abuse of this basic Human staple.??? – NONE. A sad day for humanity, when the exploitation of the Consumer and Producer (Actors & Actresses) has sunk to such a low level of depravity, through the Global proliferation of pornography via the Internet. It is now obviously evident that the folks at ICANN can not make a Morally-Correct decision. Yrs Truly … ' Epistemologically translated: how you see it is not the way it is. Similarly, if you see women as just different, even or especially if you don't know that you do, subordination will not look like subordination at all, much less like harm. It will merely look like an appropriate recognition of the sex difference. If the perspective is accepted that there is a difference between male paradigms, and the female paradigms, then this acceptable relationship makes the harm of civil inequality invisible. Pornography dose treat the sexes differently, so the case for sex differentiation can be made here. Men as a group (although some individuals may be) do not tend to be treated the way women are in pornography. As a social group, men are not hurt by pornography the way women as a social group are. Their social status is not defined as less by it. So the major argument dose not turn on mistaken differentiation, particularly since the treatment of women according to pornography's dictates make it all too often accurate. The salient quality of a distinction between the top and the bottom in a hierarchy is not difference, although top is certainly different from bottom; it is power. Thus the major argument is: subordinate but equal is not equal.
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    .SEX is Also a New TLD
    by Anonymous on Thursday June 02 2005, @06:45AM (#15398)
    .SEX is Also a New TLD
    [ Reply to This | Parent ]
    Date: Sun, 18 Apr 1999 15:11:14 +0000
    by Anonymous on Thursday June 02 2005, @06:49AM (#15399)
    http://www.gtld-mou.org/gtld-discuss/mail-archive/ 08021.html
    TLD .sex dismay or resistance

            * Date: Sun, 18 Apr 1999 15:11:14 +0000
            * From: Garret Krampe
            * Subject: TLD .sex dismay or resistance

    Fellow Internetites,

    Some time ago (like many others) I tried to have TLD
    ".SEX." setup.

    OK The cards are on the table ... lets have this out once and for all
    Your comments and enthusiasm welcome.

    Why is the internet community so "Backward" in accepting great ideas ?

    I think that the problem lies with the people calling the shots
    having great resistance to change ... ... ....

    IF that is the case then they are definitely in the wrong industry !

    The reasoning behind the sex TLD is covered in short

    Basically it is a combination of community service to the sex industry and
    victims of abuse etc.
    as well as giving the internet's most popular pastime (and revenue base) a
    true home.

    It allows the internet to be cleaned up (with some global law passing) that
    sexual content can not
    exist out side of the .sex domain ... yep the obvious reason of minors is also
    there too.

    The main reason is lowering the abuse rate and raising the access level of
    victims, workers, and
    the uninformed to bonefide councilling and help infrastructures world wide,
    legal advise and disease

    The above link explains further .... strick policies and ratings and a
    hierarchical nomencature of
    content naming and rating as well as the services that MUST be provided by the .SEX TLD registry body
    ie me .

    Server placement would be co-located at PAIX peering point ( well enough
    connected )

    It's time that the system gave something back to the supporters.

    The sex industry in general is a money play, I would like to see some of the
    registration fees
    for TLD .SEX pumped back into support services.

    I have set up a mail filter on subject.

    Those in favour reply with subject "SUPPORT .SEX"
    Those who disagree with subject "OPPOSE .SEX"
    Those who really think this is NOT important reply with subject of "NOUSE .SEX"
    the appathetic may refrain from replying at all (naturally)

    I will post the results of this "pole" at the end of the month.

    (attatchments will be discarded so keep your comments short and to the point
    please, under the above subject headings)

    Garret Krampe
    "Who cares what sort of car you drive .. can you get the job done this week ?"

    [ Reply to This | Parent ]
    Milton L. Mueller - Panelist
    by Anonymous on Thursday June 02 2005, @06:54AM (#15400)
    http://arbiter.wipo.int/domains/decisions/html/200 1/d2001-0871.html#f5
    Complainant in this proceeding has not made such eithera showing. Its website offers to register ".sex" alternate registry domain names. There is no evidence provided that Complainant is the exclusive provider of ".sex" registry names [5]. The record rather reveals that several enterprises, including Respondent, are offering such alternate registry names or have applied to register trademarks incorporating ".sex". Moreover, the Panel notes that during ICANN’s recent consideration of adoption of new generic TLDs, the establishment of a ".sex" gTLD was proposed and discussed by a number of parties [6]. Complainant has not presented evidence of exclusive rights in ".SEX", and there is substantial evidence to the contrary.
    Frederick M. Abbott
    Presiding Panelist

    Milton L. Mueller

    Jeffrey M. Samuels

    Dated: October 16, 2001


    1. See 15 USCS § 1057(b) (establishing presumption of exclusive right to use based on registration).

    2. See, e.g., Century 21 Real Estate v. Billy Sandlin, 846 F.2d 1175 (9th Cir. 1988).

    3. See, e.g., Adobe Systems Incorporated v. Domain OZ, WIPO Case No. D2000-0057, decided March 22, 2000, and; Desert Schools Federal Credit Union v. Symlink Communications, llc, WIPO Case No. D2001-0528, decided July 4, 2001.

    4. See generally, Mil-Mar Shoe v. Shonac, 75 F. 3d 1153 (7th Cir. 1996).

    5. One member of this Panel suggests that a showing by Complainant that it had received an assignment of the top level domain label ".sex" from ICANN, and/or that it was the exclusive occupant of that top-level domain in the registry services market, might serve to distinguish Complainant's registry services in the marketplace and create secondary meaning.

    6. See, e.g., http://www.icann.org/tlds/tld-applications-lodged- 02oct00.htm, including ".sex" registry proposals from Name.Space Incorporated and Rathbawn Computers Limited, et al.
    [ Reply to This | Parent ]
    ICANN Set to eXXXpand and Increase Budgets
    by Anonymous on Thursday June 02 2005, @07:04AM (#15401)
    We have seen the increase of the registrar's funding portion as a one-time, temporary favor of the
    registrars in order to get the "new" ICANN up and running until finally the other ICANN stakeholders
    start contributing an amount that is adequate to their participation and interest in ICANN.

    Now that ICANN has significant new sources of funding, like the .net fee and the new sTLDs fees and more and more
    ccTLDs paying fees, instead of honoring the registrars goodwill to help ICANN, ICANN takes our funding as granted
    and instead invests the new money otherwise.

    To make it short, the registrar's funding portion should be reduced as soon as the new money from other sources comes in.
    And there should be a long-term plan on reducing the registrar's contribution, commited to and starting with the
    day new sources of funding come in.

    Second, I think the registrars contribution should have a top cap. It's bad enough ICANN doesn't plan to reduce our contribution,
    but it's even worse that we are supposed to pay even more. We the transaction fee, successful registrars that have more domains
    under management than last year, will even pay more this year.
    In additional, this would create more fairness: small registrars have a cap on the "bottom", and large registrars should have a
    cap on the "top".

    Third, I think for reasons of fairness, successful registrars should contribute, regardless of what business model they are applying
    to be successful. It seems that currently, registrars who use the add/add grace period delete model to make money,
    don't contribute as they should. Under the current conditions, they can even apply for exemption. That is not fair to the
    registrar community as a whole.
    [ Reply to This | Parent ]
    Afilias Out-Sources to Dave Farber's .XXX New.NET
    by Anonymous on Thursday June 02 2005, @09:17AM (#15402)
    Afilias is just a front for .XXX

    Afilias out-sources to Dave Farber's DNS company.
    They already operate .XXX for NEW.NET.

    Dave Farber was Jon Postel's PhD thesis advisor.
    That goes a long way to a life-time endowment in
    the domain name arena.

    Your .XXX names at New.Net will roll-over to the
    ICANN version of .XXX with kick-backs and taxes
    going to selected insiders. That will of course
    raise the price of .XXX names.
    [ Reply to This | Parent ]
    "when the time comes to compete" - Not Yet ?
    by Anonymous on Thursday June 02 2005, @09:26AM (#15404)
    "Is there a solution? Yes, I believe there is. But, since it's part of the business plan of Image Online Design's .Web registry, I'm not inclined to talk about it here - since IOD's been denied the right to compete, giving away the idea would just be free business advice to those companies that have been enjoying the artifically-constrained market. But when the time comes to compete, I'll be quite pleased to lay out what I feel is the solution to this, and many other issues in the industry."
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