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    ".travel" Sold | Log in/Create an Account | Top | 58 comments | Search Discussion
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    Response from ICANN
    by ehasbrouck on Thursday May 12 2005, @04:43PM (#15218)
    User #3130 Info | http://hasbrouck.org

    Just a few hours after it was made public that the ".travel" agreement had been signed and the registy operator had been sold, I received my first response [hasbrouck.org] from ICANN to (some of) my requests on ".travel".

    It doesn't mention my request for a stay pending indpendent review. It is interesting for giving a picture of how ICANN's General Counsel interprets the meaning of "maximum extent feasible" of openness and transparency.

    [ Reply to This | Parent ]
    ICANN is Just Trying to Re-Position Itself
    by Anonymous on Thursday May 12 2005, @05:45PM (#15219)
    These are classic legal tactics from the ICANN
    legal machine. ICANN is making you look like a fool.
    You are "sport" for ICANN's lawyers.

    ICANN is Just Trying to Re-Position Itself

    When ICANN was started, it was portrayed as being
    on the (harmless) front-end, market-trial, stage
    of the industry. ICANN was portrayed as an
    experiment to get it under the radar of the U.S.

    Now that ICANN has hundreds of millions of
    dollars flowing in every year, it will attempt
    to re-position itself. It will convert to being
    like a venture capital company, funding the
    next wave of Internet billionaires. People will
    be lining up at the door.

    With this new posture, ICANN now has to be more
    careful and only invest when they know they can
    rig the game to allow their player to win.
    Nothing can be left to chance or market forces.
    ICANN can also not allow anyone to watch how
    they operate.

    ICANN is Just Trying to Re-Position Itself.
    Stay tuned, it may not be long and ICANN will
    be singing the praises of how THEY (or Vint
    Cerf) invented the .WEB TLD along with Hillary.
    Ambler and IOD will be referred to in past
    tense, as part of the market-trial phase which
    happened a long long time ago.

    Remember, lawyers only deal in three dimensions.
    Time, Power ($) and Information. They do not
    care about the truth or ethics or any other
    details to get in their way.

    Watch out for the ICANN Steam-Roller, as it
    re-positions to make a lot of insiders very
    very rich.
    [ Reply to This | Parent ]
    Keep in Mind That Dyson and Neustar are .TRAVEL
    by Anonymous on Thursday May 12 2005, @06:14PM (#15221)
    Keep in Mind That Dyson and Neustar are .TRAVEL

    The good news is that consumers will NOT be forced
    to buy into the .TRAVEL fiascos you are about to
    see. If anything, market research shows that
    consumers are driven more toward .COM as each
    ICANN fiasco un-folds. Verisign of course loves

    Keep in Mind That Dyson and Neustar are .TRAVEL
    The rest is all a boiler-plate front.
    [ Reply to This | Parent ]
    From http://www.Seattle.TRAVEL
    by Anonymous on Thursday May 12 2005, @06:31PM (#15222)
    As most of you have heard by now, Name Intelligence is organizing a domain
    conference in Seattle in May. I thought I would extend the welcome to the
    list as a few members may not have heard about the domain conference yet.
    That same group most likely doesn't attend ICANN meetings because of time
    and travel requirments. This would be the perfect opertunity to meet with
    your colleagues at a local conference in North America.

    If you are in North America this is your perfect oppurtunity to come out and
    meet with not only other registrars, regisries, and ICANN but also actual
    domain owners. Lawyers, collectors, and everyone that deals in domain names
    as their stock and trade should plan on being there.

    More information about the conference can be found here:
    Dates are: May 25th-27th

    The point man for the conference is Jothan Frakes, if you have any questions
    or need any help registering call him. His phone number is 206.838.9032. (
    jothan AT nameintel.com via email as well).
    [ Reply to This | Parent ]
    Re-Launch of .NZ Set for May 16 in Weelington.NZ
    by Anonymous on Friday May 13 2005, @06:49AM (#15228)


    "16 May 2004 at 2:30pm. Minister David Cunliffe will launch the Digital Strategy at the Beehive in Weelington." .COLO Ready to Roll at Jeff Williams place in the State of Jefferson


    13 31 California September 9, 1850
    13 33 Oregon February 14, 1859
    13 36 Nevada October 31, 1864

    Jefferson - The 51st State - Northern California / Southern Oregon ...
    A directory for history, attractions and recreation in the mountain region of
    northern California and southern Oregon known as State of Jefferson.
    [ Reply to This | Parent ]
    "anyone knows the proper contact at the NTIA"
    by Anonymous on Friday May 13 2005, @09:23AM (#15229)
    "The remaining unanswered question, I suppose, is whether ICANN has yet made a recommendation to the NTIA of the USA Department of Commerce(which could only be on the basis of a secret vote, in violation of ICANN's bylaws) for the addition of ".travel" to the root server. If so, it will be important to find out if the Dept. of Commerce is aware of my request for independent review, which ought to be grounds for the DoC to reject any recommendation from ICANN to add ".travel" to the root, at least until receipt of the recommendation of the IRP concerning a stay. (If anyone knows the proper contact at the NTIA for public comment concerning NTIA decisions on ICANN recommendations, please let me know.)"

    You really do not *get it*, do you ?

    By the time the military-industrial-complex,
    that controls ICANN, makes their decisions about
    new TLDs, such as .TRAVEL, the rubber-stamp is
    all loaded up with ink at the DOC NTIA. Some
    clerk is then instructed to file some bogus
    zero money purchase order and the deal is done.
    The actual changes are made to servers by
    Verisign and ICANN and the other insiders.
    It is all a sham. You are being played as a fool.

    You just do not understand how Cerf, Dyson and
    the rest of the glitterati-digerati operate.
    Have you been to any of their love-fests at
    the Aspen Institute ? or in Arizona ? Do you
    understand the origins of Neustar ? Have you
    ever heard of Lockheed-Martin ?

    Get a clue, the DOC NTIA does not have a clue.
    That is a distraction the insiders fabricate to
    make it look like they are approved in what they
    do. The bottom line is that they take what they
    want, and leave scraps to you.
    [ Reply to This | Parent ]
    A New **JOB** for ICANN - Collect Information
    by Anonymous on Friday May 13 2005, @09:47AM (#15230)
    A New **JOB** for ICANN - Collect Information

    This is the kind of thing Esther Dyson is really
    into. She has roots in East Germany where they
    used to have jars with DNA samples of the people.

    Subject: Return of Total Information Awareness project?

    DHS chief floats idea of collecting private citizens' information
    By Siobhan Gorman, National Journal

    Call it Total Information Awareness, homeland-style.

    Homeland Security Secretary Michael Chertoff this week floated an idea
    to start a nonprofit group that would collect information on private
    citizens, flag suspicious activity, and send names of suspicious people
    to his department.

    The idea, which Chertoff tossed out at an April 27 meeting with
    security-industry officials, is reminiscent of the Defense Department's
    now-dead Total Information Awareness program that sought to sift though
    heaps of foreign intelligence information to root out potential
    terrorist activity.

    According to one techie who attended the April 27 meeting, Chertoff told
    the group, "Maybe we can create a nonprofit and track people's
    activities, and an algorithm could red-flag individuals. Then, the
    nonprofit could give us the names."

    Chertoff also suggested that private industry form a group to collect
    proprietary information about cyber- and other infrastructure-security
    breaches from companies; scrub it of identifying information; aggregate
    it; and pass it along to the department. The financial services industry
    already has such a group.

    "The secretary was responding to a hypothetical question with a
    hypothetical answer," said Homeland Security Department press secretary
    Brian Roehrkasse. "He did not offer specific programmatic content or
    discuss any specific proposed approach. Rather, he was discussing, in
    general terms, the importance of this issue of balancing security and

    Harris Miller, president of the Information Technology Association of
    America, organized the gathering of about 50 security-industry
    executives from companies such as Microsoft, Oracle, and Verizon.
    Reached by phone at the meeting, he characterized the event as "an
    organizational meeting to discuss how the [information-technology]
    industry can work more effectively with each other" and with the
    Homeland Security Department.

    Because the meeting was closed to the press, Miller would not discuss
    Chertoff's comments.One meeting participant said that Chertoff told the
    group that having a nonprofit collect names rather than the government
    "would alleviate some of the concerns people have." Not so for this
    participant: "This is what made me sort of shift in my seat. It sounds
    like investigating every person for no reason." He was particularly
    concerned that an unknown formula created by this new group would
    determine the red flags.
    [ Reply to This | Parent ]
    From http://www.TIME.TRAVEL - Visit it Later
    by Anonymous on Friday May 13 2005, @09:57AM (#15231)
    From http://www.TIME.TRAVEL
    Visit it Later - You likely do not have access now.


    The Time Traveler Convention

    May 7, 2005, 10:00pm EDT (08 May 2005 02:00:00 UTC)

    East Campus Courtyard, MIT

    42:21:36.025°N, 71:05:16.332°W
    (42.360007,-071.087870 in decimal degrees)

    I'm from the future, and I'd like to attend!

    We're not sure how you're emailing us from the future, but we'd love to have you! Come as you are! No dress code whatsoever. We do request that you bring some sort of proof that you do indeed come from the future, and haven't just dressed like you do. We welcome any sort of proof, but things like a cure for AIDS or cancer, a solution for global poverty, or a cold fusion reactor would be particularly convincing as well as greatly appreciated.
    [ Reply to This | Parent ]
    Attention .TRAVEL Name Speculators
    by Anonymous on Friday May 13 2005, @06:41PM (#15240)
    d-travel .com
    [ Reply to This | Parent ]
    Always-On Architecture vs. Mostly-Off-Line Designs
    by Anonymous on Saturday May 14 2005, @04:06PM (#15248)
    Always-On Architecture vs. Mostly-Off-Line Designs

    The ICANN insiders are not familiar with the
    new, emerging "Always-On Architecture" of 24x7
    Broadband networking. Many of them come from
    old-school main-frame mentality eras, where users
    logged in from time-to-time to do time-sharing.
    Large central systems maintained the state of
    the system. Central databases were viewed as the
    only way to do things.

    With the emerging Always-On Architecture, the
    users have small low-cost devices which are
    always-on and which can represent them. Those
    collections of always-on devices can work on
    their own. To create what some view as a Registry,
    the collection of always-on devices can each
    maintain a piece of the database. They can also
    contain certificates to authenticate themselves.
    With non-volatile RAM (NVRAM) they can endure
    power outages and rebound with the information.

    ICANN insiders are not prepared for the changes
    this architectural shift will bring. It is about
    as different as moving from vacumn tube radios
    to solid-state transistor designs. There is no
    need for filament voltage in the new design.
    The thermal trade-offs are also different. The
    ICANN insiders are mostly relics from days gone
    by. The world and marketplace will pass them by.
    [ Reply to This | Parent ]
    TRAVEL is Also a Verb
    by Anonymous on Sunday May 15 2005, @04:35AM (#15249)
    TRAVEL is Also a Verb

    The new DNS technology allows http://TRAVEL.[TLD]
    to be added (supported) in ALL popular TLDs,
    including the 50 States in the .USA.

    http://www.TRAVEL.ca - California
    http://www.TRAVEL.nz - Arizona
    http://www.TRAVEL.fl - Florida
    http://www.TRAVEL.ny - New York

    Since many 2-letter TLDs only use a few names,
    the new technology is able to INTERLACE the
    new with the old. It queries the back-end
    legacy servers and then adds value in front
    of those.

    See also The Travel Channel
    [ Reply to This | Parent ]
    ICANN Director Moves IETF Into Marketing Spin
    by Anonymous on Monday May 16 2005, @10:22PM (#15272)
    ICANN Director, John Klensin, a long-time
    confidante of Vinton Cerf and an ex-MCI player
    has decided to begin using the ISOC/IETF to
    spread more distractions and marketing spin.[1]

    While it is interesting to see that the frogs
    are apparently aware they are being boiled, it
    is also interesting to see that they either do
    not want to understand where the heat is **really** coming
    from or they want to distract the other frogs
    from understanding that. In Klensin's latest
    pontification from THE Society, he fails to come
    close to explaining that the IP address spectrum
    is being migrated AWAY from his society's
    unethical stewardship to responsible carriers
    and government regulators [like the FCC].
    He also fails to note that during the migration
    the address spectrum is being expanded, which
    helps to accelerate the migration and remove the
    time-pressures and address-exhaustion FUD that
    ICANN and the RIRs use to lock in their customer

                    I-D Tag: draft-klensin-ip-service-terms-04.txt

                    URL: ftp://ftp.rfc-editor.org/in-notes/rfc4084.txt

    As the Internet has evolved, many types of arrangements have been
    advertised and sold as "Internet connectivity". Because these may
    differ significantly in the capabilities they offer, the range of
    options, and the lack of any standard terminology, the effort to
    distinguish between these services has caused considerable consumer
    confusion. This document provides a list of terms and definitions
    that may be helpful to providers, consumers, and, potentially,
    regulators in clarifying the type and character of services being
    [ Reply to This | Parent ]
    ICANN Prepares to Exit the United States with $$$$
    by Anonymous on Monday May 16 2005, @10:46PM (#15273)
    Australian Paul Twomey (ICANN CEO) and ICANN
    Chairman Vinton Cerf are accelerating their plan
    to move ICANN off-shore, away from U.S. public

    http://www.icann.org/general/jobs.htm#RegionalLiai sonManagers

    Regional Liaison Managers

    The Internet Corporation for Assigned Names and Numbers (ICANN) has immediate job openings for the position of Liaison Managers for multiple world regions. Reporting to the General Manager Global Partnerships
    [ Reply to This | Parent ]
    ICANN Director Discovers He is in a Sewer
    by Anonymous on Monday May 16 2005, @11:01PM (#15274)
    ICANN Director Discovers He is in a Sewer
    and Wants YOU to JOIn Him


    "We are at a crucial turning point in Internet governance. Governments and other organizations are seriously questioning the continuing ability for the Internet to be governed in a bottom up, consensus driven and open manner. I believe it is literally "all hands on deck" to keep things running and further improve the process that is currently in place."
    [ Reply to This | Parent ]
    How Did the U.S. Gov Handle Vinton Cerf's MCI Mess
    by Anonymous on Monday May 16 2005, @11:33PM (#15278)
    How Did the U.S. Gov Handle Vinton Cerf's MCI Mess?

    "Terminated dozens of employees, including a number of senior officers, who either participated in inappropriate activities, who appeared to look the other way in the face of indications of suspicious activity, or who otherwise acted in a manner inconsistent with necessary standards of conduct;"

    * Recruited a new CEO who was not at the Company during the events at issue, and who brought a reputation for integrity and forthrightness in his leadership skills;

    Replaced its entire board of directors who were present at the time the fraud was discovered, thereby removing 100% of directors who were participants in governance under the regime of the prior CEO Bernard J. Ebbers;

                    * After the fraud was discovered, appointed three highly respected individuals to its Board of Directors: Nicholas deB Katzenbach, former U.S. Attorney General and former Under Secretary of State; Dennis Beresford, Professor of Accounting at the Terry College of Business at the University of Georgia and a former chairman of the Financial Accounting Standards Board; and C.B. Rogers, Jr., former CEO and chairman of Equifax. In addition, five highly capable individuals have joined the Board of Directors of MCI. They are former Touche Ross Chairman W. Grant Gregory; retired Bell Atlantic executive Judith Haberkorn; Patton Boggs Partner Laurence Harris; former U.S. Deputy Attorney General Eric Holder, and Cerberus Capital Management LPC Chief Operating Officer and General Counsel Mark Neporent.
    [ Reply to This | Parent ]
    How Many .TRaVEL and .TrAvEL and .TRaVeL ????
    by Anonymous on Wednesday May 18 2005, @03:39AM (#15284)
    How Many .TRaVEL and .TrAvEL and .TRaVeL ????

    The .CAT is out of the bag and in "the root".

    The 6-bit encoding of letters in AAAA records
    allows Upper and Lower case in DNS names, as
    well as dash and under-score (lower-case dash).
    All ten digits, 0 to 9, are also there.

    6-bits, 64 symbols, [A-Z] 26x2=52 plus [0-9] 10 is 62 plus 2 is 64.

    Some view under-score as a space.

    64-bit IP addresses have 4 bits of type code
    and 60 bits for symbols, 10 letters each.
    The .FCC assigns 10 symbol FRNs with a whois service, for FREE. FREE address space from the .FCC.

    How Many .TRaVEL and .TrAvEL and .TRaVeL ????

    .traVe l

    64 of them because 2 to the 6th power is 64
    [ Reply to This | Parent ]
    .SMM $$$ Send.More.Money $$$ .SMM
    by Anonymous on Wednesday May 18 2005, @05:10AM (#15288)
    http://www.icann.org/financials/proposed-budget-17 may05.html#Litigation

    Regional Internet Registries

    With the execution of the MoU between the NRO and ICANN, it was expected that the RIRs would release fees that have been held in escrow. However, since the execution of the MoU, the RIRs have not released funds. ICANN is working with each RIR to reach an agreement and release funds. ICANN's independent auditors, recognizing the risk to revenue receipts, have required ICANN to make note of the shortfall in its financial statements.

    In fiscal year 2004-05, based upon discussions with an RIR representative, ICANN budgeted RIR contributions equal to 10% of the previous year's budget. The predicted contributions of $823K represented a 54% increase over the previous year's budget. In fiscal year 2005-06, ICANN has asked for the same amount.

    Finally, it is important to note the RIRs provide funding to ASO meetings, staff support for the ASO, and travel and attendance at the ICANN meetings.
    [ Reply to This | Parent ]
    No Surprise .NET Fees Will Fund the ISOC Insiders
    by Anonymous on Wednesday May 18 2005, @05:15AM (#15289)
    (11) Security and Stability Projects. A portion of the fees paid by the operator of the .NET registry will become part of a special restricted fund to enhance and facilitate the security and stability of the global Internet's system of unique identifiers. These monies will fund distinct projects; the first are outlined below.

    (12) ICANN and other contributors intends to fund a not-for-profit concern that will work to promote, and then implement, DNSSEC. Disbursement of funds to a different entity is contingent upon the presentation of the new concern's operating plan and approval by the ICANN board.

    (13) ICANN will promote the deployment of top-level IDNs generally and through separate efforts: a study defining the market opportunities/risks, global and cultural issues, and technical ramifications associated with IDN implementation; retaining, so long as it is economically makes sense to do so, a contractor/consultant to provide advise regarding DNS stability issues; and hosting regional forums with location specific organisations.

    (14) This fund will retain the services of a Standing Technical Panel, support it, and provide for travel and communications as required for its efficient operation. In the event that ICANN reasonably determines that a proposed Registry Service might raise significant Stability or Security issues, ICANN will refer the proposal to a Standing Panel of experts (and simultaneously invite public comment on the proposal). The Standing Panel shall consist of a total of 20 people expert in the design, management and implementation of the complex systems and standards-protocols utilized in the Internet infrastructure and DNS. The panel will operate as defined in registry contracts.
    [ Reply to This | Parent ]
    Paul Twomey's Australia Domain Name Gold Mine .AU
    by Anonymous on Tuesday May 24 2005, @05:00AM (#15342)
    Paul Twomey's Australia Domain Name Gold Mine .AU

    "winners will be required to pay a Release Fee of $825"

    Would you like to be a winner ?

    Release of geographic names in com.au and net.au

    Under current policy there is a restriction on the use of geographic names as domain names in com.au and net.au. Following a public review in 2004, the auDA Board resolved in that geographic domain names are useful and desirable for Australian businesses and that the restriction should be lifted.

    auDA has determined that the fairest and most effective way of releasing the geographic names for use as domain names will be by way of individual ballots. Some geographic names are available as domain names in both com.au and net.au, while some geographic names are only available in either com.au or net.au. (See Note below.)

    Eligible applicants will be able to apply for a geographic domain name or names through a Participating Registrar. Applicants will need to satisfy the normal com.au and net.au eligibility and allocation criteria in the Domain Name Eligibility and Allocation Rules for the Open 2LDs (2005-01).

    Where only one application is received for a domain name, that applicant will be the ballot winner. Where more than one application is received for a domain name, the ballot winner will be drawn at random using an automated computer program. Where no applications are received for a domain name, that name will be withdrawn from the ballot process and released by auDA at a later date.

    Ballot winners will be required to pay a Release Fee of $825 (inc. GST) to auDA in order to register their geographic domain name. Ballot proceeds will be used by auDA to support the implementation of the new community geographic name space.

    auDA intends to launch the ballot process in June 2005. People who are interested in registering a geographic name should join the auDA Announcements List to receive further information as it becomes available.

    NOTE: Under auDA policy a "geographic name" is defined as any location with an Australian postcode, as listed on the Australia Post postcode database. This includes all suburb and town names, plus a number of other names such as airports and universities. The following names will not be included in the ballot process: airport names; hospital names; university names; defence force names; government names; postal names or names with Australia Post designators (eg. BC, MC, PO). The name "Australia" and state/territory names and abbreviations will also not be included in the ballot process.
    [ Reply to This | Parent ]
    Michael Palage Lands Another Florida TLD - .XXX
    by Anonymous on Wednesday June 01 2005, @09:27PM (#15393)
    http://www.icann.org/tlds/stld-apps-19mar04/xxx.ht m

    "These positive industry developments have made the
    proposed .xxx TLD more useful to both registrants and users. Moreover, given
    that ICM will be contracting with Afilias to provide key registry
    infrastructure backend services, ICM and IFFOR believe that similar future
    policy developments proposed by the ICANN GNSO would in most instances be
    incorporated into operation of the proposed TLD."

    Company Name      ICM Registry, Inc
    Company Address 1     1097 Jupiter Park Lane, Suite 3
    Company Address 2     -
    Company City     Jupiter
    Company State/Province     Florida
    Company Postal Code     FL 33458
    Company Website Address     www.icmregistry.com
    Company Country     United States
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