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    The Register: ICANN Skewed .net process for VeriSign | Log in/Create an Account | Top | 29 comments | Search Discussion
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    Re:SEC Investigating ICANN Insiders for Pump and D
    by Anonymous on Sunday May 15 2005, @07:08AM (#15251)
    Looks like Bernie Ebbers should be making the
    case, to save his neck, that Worldcom execs
    like Vint Cerf were managing Worldcom based on
    how it will impact stock price. Esther Dyson was
    also in the middle of this. She makes Martha
    Stewart look like Mother Teresa.

    According to ICANN's Chairman Vinton Cerf:

      It will be easier for John Sidgmore

    >to make the case to the MCI Worldcom management if IBM is willing to go

    >into this with us and split the $1M cost. Is it possible?


    >I would then launch a campaign with GIP, ITAA, Internet Society,

    >and other interested groups on the basis that ICANN must succeed

    >or Internet will be in jeopardy. This ought to play well with any

    >company whose stock price is dependent on a well-functioning Internet.
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    Re:SEC Investigating ICANN Insiders for Pump and D
    by Anonymous on Sunday May 15 2005, @04:25PM (#15252)
    ANNOUNCEMENT: ICANN Call for Submissions of Interest for Leadership
                                Positions is issued; submission deadline is 15 June 2005.

    Dear Colleague,

    The Internet Corporation for Assigned Names and Numbers (ICANN) has posted a call for recommendations and statements of interest for leadership positions on its Board of Directors and its Supporting Organizations. Additional details, including the URL of the complete details and the application form, are contained below.

    I encourage you all to read the material below and to consider who might be appropriate and strong candidates for such submissions, and to make recommendations of suitable individuals. Interested individuals may also submit a statement of interest directly.

    If any of you have any questions, comments or recommendations that you would like to discuss with me directly please feel free to do so.

    Remember, the nominating committee appointments are intended to represent the broad interests of Internet users, not the particular interests of registrars. Thus, I would ask all of you to be both broad and creative in thinking about who may be appropriate for these positions. The help of registrars and others outside of Europe and North America is especially appreciated, but, of course, ALL help and input is appreciated.

    Please feel free to redistribute this message to any and all relevant individuals and groups.


    Elliot Noss
    Member, Nominating Committee
    [ Reply to This | Parent ]
    Re:SEC Investigating ICANN Insiders for Pump and D
    by Anonymous on Sunday May 15 2005, @04:31PM (#15253)
    Neustar IPO!
    by Bret Fausett on March 30, 2005 01:27PM (PST)
    Coming soon, to complement your DNS stock portfolio.
    [ Reply to This | Parent ]
    Re:SEC Investigating ICANN Insiders for Pump and D
    by Anonymous on Sunday May 15 2005, @07:24PM (#15255)
    Marilyn Cade emphasized that it was a council discussion and not a decision, and encouraged all council members to make comments, regardless of a relationship with any of the bidders, stating that when regulatory agencies engage in anti-trust investigations in general, at times of mergers or acquisitions, they invited the opinion of affected parties including competitors to the companies planning to merge.

    In disclosure statements Ross Rader stated that Tucows had a contracting relationship with one of the bidders and Ken Stubbs stated that he was a director of Afilias, one of bidders on the .net re delegation.
    [ Reply to This | Parent ]
    Plugging D Holes - Vint Cerf, WorldCom senior vice
    by Anonymous on Monday May 16 2005, @04:30AM (#15257)

    Plugging D Holes

    There's no doubt the Intermedia buy was pursued almost solely to get Digex. WorldCom's Ebbers in April promulgated his Generation D vision, stating that the company was "fundamentally changing its corporate strategy, business initiatives, product focus, and sales practices." That fundamental change was aimed at expanding its high growth high-speed data and Internet services to extend its network and transport services to include e-commerce and e-business services.

    Vint Cerf, WorldCom senior vice president for Internet architecture and technology, says the company will build a diversified network of services. "Customers want to choose how they communicate with their e-supplier--online via the web, by phone with toll-free service, with e-mail, via wireless devices, or by combining any or all of these services," he says.

    With the deal, WorldCom takes over the $3 billion debt Intermedia had garnered. Additionally, WorldCom is paying some $3 billion in cash and stock.
    [ Reply to This | Parent ]
    "He is a dealmaker…I am damned impressed." - Cerf
    by Anonymous on Monday May 16 2005, @04:45AM (#15258)
    http://www.bizforward.com/wdc/issues/2002-07/forwa rd40/03.shtml

    Enter Sidgmore, one of Greater Washington's most seasoned technology entrepreneurs and a vice chair of the company, who took the helm at WorldCom at the end of April following the sudden departure of embattled CEO Bernie Ebbers. WorldCom is in disarray: By mid-May, Moody's had downgraded the company's credit rating to junk. Standard & Poor's removed WorldCom from the S&P 500 index, triggering a massive sell-off of the stock. The company is also being investigated by the SEC for its allegedly reckless accounting and for loaning more than $366 million to Ebbers.

    So what will Sidgmore do? Whatever it is, it had better be good: the WorldCom scandal intensifies the ongoing crisis of confidence in the public markets. Sidgmore's challenge goes beyond WorldCom. He's got to make us believe in corporate America again. "John is a guy who gets things done," says Vint Cerf, WorldCom's senior vice president of Internet architecture and technology. "He understands the technology. He is a dealmaker…I am damned impressed. That's why I am still here."
    [ Reply to This | Parent ]
    "The inner circle of ICANN is amazingly narrow:"
    by Anonymous on Monday May 16 2005, @04:50AM (#15259)
    http://archives.openflows.org/hacktivism/hacktivis m01014.html [openflows.org]
    The inner circle of ICANN is amazingly narrow:
    MCI-WorldCom (Vint Cerf & John Sidgemore);
    IBM (John Patrick, Roger Cochetti, Mike Nelson & George Conrades);
    Mike Roberts (who at Educom was beholden to IBM funding);
    Esther Dyson (known as one of the most influential persons in the
                 IT industry);
    Joe Sims (anti trust attorney for the powerful law firm of Jones and
              Day); and,
    Tom Kalil (the group's White House liason to the highest levels of the
              (Clinton-Gore administration).
    [ Reply to This | Parent ]
    ITAA is the Information Technology Association
    by Anonymous on Monday May 16 2005, @05:11AM (#15261)
    >I would then launch a campaign with GIP, ITAA, Internet Society,

    Note also that ITAA is the Information Technology Association of
    America, a Washington DC lobby for American IT companies. ITAA Vice
    president Jon Englund has for the past year been enlisted to use the
    ITAA as a platform for ICANN support, although the effort has been
    reasonably quiet -- reaching its highest profile when ITAA gathered
    the copyright and trademark interests in a January, 1999, Washington,
    DC meeting to influence the formation of ICANN's Domain Name Support-
    ing Organization. Vint's feel of control over ISOC, ITAA, and GIP
    and his willingness to put his reputation on the line is impressive.
    [ Reply to This | Parent ]
    blamed for creating a "culture of fear"
    by Anonymous on Monday May 16 2005, @07:38AM (#15265)

    SEC Files Charges Against Ex-Qwest CEO
    March 15, 2005 6:10 PM ET


    DENVER (AP) - The Securities and Exchange Commission charged former Qwest Communications CEO Joseph Nacchio and six other executives Tuesday with orchestrating a "massive financial fraud" at the telecommunications company that concealed the source of billions of dollars in revenue later wiped off the books.

    The civil lawsuit blamed Nacchio and others for creating a "culture of fear" and putting enormous pressure on employees to meet revenue and earnings goals through bogus sales procedures that became an addiction.

    The suit is the most dramatic development yet in the government's three-year investigation of Denver-based Qwest Communications International Inc., the primary local phone provider in 14 Western states. It was filed hours after former WorldCom Inc. CEO Bernard Ebbers was convicted in New York of engineering a multibillion-dollar accounting scheme at his Mississippi telecom.

    >I would then launch a campaign with GIP, ITAA, Internet Society,

    >and other interested groups on the basis that ICANN must succeed

    >or Internet will be in jeopardy. This ought to play well with any

    >company whose stock price is dependent on a well-functioning Internet.
    [ Reply to This | Parent ]
    Re:SEC Investigating ICANN Insiders for Pump and D
    by Anonymous on Monday May 16 2005, @01:26PM (#15270)
    http://forum.icann.org/lists/net-rfp-denic/msg0000 4.html
      Tucows has a Letter of Intent with DENIC to act as a sub-contractor providing some .net registrar customer service functions in accordance with ICANN's organizational conflict of interest policies.

    • Tucows has an active role in the business of the GNSO. Ross Rader, a Tucows employee, is an elected member of the GNSO Council and more recently, our CEO, Elliot Noss, was elected to ICANN's Board of Directors Nomination Committee. Prior to any discussions with DENIC, Ross Rader participated in the GNSO Council subcommittee tasked with developing the criteria that is to be used by ICANN to select the next .net registry operator.

      - Tucows is an Afilias shareholder.
    - Tucows was involved with Afilias' founding and the deployment of its registry services technology platform, through Tucows’ subsidiary Liberty RMS, which was subsequently acquired by Afilias from Tucows. Former employees of entities acquired by Tucows are now employed by Afilias. Former employees of entities owned by Tucows, and subsequently acquired by Afilias, are currently employed by Afilias.
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