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    Given Up ? Real Americans Do Not Give Up
    by Anonymous on Saturday April 30 2005, @11:42PM (#15039)
    Real Americans have not given up. They are
    educated and no longer waste their time with
    the IETF.ISOC.ITU.INT.IANA road-shows.

    Real Americans have direct access to deep markets
    that are not regulated by third-world diplomats
    (cab drivers) meeting in Switzerland.

    Real Americans have access to bandwidth. They
    are able to use the real Internet and have no
    need for face-to-face (high bandwidth) meetings
    in exotic locations that are designed to
    discriminate in favor of the well-funded digerati
    groupies. Real Americans can meet face-to-face
    via the .NET. The rest of the world can not do
    that because they have no bandwidth and also
    now have no routing with their IP addresses being
    re-used by Americans.

    Real Americans can not make bandwidth appear in
    third-world countries. Real Americans do not have
    to apologize for the .NET they have built and
    the VALUE of their high-bandwidth .NET. Real
    Americans capitalize on their .NET and sell to
    the market. There is a steady stream of people
    that line up to become Real Americans.

    ICANN apologists are welcome to move to some
    third-world country and enjoy being cut off from
    Real Americans. Real Americans could not care less.
    [ Reply to This | Parent ]
    .INDIANA (.IN) TLD Re-Launched
    by Anonymous on Saturday April 30 2005, @11:53PM (#15040)
    .INDIANA (.IN) TLD Re-Launched

    I see

    you are welcome

    [ Reply to This | Parent ]
    "the website it references times out"
    by Anonymous on Sunday May 01 2005, @12:11AM (#15041)
    "the website it references times out"

    Have you tried WIFI Channel 6 ? (IPv6)
    It seems to work fine.
    [ Reply to This | Parent ]
    http://America.ONLINE Hard-Coded into Software
    by Anonymous on Sunday May 01 2005, @06:20AM (#15045)
    WIFI Portal Operators (the Next Generation Virtual ISP) are now selling Hard-Coded Ad-Links in their
    WIFI Router software packages.

    Since the users get their DNS from those WIFI
    Routers, the legacy ISP (DSL telco) is not a
    factor in the name-space management. ICANN of
    course also is not a factor and no root servers
    are used.

    The new Red White and Blue WIFI Router being
    prepared for http://www.COMP.USA allows users
    to sign up for a .USA domain name FREE.
    [ Reply to This | Parent ]
    A@L Should Join FooBAR it Replaced IANA
    by Anonymous on Sunday May 01 2005, @04:04PM (#15048)
    A@L Should Join FooBAR it Replaced IANA

    See the MOU between FooBAR and the community. (All three people who just make it all up)
    [ Reply to This | Parent ]
    Why America.ONLINE is Not in the DNS (Yet)
    by Anonymous on Sunday May 01 2005, @04:42PM (#15049)
    Why America.ONLINE is Not in the DNS (Yet)

    http://www.opensecrets.org/bush/cabinet/cabinet.po well.asp

    "As a civilian, Colin Powell served on two corporate boards: Gulfstream Aerospace and America Online (which later merged with Time Warner). Gulfstream Aerospace makes specialty jets for Hollywood movie stars and for foreign governments, like Kuwait and Saudi Arabia—two countries Powell got to know well in his role as chairman of the Joint Chiefs of Staff during the Persian Gulf War. The company was bought out by defense contractor General Dynamics in 1999. The former general also earned a windfall when AOL merged with Time Warner in 2001. His stock in the company reportedly increased in value by $4 million, although the stock of both companies plummeted within a few years of the deal. Powell’s son, Michael, was the only commissioner at the Federal Communications Commission who advocated letting the AOL-Time Warner deal go through without scrutiny. President Bush eventually named Michael Powell chairman of the FCC."
    [ Reply to This | Parent ]
    From the ARIN Postel Workers Labor Union Meeting
    by Anonymous on Monday May 02 2005, @05:06AM (#15052)
    http://www.arin.net/meetings/minutes/ARIN_XV/ppm_m inutes_day3.html#anchor_11

    Musical Chairs to Confuse Casual Observers

    "The executive council officers rotate on an annual basis. This year, Axel Pawlik is the chair; Paul Wilson, last year's chair, is a member; Raul Echeberria is the Secretary; and Ray Plzak is the Treasurer. AfriNIC is not taking on many NRO duties this year."

    An ARIN Trustee admits he black holes traffic which is a violation of U.S. Federal laws regarding the interference of telecommunications transmissions. Will ARIN Trustees be taking wire-cutters to your DSL next ?

    "Paul Vixie stated that he created the first black hole list, and the lawyers at the time advised him against calling it a black list, and now he sees why."
    [ Reply to This | Parent ]
    Who Is Steering the IETF.ISOC.INC ?
    by Anonymous on Monday May 02 2005, @05:32AM (#15054)
    Who Is Steering the IETF.ISOC.INC ?

    Imagine all of these peoplem, ALL sitting in the
    cockpit of a 747, none of them with a pilot's
    training or license and the ISOC Stewardess Lynn
    serving them unlimited drinks.

    The Internet Engineering Steering Group
    IESG Members
    (The IESG can be reached at iesg@ietf.org)

    IETF Chair
    Brian Carpenter, IBM Switzerland

    Applications Area (app)
    Ted Hardie, Qualcomm, Inc.
    Scott Hollenbeck, VeriSign

    Internet Area (int)
    Mark Townsley, Cisco
    Margaret Wasserman, ThingMagic

    Operations and Management Area (ops)
    David Kessens, Nokia
    Bert Wijnen, Lucent Technologies

    Routing Area (rtg)
    Bill Fenner, AT&T
    Alex Zinin, Alcatel

    Security Area (sec)
    Sam Hartman, MIT
    Russ Housley, Vigil Security, LLC

    Transport Area (tsv)
    Allison Mankin, Shinkuro
    Jon Peterson, NeuStar, Inc

    Liaison and Ex-officio Members
    Leslie Daigle, VeriSign - IAB Chair
    Barbara Fuller, Foretec Seminars - IETF Executive Director
    Michelle Cotton, Internet Assigned Numbers Authority - IANA liaison
    Joyce K. Reynolds, USC/ISI - RFC Editor liaison
    Dave Meyer, Cisco/University of Oregon - IAB liaison
    [ Reply to This | Parent ]
    Houston We Have A Problem - New.Net has .TRAVEL
    by Anonymous on Monday May 02 2005, @09:09PM (#15066)
    Houston We Have A Problem - New.Net has .TRAVEL

    Vendare Media is becoming an ICANN Registrar.

    Stay tuned for a real .TRAVEL TLD based on FREE market forces.

    http://www.vendaregroup.com/info/press/robert_kavn er.html

    "Previously, Kavner held a number of senior-level positions at AT&T. He was CEO of the Multimedia Products and Services Group and a member of the Executive Committee of AT&T. Prior to that, Kavner was President of the Data Systems Division and Chairman of the Unix Systems Laboratory."
    [ Reply to This | Parent ]
    A@L Clarification
    by AmericaAtLarge on Wednesday May 04 2005, @11:58AM (#15084)
    User #4126 Info | http://americeatlarge.org/
    Thank you all for your important input.

    Please let me assure you that this is not a hoax, we (A@L) have applied for and are still awaiting ALS status from ICANN.

    We are doing this to represent YOU, the Internet users through a legitimate portal of exchange. You input is truly appreciated.

    The webmaster mentions that things with our organization seem fuzzy (ie: DNS Registration, the site doesn't resolve, etc), and this is a valid concern. Our transparency, expecially during the application process is purposeful. I personally own several hundred domain names and am bombarded with messages from all arenas, since the information is publicly available. I also like to protect my personal privacy. Also, I don't want to jepordize the status of our application, so I have not yet provided input to ICANN or performed any other functions because we are still waiting and waiting... and waiting.

    On the subject above, I would like to state a concern of mine, and you (the reader) may be able to provide more input. I did my MBA thesis based upon this organization, which means I studied all other organizations that have been certified as an ALS structure. So, some interesting points arise:

    - there seems to be little overall interest in this porcess from the community at-large.

    - of the 2 organizations that have applied for ALS status in North America, both are located in Honolulu. Although it would probably be more productive, there is no collusion between these 2 organizations. My hope is that when we both become certified, we can have a nice party and introduce ourselves. I have, however, met one member of the other organization on several occasions.

    - out of all other organizations who applied, only 1 organization was denied certification, presumably because of an incomplete application.

    - out of all other organizations who applied, only the North America organizations have had to wait for due dilligence for 12 months.

    - lawyers seem to be the only people interested in domain name issues, seemingly to collude and bully for their own gain.

    Thank you all for your interest! I will be attending the Domain Round Table at my own expense in hopes that I can speed our decision from ICANN and meet others who share concerns for our society.

    - Randy Glass
    Executive Director, A@L
    [ Reply to This | Parent ]

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