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    The ITU, like nature, abhors a vacuum
    by KarlAuerbach on Tuesday December 21 2004, @01:23PM (#14596)
    User #3243 Info | http://www.cavebear.com/
    It seems only reasonable that a body, such as the ITU, a body that has spent more than a century doing actual technical coordination of the telephone and telegraph systems, should be concerned that ICANN has utterly abandoned its responsibility to engage in the technical coordination of DNS and IP addresses.

    The internet is running along full speed ahead but the no hand, much less ICANN's hand, on any of technical controls.

    Because ICANN has abandoned its role of oversight the technical stability of the DNS is left to a few dedicated individuals who, despite the best of intentions, are mortal.

    It is completely understandable why the ITU should want to step in and repair the vacuum of technical oversight created by ICANN.
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    The Next Phase - Route Filtering by IP Address
    by Anonymous on Tuesday December 21 2004, @05:47PM (#14598)
    The Next Phase - Route Filtering by IP Address

    People running around in meat-space to the
    ICANN and ISOC/IETF Road-Shows seem to be unaware
    of what the average user is facing in dealing
    with the naive end-to-end Internet architecture.
    People seem to be **assuming** that the average
    user (especially Joe American Consumer), is
    going to be interested in seeing more spam,
    viruses, and pop-ups from people and companies
    both in and outside of the U.S. That is not
    the case. That is not the consensus. People are
    fed up with the liberal-academic-socialist
    models of "please expose all of your systems
    to a bunch of geeks to infect as they please."

    The solution is of course going to be massive
    walled-gardens. Filtering at the IP address
    prefix-level is the only way to solve the major
    problems. That of course is going to free up
    a very large amount of 32-bit address space and
    make it non-routable to-from the walled gardens.
    In a strange "two negatives make a positive"
    sort of way, this will help with the *perceived*
    address shortage problem, which ICANN and the
    RIRs use as a carrot in attracting players like
    the ITU.

    If the ITU plays any **active** role, it may
    be as a publisher of the list of IP address
    blocks that it has decided are NOT ROUTABLE.
    In the old days, the RIRs claimed to tell people
    what blocks were in use and routable. Now
    people want to know what blocks to turn off.

    It will be interesting if the ITU steps forward
    and tells people that entire /8s are not
    recommended to be routed. They can effectively
    turn-off major regions of the world, that seem
    to be major sources of problems. Some people
    think that sort of filtering should be done
    via the name-space, removing a ccTLD as example.
    That does not work. The filtering has to happen
    at the address-space level. ICANN does not
    seem to have much interest in address-space
    management. Most of the focus has been on names.
    The ITU could play a very active role [along
    with the FCC] in address space (spectrum)

    The average netizen's cable-TV-like-box is of
    course the ideal place to do some of the
    filtering. They will be happy it just happens
    and may even pay for better protection. The
    the netizens build better walled-gardens.
    Many people in the ISOC grateful-dead-like
    groupie tour-group are not going to like what
    has become an essential next phase.

    major companies are of course poised to help
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    .INFO Moving to 2-Letter .IN Abbreviation TLD
    by Anonymous on Tuesday December 21 2004, @08:55PM (#14601)
    .INFO advocates, aware of Vinton Cerf's claims
    that 4-letter TLDs do not work, can now move
    to the 2-letter Abbreviation TLD, .IN

    Afilias, the facade company for the .INFO
    Registry (other companies do the real work),
    is also now running .IN

    The ITU may try to claim that all 2-letter
    TLDs fall under their management. Eventually,
    all of the 2-letter TLDs will be taken, in

    Will the Abbreviation TLD for .TRAVEL be .TV ?
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    ITU blog
    by fnord ({groy2k} {at} {yahoo.com}) on Wednesday December 22 2004, @02:02AM (#14603)
    User #2810 Info
    The ITU is sufficiently clued as to blog [itu.int] its activities. It is the height of absurdity to imagine ICANN doing likewise. It is likewise absurd that Paul Kane, Chair of CENTR, is the contact for numerous ccTLD's. As the contact under ICANN's rules is supposed to reside in a given ccTLD, Kane must have numerous residences.

    I have generally been a supporter of the idea that the ITU take on many of ICANN's functions, but this particular trial balloon needs to be shot down. I hope saner heads (like Richard Hill and Robert Shaw if they're still with the ITU, they dwarf anything ICANN has to offer) will prevail. -g

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    "Internet to ITU: Stay Away from My Network"
    by Anonymous on Wednesday December 22 2004, @05:47PM (#14612)
    It looks like the ICANN Taliban are starting to
    worry that their cash-cow and travel junkets[1]
    could be in jeopardy. It is interesting to see
    that the ISOC Taliban thinks they speak for the
    "Internet". If there has been one bit of consensus
    come from the ICANN Process or the ICANN Framework
    it is that "the Internet Community" wants to get
    as far away from ICANN and the Taliban as they
    can [tm. TheyCANN]

    [1] http://www.circleid.com/article/842_0_1_0_C/

    "Internet to ITU: Stay Away from My Network"

    "The backbone of the ITU's contention rests on the premise that something called the Next Generation Network and the contention that this network will act as one big bug fix for all the problems created by current inter-networking technology."

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    Still Time for the ITU to Get an IP Address Block
    by Anonymous on Wednesday December 22 2004, @05:59PM (#14613)
    201 NJ
    202 DC
    203 CT
    204 Manitoba
    205 AL
    206 WA
    207 ME
    208 ID
    209 CA
    210 TX
    212 NY
    213 CA
    214 TX
    215 PA
    216 OH
    217 IL
    218 MN
    219 IN
    224 IL
    225 LA
    228 MS
    229 GA
    231 MI
    234 OH
    239 FL
    240 MD
    242 Bahamas
    246 Barbados
    248 MI
    250 British Columbia
    251 AL
    252 NC
    253 WA
    254 TX
    256 AL
    260 IN
    262 WI
    264 Anguilla
    267 PA
    268 Antigua/Barbuda
    269 MI
    270 KY
    276 VA
    281 TX
    284 British Virgin Islands
    289 Ontario
    301 MD
    302 DE
    303 CO
    304 WV
    305 FL
    306 Saskatchewan
    307 WY
    308 NE
    309 IL
    310 CA
    312 IL
    313 MI
    314 MO
    315 NY
    316 KS
    317 IN
    318 LA
    319 IA
    320 MN
    321 FL
    323 CA
    325 TX
    330 OH
    334 AL
    336 NC
    337 LA
    339 MA
    340 US Virgin Islands
    345 Cayman Islands
    347 NY
    351 MA
    352 FL
    360 WA
    361 TX
    386 FL
    401 RI
    402 NE
    403 Alberta
    404 GA
    405 OK
    406 MT
    407 FL
    408 CA
    409 TX
    410 MD
    412 PA
    413 MA
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    417 MO
    418 Quebec
    419 OH
    423 TN
    425 WA
    430 TX
    432 TX
    434 VA
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    440 OH
    441 Bermuda
    443 MD
    450 Quebec
    456 NANP area
    469 TX
    473 Grenada
    478 GA
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    480 AZ
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    506 New Brunswick
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    567 OH
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    580 OK
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    604 British Columbia
    605 SD
    606 KY
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    609 NJ
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    614 OH
    615 TN
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    649 Turks & Caicos Islands
    650 CA
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    670 CNMI
    671 Guam
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    701 ND
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    710 US
    712 IA
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    714 CA
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    720 CO
    724 PA
    727 FL
    731 TN
    732 NJ
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    758 St. Lucia
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    785 KS
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    787 Puerto Rico
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