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    Twomey ponders, Pisanty Fumes at TLD process deadline | Log in/Create an Account | Top | 15 comments | Search Discussion
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    More of Milton's Minutia Wastes People's Time
    by Anonymous on Friday July 23 2004, @04:31AM (#14008)
    ICANN could not hire a better straight man than
    Milton Mueller, an academic with far too much time
    on his hands and a boundless capacity to waste
    other people's time and HELP to perpetuate a
    travesty like ICANN. [ Also note the key role that
    Sir Milton played in handing the .ORG TLD cash-cow
    to the Internet Society. ]

    This time around, Milton is apparently front row
    center at the latest ICANN retreat in Shangri La.
    Apparently, someone or some group thinks Milton
    should be funded to attend expensive events such
    as that. The average Internet user can not afford
    to do that, even if they live near the venue.
    They have to work for a living.

    ICANN and the Internet Society of course depend
    on a steady stream of "people with too much time
    on their hands" to make up their audience. Without
    that face-to-face audience, there is no ICANN.
    The web-site(s) are not the meeting place. ICANN
    does not use the Internet. They avoid it at all

    Fortunately, people who DO USE THE INTERNET, can
    avoid wasting their time and their friend's and
    family's time and focus on building a real .NET
    Those people do not have to travel to ICANN
    venues, and they do not have to waste their time
    on Milton's Minutia.

    Instead, some are building hardware, others are
    writing code, and still others are writing
    documentation. From there, groups are taking
    their results to the open and free North American
    marketplace, where the real critics will judge
    and vote with their $$$s, eye-balls and time.

    It is really a shame that an intelligent person
    like Milton, does not realize the harm that he
    does to current generations and future generations
    by being part of the ICANN and Internet Society
    audience. Maybe the best one can hope for is that
    Milton is effective at entertaining ICANN while
    the rest of the world is spared, and spends their
    time on productive work with lasting results.

    ICANN's days are numbered. Clearly, with the
    release of the 9/11 Commission Report, the
    political and legal climate will change in the
    United States. Telecommunication companies are
    not going to rely on amateur root server
    operators controlled by an Australian girlie-boy.
    The Governator will help to change all that.
    The .NET technology is now ready, and available
    to any always-on broad-band user for less than
    $100 in new hardware.

    The Internet Society will now last as long as
    people are willing to pay their $6 per year .ORG
    taxes. Of course the Society will block all forms
    of competition and attempt to use their network
    of sham non-profit companies to do their dirty
    work. They like living like royalty in the U.S.
    and Switzerland. Check out their up-coming bash
    in San Diego, where your .ORG tax dollars will
    be spent.

    One can only hope that education (something
    Milton is supposed to be paid to do) and time
    will help to educate people and help them *avoid*
    becoming the audience to the ICANN circus or
    a brain-washed, card-carrying member of the
    communist Internet Society. Yes, companies like
    V$, M$ and C$ are going to HELP do that education
    and they will prosper. Imagine what would happen
    if people like Milton also helped. On second
    thought, he is probably best being used as one
    of the weapons of minutia-distraction. Carry on.
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    The NTIA/DOC Now Has to Clean Up the IPv6 Mess.
    by Anonymous on Friday July 23 2004, @05:44AM (#14009)
    The NTIA/DOC Now Has to Clean Up the IPv6 Mess.
    ICANN is no longer an issue. The Internet Society
    is a major embarassment from the Clinton/Gore
    era. Don't forget Vinton Cerf was the one who
    claimed that Al Gore "invented" the Internet.

    John Kerry is no doubt the inventor of IPv6.
    Bush just needs to make sure it is buried.
    Actually, neither candidate has a clue what it is.

    The IPv6 zealots have duped the large and
    powerful U.S. DOD (Thanks Marilynn) into telling
    everyone that IPv6 is their choice. China is
    of course answering with cheap hardware and
    IPv8 (NAT) and IPv9. China is also launching
    satellites into outer-space. Vinton Cerf is
    out to lunch on Mars, a safe place where he can
    not get in anyone's way.

    http://www.ntia.doc.gov/ntiahome/ntiageneral/ipv6/ index.html

    SUMMARY: The National Institute of Standards and
    Technology (NIST) and the National Telecommunications
    and Information Administration (NTIA), U.S. Department
    of Commerce, will host a half-day public meeting on
    Internet Protocol version 6 (IPv6), entitled IPv6
    Public Meeting.

    The meeting will provide an opportunity for interested
    parties to discuss IPv6 deployment issues, including
    the appropriate government role, if any, in IPv6

    DATES: The IPv6 Public Meeting will be held from 9:00
    a.m. to 1:30 p.m. on Wednesday, July 28, 2004.

    ADDRESSES: The public meeting will be held at the U.S.
    Department of Commerce, 1401 Constitution Avenue,
    N.W., Room 4830, Washington, D.C. (Entrance to the
    Department of Commerce is on 14th Street between
    Constitution and Pennsylvania Avenues, N.W.)

    Policy Analysis and Development, NTIA, at (202)
    482-1880, or via electronic mail: alee at ntia.doc.gov.

    NTIA is posting the IPv6 Task Force discussion draft,
    "Technical and Economic Assessment of Internet Protocol
    Version 6 (IPv6)."

    [ Reply to This | Parent ]
    700 People is the "world-wide Internet community"?
    by Anonymous on Friday July 23 2004, @06:39AM (#14010)
    700 People is the "world-wide Internet community"?

    "Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia (23 July 2004) – ICANN wrapped up its week-long meetings in KL during which the world-wide Internet community moved forward on a number of significant new initiatives directed at further stewarding a stable global Internet. The meeting was attended by more than 700 participants from over 50 countries from all regions of the world."

    How many were women ?
    What races were represented ?
    How many were handicapped ?
    What religions were represented there ?
    What income brackets ?
    What age groups ?
    How many dogs and cats attended ?

    [ Reply to This | Parent ]
    ICANN drops the "IANA Function" Charade
    by Anonymous on Friday July 23 2004, @06:47AM (#14012)
    ICANN drops the "IANA Function" Charade

    From the ICANN "spin cycle" comes:

    "ICANN is an internationally organized, public benefit non-profit responsible for coordinating the ICANN Functions, which include Internet Protocol (IP) address space allocation, protocol identifier assignment, generic (gTLD) and country code (ccTLD) Top-Level Domain name system management, and root server system management functions."

    Note: ICANN now coordinates "the ICANN Functions"
    a rather circular statement from the spin zone
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    Bend Over Everyone and Grab Your Wallets
    by Anonymous on Friday July 23 2004, @06:50AM (#14013)
    "Resolved [04.56], that the Board adopts the proposed budget as the annual budget of ICANN for the fiscal year 2004-2005.

    Resolved [04.57], that the President and Staff are hereby authorized to continue collaboration with the various constituencies to finalize the appropriate mechanisms and model for collecting the needed revenue levels."
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    OK - All You Geriatrics Can Take a NAP til Dec04
    by Anonymous on Friday July 23 2004, @06:59AM (#14014)
    Whereas, ICANN Bylaws Article VI, Section 13, requires that each annual meeting for ICANN be held at the principal office of ICANN, or any other appropriate place of the Board's time and choosing, provided such annual meeting is held within 14 months of the immediately preceding annual meeting.

    Whereas, the Board will be meeting in Cape Town, South Africa on 5 December 2004.

    Whereas, the Board desires to designate its meeting on 5 December 2004 as the 2004 Annual Meeting for ICANN.

    [ Reply to This | Parent ]
    "six new registries" Which three get thumbs-down?
    by Anonymous on Saturday July 24 2004, @05:25AM (#14020)
    Thursday, July 22
    ICANN Will Choose Six New Registries?
    by cambler on July 22, 2004 10:17AM (PDT)
    ICANN is budgeting revenue averaging $100,000 from each of six new registries.
    Considering that only 1 of the .tel applicants can get .tel, that means that 6 of 9 applicants would be chosen. Which three get the thumbs-down, do you think?

    The keyword is "new". The second keyword is
    "registry". The third keyword is "revenue".
    You can rearrange the order of the words to
    see how ICANN views the situation.

    new registry revenue
    new revenue registry
    new .NET registry revenue
    new.NET registry revenue

    What is happening is that ICANN is looking for
    NEW players that can guarantee them $100,000 per
    year in kick-backs. EXISTING Registries do not
    qualify, ICANN already has them in the syndicate.

    The real question is not "Which three get the
    thumbs-down" but "Which six players will sign the
    secret oath to guarantee the annual pay-offs?"

    ICANN has located some recent fools who will
    toss $50,000 out on the ICANN roulette table.
    Their money has been spent on the latest junket
    to Shangri La. That wine and caviar was not cheap.

    ICANN is now more interested in finding the
    players who will year-after-year toss $100,000
    in the ICANN direction (as a donation of course).
    Universities do the same thing. For $100,000
    per year, a player (organization) gets some piece
    of several professors spinning information into
    a form that benefits the supporting company.

    In summary, ICANN has decided (secretly of
    course) that they can bring "six" NEW players
    into their closed circle, to help build their
    endowment. It should be obvious who the six
    NEW good OLD boys will be, and the bimbos** that
    are backing each one.

    **The new path to "success" is to be born in
    Africa, go to Switzerland, find a riiiiich
    American, marry him and then inherit his
    fortune. From there, you find a Senator with
    "nice hair", marry him, and buy your way into
    the Whitehouse. ICANN loves African Americans,
    if they have money.
    [ Reply to This | Parent ]
    "not possible for one particular interest group" ?
    by Anonymous on Saturday July 24 2004, @05:46PM (#14025)
    This is a farce. Vinton Cerf's cronies and
    Internet Society has 100% capture of ICANN.
    The reason Vint sees so many smiling faces is
    that 99.9% of the real netizens are gone. All
    he sees are the ICANNites. Everything runs
    very smoothly. Vint makes sure they are all
    funded. That makes them all smile a lot.
    Cerf used to do that directly by giving out
    U.S. Government DARPA funding. Now he directs
    the cash flow from the Internet taxes. Nothing
    has changed.

    "as i said, there is actually a home in this model for all of those interest groups that previously were in dispute with each other or fighting with each other. and, importantly, if you look at the board of directors, the board of directors is constituted with people elected from each of these supporting organizations, plus people, if you like, independent directors, which is increasingly an important issue in a post-enron, post-mci corporate environment, corporate governance environment. we have nominating committee appointed directors -- that those -- the board of directors comes from across all of those interest groups, representations, that those board of directors have fiduciary obligation to the organization as a whole, and the board has been established in such a way that it is not possible for one particular interest group to capture the board."
    [ Reply to This | Parent ]
    Cerf Makes Amadeu Grovel Like a DOG for .CAT
    by Anonymous on Saturday July 24 2004, @08:44PM (#14028)
    >>amadeu abril i abril: a short question, kurt.

    oh, this time with the hat of advisor to the (inaudible), one of the applicants for this round of stlds. the comment is first, i don't think that anybody will force the icann staff to stick to the proposed schedule. we just want to know what the schedule will not -- you know, there is no contractual obligation on being there and we prefer you to do a very good job than just say something, even if it's stupid, by the 31 of july. the other thing is we will be grateful for further clarification on things like the next step. and you understand things are causing a lot of familiar stress in our team. in august, in southern europe, we tend to have a strange habit of closing down the country because it's too hot and go on holidays. and there is no way that we know whether we should all be there just in front of our fax machine or telephone or not. and we've been asking that several times. i repeat, we don't want a contractual, obligatory answer. just what will happen in the next three weeks or something like that, whether we can go to the beach or not (laughter.).

    >>vint cerf: while kurt is consulting, the simple answer is board policy is make them sweat.


    >>vint cerf: so we're hoping that you will be hanging around through august.

    >>kurt pritz: i think it's -- i'll have to test this, but i think it's reasonable that there's some sort of communication with everybody on july 31st, even if it's to say we're not done yet and here's what the timetable going forward looks like.

    >>amadeu abril i abril: thanks a lot.
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    Where are the ICANN.ORG IPv6 DNS Records ????
    by Anonymous on Sunday July 25 2004, @06:33AM (#14029)
    Where are the ICANN.ORG IPv6 DNS Records ????

    What does PSG.COM have to do with ICANN.ORG ???

    Why is APNIC.NET involved ? Is ICANN located in the Asia/Pacific Region ?

    What IPv4 and IPv6 blocks does the ICANN office use ?

    Is ICANN using "reserved" IANA address space ?

    Does EACH ICANN Staff member have an end-to-end, dual-stack, IPv4 **and** IPv6 Internet connection ?

    # dig icann.org any ; > DiG 9.2.1 > icann.org any ;; global options: printcmd ;; Got answer: ;; ->>HEADER- opcode: QUERY, status: NOERROR, id: 34406 ;; flags: qr rd ra; QUERY: 1, ANSWER: 7, AUTHORITY: 7, ADDITIONAL: 0 ;; QUESTION SECTION: ;icann.org. IN ANY ;; ANSWER SECTION: icann.org. 65190 IN NS ns.icann.org. icann.org. 65190 IN NS rip.psg.com. icann.org. 65190 IN NS sec1.apnic.net. icann.org. 65190 IN NS sec3.apnic.net. icann.org. 65190 IN NS a.iana-servers.net. icann.org. 65190 IN NS b.iana-servers.org. icann.org. 65190 IN NS c.iana-servers.net. ;; AUTHORITY SECTION: icann.org. 65190 IN NS ns.icann.org. icann.org. 65190 IN NS rip.psg.com. icann.org. 65190 IN NS sec1.apnic.net. icann.org. 65190 IN NS sec3.apnic.net. icann.org. 65190 IN NS a.iana-servers.net. icann.org. 65190 IN NS b.iana-servers.org. icann.org. 65190 IN NS c.iana-servers.net. ;; WHEN: Sun Jul 25 10:04:27 2004 ;; MSG SIZE rcvd: 288 ;; QUESTION SECTION: ;www.icann.org. IN ANY ;; ANSWER SECTION: www.icann.org. 10168 IN A # whois [Querying whois.arin.net] [whois.arin.net] Internet Assigned Numbers Authority RESERVED-192 (NET-192-0-0-0-1) - ICANN c/o Internet Assigned Numbers Authority ICANN (NET-192-0-32-0-1) - ICANN c/o Internet Assigned Numbers Authority ICANN (NET-192-0-34-0-1) -

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    ICANN (IANA) Secretly Moves IPv6 Out of ITU Hands
    by Anonymous on Monday July 26 2004, @08:11AM (#14041)

    Read the rest of this comment...

    [ Reply to This | Parent ]
    Warning: Off-Topic (for ICANN) Technical Update
    by Anonymous on Monday July 26 2004, @03:47PM (#14043)
    [This comment was inadvertently deleted and has been reinstated. -- tb]
    Note: the NEW .NET (or is it NEW.NET) cable.TV-like
    devices take care of this "problem" for
    walled-garden Internet users.
    http://www.ietf.org/internet-drafts/draf t-ietf-dnsop-bad-dns-res-02.txt
    DNS Operations
    M. Larson
    P. Barber
    Expires: January 17, 2005
    July 19, 2004
    Observed DNS Resolution Misbehavior
    This memo describes DNS name server and
    resolver behavior that results in a
    significant query volume sent to the root and
    top-level domain (TLD) name servers. In some
    cases we recommend minor additions to the DNS
    protocol specification and corresponding
    changes in iterative resolver implementations
    to alleviate these unnecessary queries. The
    recommendations made in this document are a
    direct byproduct of observation and analysis
    of abnormal query traffic patterns seen at
    two of the thirteen root name servers and all
    thirteen com/net TLD name servers.
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