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    For $50,000 You Get to Take a Survey ?
    by Anonymous on Wednesday June 30 2004, @01:44PM (#13833)
    For $50,000 You Get to Take a Survey ?

    Wow, that is really kind of the ICANN Staff.
    In return for your $50,000 donation to ICANN,
    you get to help them do market research on the
    results **other companies** have had. Your money
    of course helped to fund those results.

    Now you get to comment on how effective you think
    your money was spent. That is really kind of
    ICANN to give you a chance to respond.

    For another $50,000, you might be able to buy
    some time making your comments in person. That
    would buy one day with Esther and maybe an hour
    with Vint and Paul.

    For a one million dollar donation, you might be
    able to get the entire ICANN Board to show up.
    You of course would have to pay for all of their
    travel expenses, and also fund a one-day "retreat"
    to give them time to relax after the meeting.

    For a ten million dollar donation, you would
    have been invited to the recent meetings in
    Aspen Colorado. All of the worthies were there.

    [ Reply to This | Parent ]
    Please provide the link
    by fnord (groy2kNO@SPAMyahoo.com) on Wednesday June 30 2004, @05:28PM (#13835)
    User #2810 Info
    Despite being a multiple registrant in the relevant registries I've yet to receive any such survey. That could be because they're just doing a randomized (or otherwise chosen) portion of the databases so as to cut down on the whack of data, or it could be because something funny is going on.

    I fail to see any mention of the survey on icann.org, I wonder if this is being done by some outside firm under contract to ICANN (or not), hence the request for the link. -g

    [ Reply to This | Parent ]
      "I've yet to receive any such survey"
      by Anonymous on Thursday July 01 2004, @03:08AM (#13840)
      "I've yet to receive any such survey"

      Did you donate $50,000 to ICANN ? (as Page Howe did)

      If you did donate $50,000 to ICANN, did you expect
      to get anything for that donation ?

      Would you like to make a $500,000 donation to
      ICANN to buy a lottery ticket for the .NET TLD ?

      [ Reply to This | Parent ]
        Re:"I've yet to receive any such survey"
        by fnord (groy2kNO@SPAMyahoo.com) on Friday July 02 2004, @11:18AM (#13856)
        User #2810 Info
        I can't help wondering if you're a blog annoy bot (in which case I imagine I should expect a reply), Jeff Williams slightly smarter brother (or he's finally taken my advice and figured out what a spell-checker is), or Kent Crispin engaged in a disinformation campaign (through making all icannwatchers look like nutbars by association). Hmmm. Then again it is possible to be some or all of the above, as when Kent got caught out impersonating Jeff (sadly, I've yet to hear of the reverse occurring). -g
        [ Reply to This | Parent ]
          Are you trying to get Nominated to the ICANN Board
          by Anonymous on Friday July 02 2004, @02:21PM (#13857)
          Are you trying to get Nominated to the ICANN Board ?

          http://www.icann.org/announcements/announcement-30 jun04.htm

          Are you planning on nominating Kent Crispin to
          the ICANN Board ?

          Can you explain what hours Kent works at the
          ICANN office in Southern California ?

          How does he do that from his home in Northern
          California ?

          [ Reply to This | Parent ]
            OT: crispin-williams-bot
            by fnord (groy2kNO@SPAMyahoo.com) on Friday July 02 2004, @04:59PM (#13858)
            User #2810 Info
            I've worked for SillyConValley tech firms and others elsewhere in the US since long before ICANN existed. I normally live in Canada and only commute when absolutely necessary. Many of us have progressed from the two tin cans connected by a string mode of communication, although Kent did chide me a few years ago for complaining about not being able to do an online DNSO vote due to being temporarily even further in the hinterland.

            Your normal 90 degrees off reality worldview seems to have spun further out of control to 180. I came to bury Kent Crispin, not to praise him. You bring to mind the saying:

            Some people are too stupid to fool. ~Erasmus
            .You're clearly too stupid to fool with. -g
            [ Reply to This | Parent ]
            Saddam Husseim Nominated for ICANN Board ?
            by Anonymous on Saturday July 03 2004, @07:22AM (#13862)
            AMMAN, JORDAN -- The daughter of Libyan leader Moammar Gadhafi will help defend Saddam Hussein in court, a Jordanian lawyer and member of the legal team representing the former Iraqi dictator said yesterday. Aicha Moammar Gadhafi, a law professor, will form a Libyan law experts team to defend Saddam Hussein, Ziad al-Khasawneh told AP.

            Saddam Husseim will also be nominated for the ICANN Board.

            One has to wonder if Vinton Cerf will be calling
            for Saddam Husseim to head up the Committee
            in charge of Official Public Floggings, which
            Cerf has ordered. ?

            [ Reply to This | Parent ]
    I require people to pay me to answer questionaires
    by KarlAuerbach on Wednesday June 30 2004, @06:19PM (#13836)
    User #3243 Info | http://www.cavebear.com/
    I figure that people who send out these questionaires are getting paid, and the raw ore they are mining are my opinions. So I figure that I ought to get a cut of the action.

    I'll answer such a questionaire if they pay me. (And yes, some marketing research organizations do, in fact, pay.)

    [There have been several market research and political polling professionals in my family over the last couple of decades so I am familiar with how it is done by many different organizations, including some of the biggest and best.]

    As it is, when I gave my personal info to get a registration in .biz or .info there was no intention for that information to be used for any purpose beyond that of consumating and perfecting the business transaction and subsequent billing and renewal.

    For that information to be used for surveys regardng other new TLDs is a misuse of that data, it is an improper interference with my privacy rights and interferes with my business relationship with the registrar and registry that I have been working with and to whom I gave my personal information.

    Clearly, those who did the survey don't have a clue about what constitutes privacy. One can only wonder how they could possibly have the sophistication to write good questions, much less how to comprehend and consolidate the answers.
    [ Reply to This | Parent ]
      Re:I require people to pay me to answer questionai
      by Anonymous on Wednesday June 30 2004, @06:26PM (#13837)
      I suppose you could report it to their ISP as spam. You didn't solicit it.

      [ Reply to This | Parent ]
      Re:I require people to pay me to answer questionai
      by jberryhill on Thursday July 01 2004, @08:20PM (#13846)
      User #3013 Info
      "I figure that people who send out these questionaires are getting paid"


      Doesn't anyone remember this nugget:

      http://www.icann.org/general/status-report-31mar03 .htm

      In order to further focus and accelerate these studies, ICANN has retained the services of Mr. Sebastién Bachollet through FINAKI. Mr. Bachollet, who has significant experience relevant to the task, will coordinate the conduct of this study. Mr. Bachollet will be working internationally on this project; on the basis of his qualifications and motivation, it can be expected that he will immediately establish a work program and follow up on it thoroughly.

      And who can forget this gem:

      http://www.dnso.org/clubpublic/ga/Arc12/msg01660.h tml

      I look forward to Sebastién conducting a through and professional job so
      that ICANN can move forward with the responsible growth of the name space
      without further delay.

      Best regards,

      Michael D. Palage

      [ Reply to This | Parent ]
    Esther's Road Trip of Worthies
    by Anonymous on Thursday July 01 2004, @03:11AM (#13841)
    by Susan at 10:27PM (EDT) on June 11, 2004 | Permanent Link

    The Accountable Net had yet another road trip today, this time to Cardozo. It was a rich and interesting day that began last night with a somewhat raucous dinner.

    At one point during the day I announced that we were not planning to revise the paper -- that's not the point. We're trying to get people to think about affecting the course of online life, not to read another draft of the paper. (Phew.)

    Here's the set of questions that the group today was grappling with:

    1) what core values do we want to preserve as the net goes through a phase change that seems directed towards greater emphasis on authentication?

    2) what are the technical developments that we can report on and describe that seem focused on requiring more authentication?

    3) given 1) and 2), what are our worries (the word "willies" was used frequently throughout the day) about this phase change? (there are many)

    4) could we describe individual choices to connect to others -- and thus to both form groups based on peer recommendations and protect themselves from unwanted messages of various kinds -- as a form of rule-selection ("governance" is a loaded term for many, but this is really governance) that could be deferred to by real-world governments worried about spam, spyware, and security issues?

    After all, there is no particular reason online to privilege state actors as the only groups that get respect. There are other very meaningful groups that could (and do) set their own rules. The decision to communicate with others and choose those rulesets is both empowering for individuals and helpful to the development of a more complex online life.

    I came away from the meeting with a renewed respect for in-person consultations. We couldn't have done this by just redlining a draft paper. We needed everyone in the room.

    I also spent some time this evening thinking about the different kinds of minds in the room. There were experienced, old-net-hand minds, looking back bleakly at years of mostly failed efforts to influence policy. There were online company minds, dealing with daily pressures and reminding us all that users rarely if ever change the default settings they're handed. There were a couple of entrepreneurial, selling-products minds. There were thoughtful, propositional, logical (and strong-minded) minds. There were emotional, passionate minds. There were several musical minds in the crowd.

    It was quite a gathering of different kinds of intelligences, and that made the day even more complex than I had expected. We had a lot of definitional difficulties and why-are-we-here difficulties. It's hard to talk about something being governed (or not governed) when there's nothing to point to and say "there it is." And nothing "there" to push back. The words in the paper can be misused and misunderstood to suggest approval of online drivers' licenses. That's not what we had in mind, and we spent a lot of time defining terms and making clear that this wasn't a "proposal." The different minds often stumbled over one another.

    But this group, with all of its different kinds of minds, cared about these questions enough to spend the day talking about them. That was the collective intelligence in the room, and I appreciated very much being in its presence.
    [ Reply to This | Parent ]
    ICANN Survey
    by gpmgroup on Thursday July 01 2004, @02:31PM (#13844)
    User #3785 Info | http://www.gpmgroup.com/
    We received one and I filled it out.

    The questions were pretty general, nothing innocuous, mainly trying to establish the motivation behind registering the new TLDs i.e. defensive or for new sites etc.

    Seemed fair enough didn't take very long to answer and I thought it was good that ICANN was was taking the time to ask individual users.
    [ Reply to This | Parent ]
      Re:ICANN Survey
      by PageHowe on Friday July 02 2004, @06:41AM (#13853)
      User #3551 Info
      i agree, but its been my experience that a survey is confirmation that they have no other methods of evaluating a process that happenned two years ago.

      Its a sympton of a unsuccessful management of the process, in my opinion.

      [ Reply to This | Parent ]
        Re:ICANN Survey
        by Anonymous on Monday July 05 2004, @06:03AM (#13875)
        Hey Page, don't you have a deal with New.net or something? If so, you should be posting in their forum about "unsuccessful management".

        You're still pissed you got dissed November 2000.

        You should draft a caveat and preface all of your posts with it.
        [ Reply to This | Parent ]
    Football is real, Icann is non existing
    by Anonymous on Sunday July 04 2004, @01:55PM (#13873)
    4 July 2004: Greece 1 : Portugal 0
    [ Reply to This | Parent ]
    The ICANN Survey is Backed by the Trademark Lobby
    by Anonymous on Wednesday July 07 2004, @07:44AM (#13889)
    The ICANN Survey is Backed by the Trademark Lobby

    ICANN will be expanding into the realm of Trademark Enforcement. The recent ICANN Survey sent to domain name owners is one of the entrapment tools. Note Vinton Cerf's recent video-taped comments about constructing elaborate sting operations to entrap people. [1]

    The ICANN Survey is focused on domain names that are part of a secret list of protected names. The large corporations that have widely-known trademarks are using ICANN to extract information from people via what appears to be a Survey. It is a trap, just responding even to view the Survey places you on their private investigation radar screen.

    ICANN sees (via thugs like Joe Sims) that there is big money in cyberspace law enforcement. ICANN can get funding from the U.S. Government Department of Homeland Security to become the "agency" that dispatches the agents to govern the .NET.

    If you do not comply, Vinton Cerf will have you publicly flogged. You can listen to him and see him on this video tape made by Farber.

    [1] http://news.com.com/1606-2-5239781.html [com.com]

    [ Reply to This | Parent ]
      ICANN Will Need more Staff or Merge with USPTO
      by Anonymous on Wednesday July 07 2004, @06:05PM (#13890)
      For ICANN to expand into Trademark Enforcement,
      it will probably need more Staff. Another option
      would be to merge it with the U.S. Patent and
      Trademark Office, which is already funded.

      If ICANN had a Staff member for every 1,000 .COM
      domain names, that would be a large Staff.
      To check each domain name and web-site each month
      each Staff member would be required to handle
      about 6 domains per hour.

      If the .COM owners are charged $250 per year by
      this new ICANN, then that would fund the Staff
      person assigned to enforce trademark laws on
      that .COM owner. There would not be any need
      for Registrars and ICANN could also run the
      Registry and TLD servers, out-sourced to Verisign
      of course.

      [ Reply to This | Parent ]

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