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    ICANN and the ITU a Match Made for the Third World
    by Anonymous on Tuesday June 08 2004, @07:10PM (#13732)
    ICANN and the ITU a Match Made for the Third World

    People familiar with the North American telecom market know that it is a unique market. It does not rely on the ITU and the ITU does not attempt to shape the North American market.

    Instead, the ITU preys on Third-World Countries.

    In some countries, a couple of wealthy taxi drivers own and operate the entire telecom industry. They rely on the ITU (and pay them) to tell them what to do and to give them the credibility they need on the world stage.

    North American telecom companies do not need the ITU accreditation. They rely on the open and free marketplace to shape the telecom directions. Unlike Third-World countries, the North American marketplace is filled with educated consumers. They vote with their dollars. They do not like regulators telling them what to like and dislike.

    It is ironic that the Internet Society has for years claimed they were nothing like the ITU. As it turns out, the ISOC is a very close duplicate of the ITU and it should be no surprise that ICANN and the ITU would find themselves as partners, on the Third-World stage, with a bunch of irrelevant ccTLDs as the audience.

    The North American open and free marketplace will continue to ignore ICANN and the ITU and make more progress without that regulatory baggage. Even though one of the promises of the Internet was that it would help to open the eyes of people in Third-World countries, that has not happened. The Internet is used as one more tool to give the people the mushroom treatment, where they are kept in the dark and fed manure.

    It will be interesting to see all of the Third-World players stepping up at the next ICANN-fest for their plate of .BS Maybe ICANN and the ITU should move under the .BS TLD to help clarify to the world what they attempt to sell. Fortunately, North Americans will not be there wasting their time and money on the .BS. They have a New .NET that is emerging, and it will be a lot more .FUN to see the .KIDS enjoy those innovations.

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    The Registrars Will Love the ITU and UN Costs
    by Anonymous on Wednesday June 09 2004, @02:24AM (#13734)
    The Registrars Will Love the ITU and UN Costs

    The Registrars continue to voice their concerns about the ICANN Budget. Those concerns of course fall on deaf ears. ICANN plans to have a total of 8 offices around the world. Travel to and from those offices to Switzerland, to remain in synch with the ITU, will be expensive. [You don't expect ICANN and the ITU to use the Internet for communication, do you ?]

    New York and UN travel will also add to the costs. The un-documented junkets in and out of the Washington D.C. area will also be charged back to the Registrants, via the Registrars.

    The travel club of insiders will continue to grow. At each stage, those without the resources and the willingness to continue to up-scale and better package "the society", will be dumped, and some new group of .NET barons will be added. They will be ready to spend the Registrant's money at every event.

    The domain name business and IP address allocation leasing will quickly migrate and merge with what many call the banking industry. Hidden hands, coming from the privacy of Switzerland, will manipulate the netizens of the world. The M$ and V$ .NET and .PASSPORT strategies will help to keep money flowing to a new generation of "government workers" who will live like kings and queens off of the unsuspecting users.

    ICANN and even the ISOC will be rapidly eclipsed by people from social circles where private jets, yachts, casinos, condos and chalets will be required toys for entry to the private world of "Internet Governance". The Registrars are just collection agents, out at the front-lines, where the dirty, day-to-day, work gets done. The Registrars will be expected to send most of their proceeds to "the society", to fund the good life for the Internet royal families of the world.

    [ Reply to This | Parent ]
    Follow the Talking Sock Puppets
    by Anonymous on Wednesday June 09 2004, @04:57AM (#13736)
    Follow the Talking Sock Puppets

    This is great, ICANN/IANA is now talking to itself, with sock puppets.

    http://forum.icann.org/lists/iana-del-data-comment s/msg00000.html

    There is no need for the "public" to make any comments. ICANN/IANA is now on auto-pilot. It can propose a plan, generate comments about the plan, and approve the plan, without any outside involvement (except sending money of course).

    ICANN/IANA now have enough committees to cover any topic. With the RIRs and other non-profits layered underneath as providers of funding, the sock puppets can carry on an entire dialogue and conclude anything and approve anything.

    With computer advancements and artificial intelligence (or artificial ignorance), the ICANN/IANA machine can stream out proposals, committee names, sock puppet discussions, and then draft resolutions for approval by a Board that does not have to be involved.

    The entire ICANN/IANA office can run 24x7 in a lights-out mode, with all of the players sitting out on a beach, checking in to make sure the "bots" are continuing to keep the puppet show going.

    This message could be from the ICANN/IANA machine. It has various ways of making sure the eye-balls remain on ICANN. It does not matter how the audience is attracted and maintained. All that matters is that people keep putting coins in the slot to keep the puppet show going.

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    Arnold Runs a Root Server ? Make My Day Bay-BEE
    by Anonymous on Wednesday June 09 2004, @04:53PM (#13739)
    "Server F is legally accountable to the State of California, and to those who sponsor our F-root mirror sites."
    New.Net has more information on how to set up a
    mirror site. Your wireless users will get an
    IP address from this block provided by the
    "State of California".
    From /etc/dhcpd.conf
    ddns-update-style ad-hoc;
    subnet netmask {
    range ;
    option domain-name-servers ;
    option routers ;
    This can be tested at the next ICANN meeting.
    Ronald Reagan would be proud seeing Americans
    routing around the Totalitarian Regime of the
    Internet Society.
    [ Reply to This | Parent ]
    by Anonymous on Thursday June 10 2004, @05:58AM (#13741)
    People really need to educate themselves. http://www.g8usa.gov [g8usa.gov]

    The G8 is really G8 plus 1 or G9, but it will remain as G8, as a secret shuffle takes place.

    The .EU is being added to the root, without any need for approval from ICANN.

    The G8 will remain in control of all TLDs that are 3 letters or less. The .USA TLD will lead the way in an open and free-market-based approach to naming and addressing. M$ and V$ are ready to supply the G8 with the needed technology and intend to dominate the market, for the benefit of their shareholders.

    Widely-held, public stock companies will be encouraged to continue building the G8 Name Space. Secret-Society and Communist/Socialist movements (such as ICANN) will be discouraged. Education programs for third-world countries, such as Australia, are clearly needed to explain how the .NET works.

    See also:
    .ABC .NBC .CBS .FOX .CNN and .ETC

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