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    Re:When will all 8 ICANN offices be open ?
    by Anonymous on Tuesday May 11 2004, @05:23AM (#13551)
    .NET names ready for .NET blocks hbg h8i iv8 i1g j0a j1t k0i k3j l0o l3u hb1 h8j iw0 i1k j0c j1u k0j k3l l0q l3v he0 h8k iw8 i1m j0f j1w k0l k3m l0r l3w hg0 h8l iyk i1o j0g j1x k0m k3o l0v l3y hkd h8m iy0 i1p j0i j1y k0o k3p l0x l3z hk0 h8n iy8 i1q j0k j1z k0p k3q l0y l31 hk1 h8o iy1 i1r j0l j3a k0r k3t l0z ma0 hm0 h8p izk i1t j0m j3f k0s k3u l08 mbj hnn h8q iz0 i1v j0p j3i k0t k3v l8b mb0 hnv h8s iz8 i1w j0q j3o k0v k3x l8c mc8 hn0 h8v i0a i1y j0r j3p k0x lb0 l8d mds hn8 h8w i0b i1z j0u j3q k0y lc0 l8e meq hop h8x i0d i3b j0v j3u k0z ld8 l8f mfr ho8 h8y i0e i3g j0w j3v k8a ld1 l8g mf1 hq0 h8z i0f i3j j0x j3y k8b ld3 l8i mh0 hq8 h83 i0g i3o j0z j3z k8d lf0 l8j mh8 hr0 h1c i0h i3r j08 kc0 k8f lg8 l8k mjv hsk h1d i0j i3t j8a kc8 k8g lh0 l8m mj0 hs0 h1f i0k i3y j8b kdt k8h li0 l8o mj8 hs8 h1g i0l i3z j8c kej k8i lj0 l8p mk0 hua h1i i0m ja0 j8d kf0 k8j lj8 l8q ml0 huy h1j i0o jbl j8e kf3 k8k lj3 l8s mn0 hu0 h1k i0p jb0 j8f kg0 k8l lkz l8u mq0 hv0 h1l i0q jd0 j8g kh1 k8m lk0 l8v mw0 hv8 h1n i0r jey j8h ki0 k8o lk8 l8w mxg hw8 h1o i0s je0 j8i ki3 k8p lk3 l8y mz0 hxh h1q i0t je8 j8k kje k8q llx l8z mz8 hx0 h1r i0v jf8 j8m kj0 k8r ln0 l83 mz1 hx8 h1u i0w jgj j8n kl0 k8t lo8 l1b m0a hy0 h1v i0x jgw j8o ko0 k8u lq1 l1c m0b hz0 h1w i0y jg0 j8p kp0 k8v lq3 l1e m0c h0a h1y i0z jht j8q kp8 k8w lr0 l1f m0f h0b h1z i8a jkp j8r kq0 k8x lr8 l1g m0i h0c h3f i8b jlq j8s kq8 k8y ls0 l1i m0l h0f h3q i8c jl0 j8t kr0 k8z lt8 l1j m0q h0g h3u i8d jm0 j8u kr3 k81 lu0 l1o m0r h0i h3v i8e jn0 j8v kst k1c lw0 l1q m0v h0j h3x i8f jn8 j8w ks1 k1f lw3 l1r m0w h0k ia8 i8g jpq j8y kt0 k1g lx0 l1t m0x h0m ib8 i8h jq8 j8z ku0 k1h lx8 l1u m0y h0n ie0 i8j jr8 j88 kv0 k1i ly0 l1v m8a h0o ih0 i8m js0 j81 kv8 k1j ly1 l1w m8e h0q ij0 i8o ju0 j83 kv3 k1l ly3 l1x m8f h0s ij8 i8p ju8 j1a kwt k1o lz0 l1y m8g h0u ikh i8q ju3 j1c kw0 k1p lz1 l1z m8h h0v il0 i8r jv0 j1d kx0 k1s lz3 l3a m8k h0w imh i8s jwd j1e kx1 k1t l0b l3f m8l h0x io0 i8t jw0 j1g kx3 k1u l0d l3g m8n h0y io8 i8v jw1 j1h ky0 k1v l0e l3h m8o h0z ipr i8y jx0 j1i ky3 k1w l0f l3j m8p h08 ip8 i8z jy0 j1k kz8 k1y l0h l3k m8q h8b iqy i1b jy1 j1n k0a k1z l0i l3n m8r h8c itf i1c jy3 j1o k0b k3a l0j l3o m8t h8e iu0 i1d jz0 j1p k0e k3e l0l l3p m8u h8f iu8 i1e jz1 j1q k0f k3f l0m l3q m8v h8g iv0 i1f jz3 j1r k0g k3i l0n l3r m1a
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    Re:When will all 8 ICANN offices be open ? by Anonymous
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    by Anonymous on Tuesday May 11 2004, @05:31AM (#13552)
    LLC ? l1c ? a good .NET block for a law network ?

    ; <<>> DiG 9.2.1 <<>> l1c.net any
    ;; global options:  printcmd
    ;; Got answer:
    ;; ->>HEADER<<- opcode: QUERY, status: NXDOMAIN, id: 54745
    ;; flags: qr rd ra; QUERY: 1, ANSWER: 0, AUTHORITY: 1, ADDITIONAL: 0

    Why pay ARIN $2,500 per year ? is available

    Content-type: text/html

    0.0.12 .29.3<table border=3><tr><td align=center>00.00000.00000.01100.11101.00011.0000 0</td><td align=center></td><td align=center>
    00000000.00000110.01110100.01100000 </td></tr>
    <tr><td align=center>01.00000.00000.01100.11101.00011.0000 0</td><td align=center></td><td align=center>
    01000000.00000110.01110100.01100000 </td></tr>
    <tr><td align=center>10.00000.00000.01100.11101.00011.0000 0</td><td align=center></td><td align=center>
    10000000.00000110.01110100.01100000 </td></tr>
    <tr><td align=center>11.00000.00000.01100.11101.00011.0000 0</td><td align=center></td><td align=center>
    11000000.00000110.01110100.01100000 </td></tr>
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