Country-Code Top Level Domains (ccTLDs) .tj Reboots
posted by michael on Monday November 29 2004, @06:29PM

From Lextext,
E-mail today from the good folks at MarkMonitor: "Dear MarkMonitor Client, Tajikistan has deleted all previously registered tj names and is now taking applications for the top level (.tj) extension. Currently only the .tj (tld) level is available. .TJ is unrestricted and is available on a first-come first-served basis. All other .tj extensions are currently unavailable, but are being considered by the registry. It is not possible to re-register any previous, or names at this time. MarkMonitor is securing the .tj version of any previously registered names. For more information, please contact your MarkMonitor Client Services Manager."

"Delete all previously registered tj names"? Yeah, I can't wait to get one of those .TJ names. I'm sure there's a story here. Anyone have it?

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Tajikistan Reboots - 11 months ago!
by para_dan on Monday November 29 2004, @11:31PM (#14501)
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The previous company running the .tj NIC closed down/lost the right to run the NIC (not sure which) and a new company took over in July 2003. When this happened the .tj TLD was closed down while the new company got it's house in order.

The NIC reopened in January 2004 and yes it is true that all previously registered .tj names had to be re-registered with the new company administering .tj TLD. According to the blurb on the NIC site "...for those companies and individuals who had the names registered before July 2003 and are still interested in them the solution is to register them again." (

But as I say this has been the case since January 2004...could this perhaps be a case of poor NIC monitoring by MarkMonitor?
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More ICANN Stories
by fnord ( on Tuesday November 30 2004, @07:35AM (#14502)
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Oh, there's probably a few stories regarding .tj []. Markmonitor [] is an ICANN accredited registrar that merged [] with ICANN accredited registrar Alldomains []. Hey, can you do that, be two registrars? They're both still listed []. No wonder ICANN has so much money to burn. And is flogging .md so it wouldn't surprise me that those clowns are involved. Here [] is the current NIC according to IANA, but of course ICANN doesn't use much of its wealth to keep that up to date. What a sick joke this ICANN is, but what can you expect from a country that rivals the Ukraine for its unique take on democracy? C'mon ITU, take it over, it's impossible you could make it any worse. -g
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    Re:More ICANN Stories
    by fnord ( on Tuesday November 30 2004, @10:57PM (#14503)
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    Since I posted that over 24 hours ago nothing has changed on the tj [] site, including the most recent registrants, which are:


    Try them out, some actually work, which isn't to say they'll go where you'd expect.

    I guess the gnomes [] (Richard, update your website) of zurick [] and the silentologists [] just about have it all locked up. And wazzup with that, I thought you couldn't do that anymore. What a waste of bandwidth this all is. As my .sig (why hasn't anyone applied to ICANN for that one) used to say: Conserve bandwidth, put the baseplayer on a diet. -g

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  • Re:More ICANN Stories by fnord Thursday December 02 2004, @04:52AM
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