Country-Code Top Level Domains (ccTLDs) .LA Broken, again?
posted by michael on Thursday October 02 2003, @04:13AM

dmehus writes "When I went to to look for a .LA domain name, I couldn't help but want to see what their final pricing structure was. I selected the "Register" link, but it timed out. So, I removed the "s" from the "https" in the address bar and was taken to VeriSign's SiteFinder page. This left me absolutely baffled, and the only logical explanation was that either "" expired or was deactivated at the registry level.

A simple WHOIS lookup showed no anomalies. It was active, registered in 1997 and due to expire in 2005. One odd thing, it was just updated today. However, that doesn't explain why one of the pages on redirected me to SiteFinder.

Anyway, I wanted to share this with the Internet community and collect some feedback. Thanks."

[Editor's note: I can explain this. See 'Read More' -mf]

Extended editor's note:

Dreamhost either failed to renew its domain name, or VeriSign messed up a renewal or transfer. I know this because I host a personal blog, at Dreamhost, and yesterday I got the following message from them:

Attention all DreamHost customers, Happy Birthday To Us! Due to a problem renewing our domain registration, it lapsed today.

This means that until the root DNS servers update showing as being renewed, all subdomains will be down.

We have already put up a working copy of the Web Panel at

We also have a working email box for support. This is

Because DNS is a decentralized system, these problems will sporadically affect all of you, but sometimes in different ways.


When trying to access your server using Telnet, FTP, or SSH, be sure you use, NOT (as it won't work).

For a brief period of time this evening, mail was bouncing for some people. This has been fixed (the MX records have been changed to use

The root servers next update tomorrow at noon (eastern time). DNS servers often cache information, so it may take up to one day for some service providers to see our domain again.

Complicating matters is Verisign's recent decision to automatically resolve any non-existent (or expired) domains to an IP they control. This is why mail was bouncing (instead of deferring), and is why for some people (and it's subdomains) may seem to resolve to Verisign. As soon as's all sorted out tomorrow at noon this will stop.

We will keep you updated as the situation progresses, and rest assured we are all drinking plenty of coffee.

Again these are up and working!:

Happy DreamHost "Dude, Where's My Domain?" Team!


Thank you for taking the time to read this announcement,
The DreamHost Announcement Team

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by fnord ( on Thursday October 02 2003, @12:43PM (#12353)
User #2810 Info
Wasn't DreamHost a VeriSign partner who got in trouble a few years ago for spamming? Neither my memory nor a few pages of google are very clear on this. -g
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It's back
by msr986 on Thursday October 02 2003, @02:17PM (#12355)
User #3019 Info seems to be back.

I have had a .la domain since they first were introduced a few years ago. It has been a bumpy ride, although my domain has always resolved, and has never been unavailable.

There was a time that I had no access to changes, including DNS info. This lasted for several months.

One of the biggest problems that I had, was that Dreamhost did not credit me for a renewal that was made with Sterling. ($200 down the drain).

Overall I love my .la domain. I hope that it sticks around for a while.
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by dtobias ( on Friday October 03 2003, @06:55AM (#12359)
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I use Dreamhost as my hosting provider myself, and can confirm that they did indeed send the above message to their customers. It must have been embarrasing for them to screw up their own domain registration when they, as a registrar themselves, are entrusted with many other people's domain registrations. However, their own domain was registered before they were a registrar themselves and is still with Network Solutions. At any rate, though they have had a few glitches like this, overall my service with them has been good and I still recommend them as a host.
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