About us

ICANNWatch.org is a collaborative effort. It is unincorporated, and operates thanks to unpaid volunteer efforts and to free, open source, software. Conversion of the site to its current Slash software in 2003 was made possible by a generous grant from the Markle Foundation.

The founding editors of ICANNWatch were David Post, Michael Froomkin, and David Farber. Our membership changes over time. You can find a current list and short bios here.

We hope that the discussions on this site will become a part of reaching consensus about where we go from here. We expect that these discussions will also aid in establishing when, and whether, there is a consensus for ICANN-related activities. We hope also that this forum will provide an occasion for us all to think broadly at times about how to ensure that this communicative tool we call the Internet remains free, accessible, and best able to contribute towards human welfare.

This site uses Slash, which is free software released under the open source GNU/GPL license. We previously used PHP-Nuke, also free, open source. Our conversion in January 2003 from Nuke to Slash was made possible by a generous grant from the Markle Foundation.

Our most important collaborators are the readers and users of ICANNWatch, many of whom sent in content that we published, and feedback that we appreciated, back when we were a static site. Our current, dynamic, format permits our users to interact with us and (more importantly) with each other.

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